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Trending French Style Modern Toile Wallpaper

The best modern French wallpapers for all budgets to combine traditional interior design with an edgy, contemporary look.

True story: I covered my bedroom with purple toile at the age of 14. I wish I had a photo of that bedroom that my mom and I turned into our summer project sewing purple toile curtains and painting my furniture in a French crackle finish. It was oh so French country shabby chic a la Laura Ashley.

As it turns out, toile is making a fierce comeback in interior design but with a modern twist in wallpaper. I love the look so much that we just put this modern toile wallpaper in our powder room! (Forgive the poor lighting; we have no light fixture wired in yet.)

Farrow & Ball Brinjal paint with modern toile wallpaper Saint Sebastian in a powder room

What Is Toile?

Toile, pronounced “twahl,” is a type of printed fabric, typically made from cotton or linen, known for its intricate and often pastoral or scenic designs.

These designs are usually monochromatic, commonly featuring shades of blue, red, or black on a white or cream background. Toile prints usually depict scenes of countryside life, historical events, or nature, and they can be quite detailed and decorative.

Even though toile de jouy originated in the town of Jouy-en-Josas, France, in the 18th century, designers these days have included more modern images hidden within the traditional style making it the perfect blend for a modern traditional wallpaper.

modern toile wallpaper Saint Sebastian with Farrow and Ball Brinjal

Favorite Modern Toile Wallpapers

I found this Saint Sebastian modern toile wallpaper and instantly fell in love. It has the elegant classic style of toile but with a contemporary twist.

If you’ve wanted to incorporate the same style in your home, I rounded up several of the best French style wallpapers with a modern edge to blend the past with the present.

trending modern toile wallpapers

Many of these toile wallpapers are available in multiple different color options like gray, beige, green, blue, and red. You can click the images in the gallery below to see the color variations.

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  1. Oh those are wonderful. My fav is the St Sebastian. Funny, that’s the name of my hub’s home town church. Has a special meaning to us. Now- question: will you be keeping the maroon paint or lightening it up? I don’t know where you are with this work in progress, just wondering.

  2. Can you tell me the manufacturer/retailer of the vanity in your photos today, Oct 6, 2023? I have been trying and cannot find a source. Thank you.

  3. Toile is a classic and has never left my radar! I love it is small ways like a valance or table runner or a POWDER room like you are doing!