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7 Pool Cabana Inspirations (and Planning Our Next Backyard Project)

We had every intention of sharing more backyard progress today, buuuuuuut the universe had other plans as we’ve wrestled a project going awry and a sick kiddo over the weekend.

But actually, it’s okay. Because I didn’t really make time to fully wrap my mind around “the vision” for our next backyard project: a pool cabana.

cabana pool deck before

We just poured fresh concrete in this area beside the pool and will be erecting a pergola to give us much-needed shade out here. Eventually, we plan to do concrete stamping, but we’re not there yet.

And that fence will be replaced soon with a new white one.

Outdoor furniture sells out crazy fast, especially this year, so I pulled together several images as our inspiration to get our game plan ready.

I want the cabana to feel airy, natural, and with plenty of texture. All 7 of these pool cabana inspirations fit the bill!

7 Pool Cabana Inspirations

1. I like the idea of comfy chaise loungers like these.

white cabana with outdoor lounge chairs and stone wall

Source: BAA Studio

2. The plants and that rattan pendant in this cabana add so much great texture!

tropical plants and rattan pendant light in a white pool cabana

Source: Uniqwa Collections

3. More chaise lounger love… and I know we’ll never have practically a jungle surrounding ours, but gosh it’s gorgeous.

boho pool cabana with rattan and bamboo

Source: Villaar Juna Bali

4. This example has a wood slat wall we’re thinking will give it a more modern element.

pool cabana with wood slat wall and white cover

Source: Decoholic

5. This one seems like a great size without taking up too much pool deck room.

white pool cabana with rustic wood wall

Source: Lonny

6. There will definitely be airy white curtains blowing in the breeze like this dreamy scene.

pool cabana with white gauze curtains and rattan outdoor furniture

Source: Three Birds Renovations

7. We keep debating between whether to stain a neutral mid-tone or paint white. But I love the warmth of the wood here to make it feel more cozy in contrast with the white fence.

backyard cabana

Source: Room for Tuesday

My head is spinning! But however it all comes together, I’ll just be glad to have some shade. Prettiness will be a perk.

Which do you think would work the best?

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  1. I like the slat wall stained. I agree that some contrast with the white fence would add visual texture👌! Big frond plants in woven planter baskets would do that too. I can’t wait to see what you do. You and Robert always do such a great job!