Father’s Day Gift Guide

15 fun and unique gift ideas to give for Father’s Day 2018.

So… uh… Father’s Day is sneaking up on me way too fast. And yesterday, I realized it’s less than 2 weeks away! Last month, I shared all of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas, so it seemed only right to round it out with a Father’s Day guide too.

In preparation, I not-so-stealthily asked Robert what were some of the coolest Father’s Day gifts he could possibly get (besides good ol’ quality time with the fam).

And these were what he came up with…

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Not gonna lie… I kind of what a few for myself.

Father’s Day Gift Guide:

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1. Retro style rolling cooler – If your hubby/daddy-0 loves hanging around the pool, the porch, or the patio, this cooler is a fun little addition.

2. Bluetooth vintage style record player – Robert has one very similar to this that he loves playing albums or just stream from his phone on while we’re hanging around the house. The sound quality is so much better than other speakers. And buying gifts for him is way easy now… just wrap up a vinyl album of a favorite band.

3. Leather Apple watch strap – If your guy/dad already has an Apple watch, this is nice for dressing it up.

4. Bluetooth portable speaker – Robert has one of these that we use all the time. We carry it out to the pool, the lake, the beach, the park, wherever we feel like, especially in the summer.

5. Vintage style shaving kit – We got one of these for Robert 3 years ago, and he still loves it.

6. Charcoal grill – We have the larger version of this one, and it rocks!

7. Folding backpack beach chair – We have a version of these chairs and tote them everywhere in the summer. They’re easy to carry and super comfy and durable.

8. Magnetic tool belt rig – The mack-DADDY of tool belts. See what I did there? Hehe.

9. Drill bit set – According to Robert, this is one of the best DIYer gifts you can get. Fresh drill bits… ahhhh.

10. Funny trailer hitch cover – We just got a USMC version of this hitch cover for Robert’s truck, and he’s so proud of it. Haha!

11. Personalized leather toiletry bag – If your guy/dad is a traveler.

12. Reusable Smart Notebook – This notebook blows my mind! You can write notes on the electronic pages and it will transfer anything you write/draw to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, and email. Whaaat?! I want one.

13. Modern metal tabletop hat stands – We have one of these on a dresser in our master bedroom where Robert drops his hat at the end of the day. The dude has a million hats.

14. Cornhole boards – I just gave Robert a set of these as a wedding anniversary gift and it was a hit!

15. Fishing tackle box – This is the most tactical looking tackle box I’ve ever seen.

Got any other Father’s Day gift suggestions? Or ones you’ve given in the past that were a big hit?

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Father's Day Gift Guide - 15 fun and unique gift ideas to give for Father's Day 2018. #fathersdaygiftideas #fathersdaygiftguide #fathersday #fathersdaygifts #fathersdaypresents #fathersdayideas

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  1. Thank you Lauren for some good ideas for Son’s Father’s Day gift! Corn Hole Boards it is!

  2. Love your ideas! I’m planning a small fold-up table for next to the grill. But I must say, I’m looking forward to when my kids are old enough to choose Daddy’s gifts themselves – that will be interesting. My son, when he was 3, wanted to get Daddy pink slippers for Fathers Day!

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