Advent Bible Verse Christmas Story Countdown Printable

Unique Advent calendars, DIY 24-day countdown ideas, and a free Advent Bible verse printable of 1 Christmas story scripture per day.

If you’re the type who remembers everything at the last second, this one’s for you.

I literally remembered last minute to set up my girls’ Advent calendar, set up the Elf on the Shelf, sign up for this weekend’s Christmas events, put a bajillion recitals on our schedule…

Why does December always feel like the most warp speed month of all time?

Advent scripture Christmas story printable with ballet themed Advent calendar

But one tradition our family loves doing each day is December is always a reminder to pause, slow down, and seek what matters: our Advent Bible verse Christmas story countdown.

Advent Calendar Ideas

We have done a lot of different Advent calendars over the years.

I’ve made them out of just a plank of wood and clothesline before. I’ve set up a wall tree made of strung up garland and little numbered baggies of treats.

We’ve numbered and wrapped storybooks to read one each night with our girls’ each night leading up to Christmas.

light-up wall Christmas tree Advent calendar

But in each one, along with little pieces of chocolate or stickers or whatever prizes are inside of their Advent compartment for the day, I tuck in a Bible verse that each tell the Christmas story.

Advent scriptures printed on tags

Advent Bible Verse Christmas Story Printable

By the time we reach Christmas Eve, the girls have read the scriptural Christmas story.

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If this is something you love doing with your kids (or grown-ups) too, I linked the printable for the Advent scriptures below.

You can snag the Advent Bible Verse Christmas Story printable yourself by clicking here or click this button below:

free printable art access button
Printable Advent calendar with Bible verses of the Christmas story with ballet themed Advent calendar

How to Use

Each scripture is numbered for the day in December it should be read. Just cut them out and tuck them into whatever Advent calendar compartment you’re using.

I found this Nutcracker ballet themed Advent calendar for the girls this year, and I think it’s officially our all-time favorite since they’re both dancing in The Nutcracker for the first time this year.

(Robert is too. He’s playing Clara and Fritz’s dad. 😆 I love it SO much that he’s always up to volunteer for anything.)

Advent Bible verse Christmas story printable with ballet themed Advent calendar

Unique Advent Calendars

If you want to grab an Advent calendar last minute, I found a bunch of other unique ones we love too. Some of these are available for same-day pickup or next-day shipping, if that helps.

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