The Top Rated Christmas Books for Kids

40 of the best Christmas books for kids of all ages + an Advent Christmas countdown wrapped book tradition idea.

Tomorrow, we start one of our absolute FAVORITE traditions with our kids as part of our countdown to Christmas!

Every year, I gather up all of the Christmas books, wrap them in cute paper with a number on a gift tag, and the kids take turns unwrapping one each night to read before bed.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar - Wrap Christmas books individually with a number and keep in an old suitcase to unwrap one per night before bed.

My favorite part of all though is that we store the wrapped books in my grandmother’s old suitcase (that she took on her honeymoon with my grandfather over 60 years ago). The feels!!!

I’m definitely not the one who came up with this whole thing, and I’m pretty sure I saw it on another blog many years ago, but I can’t remember where.

This year, some of our old books have gone missing and with being home so much more, it seemed like a good idea to add some new ones to the pile.

Top Rated Christmas Books for Kids

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I ended up down the rabbit hole of kids’ Christmas books, read about 20 of them in a day (discarded a few that were “meh” in terms of storylines or illustrations), and decided these made the cut along with all of our usual favorites.

So many of these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and a few have become instant classics for our family. If you have little ones who love reading stories, I hope this helps!

40 Top Rated Christmas Books for Kids

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Do you have any others you’d add to the list?

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Top Rated Christmas Books for Kids

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  1. Looking for some inspiration for next Christmas and came across your blog.
    We love Leffys Christmas Gift by jellycat
    And also the Little Christmas Elf by Nikki Shannon Smith (little golden books)

  2. I loved reading with my kids An Angel Just Like Me. It helped them remember that Christmas is for everyone, no matter what color they are. And the illustrations are beautiful.

  3. Wow, my son is almost 17 you, but most of these books you listed, his dad and I read these books with him. He loved reading, and we loved reading to/with him. I say to your followers with little ones, buy, at least some if not all these books. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.

  4. We LOVE The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree! I can’t read it without crying!

    Here are a few of our favorites…

    Who is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate & Ashley Wolff
    Mortimer’s Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson & Jane Chapman
    The Clown of God by Tomie DePaola

    For adults or older kids…

    A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote