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Easy Christmas Brunch Decor Ideas + Art Printable

Simple Christmas kitchen decor ideas you can add to your home for a pleasant, festive holiday brunch on Christmas morning + a free art printable.

green and white kitchen decorated for Christmas

For as long as I can remember, Christmas brunch has always been a big deal at our house, and the absolute must-have every year is my mom’s “Christmas morning casserole”.

But the part that made it extra special? The Christmas brunch decor.

On Christmas Eve, right after our big family dinner and after my brother and I would wriggle into our new jammies to read The Night Before Christmas with our parents, Mom would sneak into the kitchen for a few minutes to whip up the fixin’s for her breakfast casserole to chill overnight.

All of these years later, the tradition has passed on to me. So I rounded up some simple Christmas brunch ideas you can use to make your own kitchen feel festive for hosting a Christmas morning gathering.

green and white kitchen decorated for Christmas
Christmas brunch decor on a countertop, stove, and shelf

Christmas Brunch Decor Ideas in the Kitchen

At Christmas, the living room seems to get the most decorating attention, but with all of the holiday meals that happen this time of year, it makes sense to add a few touches of Christmas decor in the kitchen.

It seems to be the room in the house where families end up for any holiday party, and no Christmas cookie baking day is complete without boughs of greenery hung everywhere, right?

But that’s why it’s important to be selective about the Christmas kitchen decor you choose. You want it to be festive, but you don’t want the decor to get in the way of any cooking or brunching tasks.

Christmas kitchen shelf with decor

1. Style a Christmas Kitchen Shelf

To keep decor out of the way, dedicate just a kitchen shelf to have fairy lights, mini trees, framed vintage art, and mini houses.

2. Spray Paint Snow Village Houses

If you keep an eye out, you can find Christmas village house figurines easily at thrift stores. Hit them with a coat or two of spray paint for a totally new look!

thrifted snow village figurine set
snow cabin art printable on a shelf

(If you want the vintage snow cabin printable art, you can click here the button below to subscribe and get access to my printable library. Access & password is at the bottom of every email newsletter I send, if you’re already a subscriber.)

printable button
Christmas brunch espresso and mimosa bar on a kitchen countertop

3. Decorate a Kitchen Window

I love dressing up our kitchen window with garland and a wreath using my DIY dried orange slices. Just use Command hooks to hang the greenery. For an extra festive look at night, hang battery powered fairy lights!

Christmas window kitchen decor behind a sink
Christmas kitchen decor at night

4. Christmas Florals Beside the Sink

Place a simple vase or footed bowl of poinsettias, amaryllis, or narcissus paperwhite flowers beside the kitchen sink for a pop of Christmas cheer. I love these faux paperwhite flowers that look so real!

bowl of paperwhite flowers beside a kitchen sink with garland and Christmas wreath on a window

5. Bottle Trees on a Cake Stand

An easy way to dress up dish soap and hand soap beside the kitchen sink is simply by placing them on a cake stand. Add a bottle brush tree for Christmas and it’s the easiest decorating you’ll ever do.

cake stand next to kitchen sink with soaps and bottle brush tree

6. Display a Gingerbread House

I love using a cake stand to display a gingerbread house in the corner of the kitchen countertop. Want to know a secret though?

That is a fake gingerbread cake! We’ve owned it for years, and it actually looks real! Because who actually eats a gingerbread house? Not me. If it’s mostly for looks anyways, you might as well go fake, right?

You can find all kinds of convincing fake gingerbread houses on Etsy and Amazon to display on your kitchen island.

Christmas brunch decor with a gingerbread house on a cake stand

7. Light a Christmas Candle

It’s so nice to light a couple of candles to make the house smell like cinnamon. Plus, it helps with any funky cooking smells.

kitchen countertop tray with christmas decor

8. Style a Tray

A basket tray always comes in handy on the kitchen countertop to hold cooking essentials like olive oil, salt & pepper, and cooking utensils. Just add a miniature decorative Christmas tree or a small holiday house figurine for a little festive flair.

Night before Christmas morning breakfast casserole

9. Use Display-Worthy Servingware

You definitely don’t have to break the bank to find pretty servingware for Christmas brunch or any time. I see beautiful casserole dishes and platters every time I visit the thrift store.

I made my mom’s casserole in this baking dish from the cookbook she gifted me at Christmas when I turned 20. She typed up all of my favorite recipes and stuck them in the back of a Betty Crocker cookbook.

Christmas morning casserole recipe

It’s the sweetest gift I’ve ever received to date, and I keep it right beside my grandmother’s cookbook that is overflowing with generations of handwritten recipes.

DIY Christmas gift idea with a homemade cookbook

10. Set Up a Mimosa Bar

Dedicate a section of your kitchen countertop to use as a mimosa bar with an ice bucket to hold prosecco and a tray with carafes of cranberry, apple, and orange juices. Christmas brunch guests can casually serve themselves a little morning cocktail as they open gifts.

casual Christmas brunch mimosa bar

11. Set the Table

It’s a great idea to set the Christmas table decorations in the dining room or kitchen the night before so that it’s ready to enjoy for Christmas brunch the next morning.

Keep it simple with just a vase of pine branches for a quick holiday table centerpiece. Add a plain red table runner or napkins and gray or white plates for a classic Christmas brunch table setting.

Christmas brunch table setting with vase of pine branches

Christmas Brunch Gift Idea

If you need a simple gift idea to leave on neighbors’ doorsteps or ship to a sweet family member in the mail, I decided to put together this utensil holder, kitchen towels, wooden spoon, and Swedish pancake mix with lingonberries as an ode to one of our own family’s recipes.

Because food = love, right?!

Christmas brunch gift basket using utensil holder, tea towels, lingonberry jam, and Swedish pancake mix

Festive Kitchen Decorating Sources

If you want to know about any of the sources I used in our kitchen, you can find them below:

Christmas kitchen window decorated with garland and wreath

Click HERE for our kitchen refresh reveal (with makeover sources and paint colors).

Wishing you a merry Christmas, friends! Cheers to the parents who make the holiday season magic happen. If I could send you a big heaping helping of Christmas Day casserole, I totally would.

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  1. Lauren, Christmas traditions are so precious! Thanks for sharing your family traditions with us! Your home is decorated so beautifully! I am going to dry some oranges tomorrow. Thanks for your recipe.

    We will follow our Christmas traditions as best we can this year. Our province is on total lockdown at the moment. So, our Christmas will be just my hubby and I. However, we will keep all those traditions alive and be thankful for The Reason for The Season — our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We pray you will have a wonderful Christmas in your beautiful home with your family and your dear parents! Bless you all!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas morning casserole, so I hope you don’t mind that I copied this recipe down and am going to make it! 🙂

  3. Love it all. I am always inspired by your posts and look forward to what you have come up with. Definitely going to replicate the orange garland/wreath. Beautiful!!