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Christmas Kitchen Decor + Snow Cabin Art Printable

For as long as I can remember, Christmas brunch has always been a big deal at our house, and the absolute must-have every year is my mom’s “Christmas morning casserole”.

On Christmas Eve, right after our big family dinner and after my brother and I would wriggle into our new jammies to read The Night Before Christmas with our parents, Mom would sneak into the kitchen for a few minutes to whip up the fixin’s for her breakfast casserole to chill overnight.

I don’t know how she did it.

After a big Christmas Eve dinner + chasing excited kids to bed + playing “Santa” with my dad until 1:00 am putting tiny plastic parts of toys together… I know now it had nothing to do with magic and everything to do with love (which really is the “true” kind of magic anyway, right?)

Nowadays, since Robert and I usually host Christmas morning at our house, I’ve learned a big lesson. Creating the Christmas “magic” is CRAZY hard work!

After chasing my excited kiddos to bed and going through the evening’s to-do list in my head, I pour over our family cookbook to make my mom’s Christmas morning casserole.

And then I think about her to silently thank her for the best Christmas mornings any little girl could ever want. That’s a lot of weight for one little breakfast tradition, but it’s always my reminder of home.

So I re-created our Christmas brunch over the weekend using items from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart to enjoy with Robert and the girls.

There’s something about becoming a mom yourself that makes you appreciate your own mom even more.

I decorated the kitchen shelves with fairy lights, mini trees, framed vintage art, and these spray painted little wax warmer houses.

(If you want the vintage snow cabin printable art, you can click here the button below to subscribe and get access to my printable library. Access & password is at the bottom of every email newsletter I send, if you’re already a subscriber.)

I dressed up the kitchen window with garland and a wreath using my DIY dried orange slices.

And I used a cake stand to display a gingerbread cake and lit a couple of candles to make our house smell like cinnamon.

The corner of our countertop got a quick corral using a round basket to hold cooking essentials.

And I made my mom’s casserole in this baking dish from the cookbook she gifted me at Christmas when I turned 20. She typed up all of my favorite recipes and stuck them in the back of a Betty Crocker cookbook.

It’s the sweetest gift I’ve ever received to date, and I keep it right beside my grandmother’s cookbook that is overflowing with generations of handwritten recipes.

This year looks so very different for so many. I’m thankful for a small, quiet Christmas gathering with my parents who live just a few minutes away, but I know others who won’t have that chance this year.

While there are so many things I want to say, I know no words could ever take away that hurt.

Even if it’s making a fancy breakfast just for ourselves or baking cookies with just our small households this year, maybe that’s the beauty of tradition. They always have stories tied to them.

This year’s story won’t be big or with a lot of fanfare, but it’s definitely one for the books that we’ll remember when we’re reunited with our big family gatherings again. Because my gosh, it will happen.

If you need a simple gift idea to leave on neighbors’ doorsteps or ship to a sweet family member in the mail, I decided to put together this utensil holder, kitchen towels, wooden spoon, and Swedish pancake mix with lingonberries as an ode to one of our own family’s recipes.

Because apparently food = love here in 2020, right?!

Hang in there, y’all. We’re gonna make it. And if you need me, I’ll be over here eating my feelings with Christmas morning casserole, cinnamon rolls, and a mimosa bar. 😉

If you want to know about any of the sources I used in our kitchen, you can find them below:

Click HERE for our kitchen refresh reveal (with makeover sources and paint colors).

Wishing you a merry Christmas, friends! Cheers to the moms who make magic happen. If I could send you a big heaping helping of Christmas casserole, I totally would.

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  1. Lauren, Christmas traditions are so precious! Thanks for sharing your family traditions with us! Your home is decorated so beautifully! I am going to dry some oranges tomorrow. Thanks for your recipe.

    We will follow our Christmas traditions as best we can this year. Our province is on total lockdown at the moment. So, our Christmas will be just my hubby and I. However, we will keep all those traditions alive and be thankful for The Reason for The Season — our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    We pray you will have a wonderful Christmas in your beautiful home with your family and your dear parents! Bless you all!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make a Christmas morning casserole, so I hope you don’t mind that I copied this recipe down and am going to make it! 🙂

  3. Love it all. I am always inspired by your posts and look forward to what you have come up with. Definitely going to replicate the orange garland/wreath. Beautiful!!