12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget)

The best greige neutral rugs for any room and where to buy them on a budget.

A big thanks to Overstock.com for sponsoring this post. I only recommend brands I trust and buy from for my own home. For more information, see my full disclosure here.

Truth:  Rug shopping is hard. It takes me hours, okay days, to decide on one.

You probably didn’t need me to tell you that though, did you?

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget) | Bless'er House

While I was wrapping up Olivia’s bedroom makeover (which thankfully is DONE), I stood in her room just staring at it trying to figure out what was missing.

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget) | Bless'er House

And then it hit me. The floor was kind of…blah. So I contacted Overstock to see if they could help a girl out. And they did!

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget) | Bless'er House

So much better, right?

We have wall-to-wall carpet throughout 90% of our house (even our dining room which makes no sense at all to me), and even though carpet is nice to have in the bedroom, I still craved that pop of pattern on the floor to make it look finished.

I hate spending lots of money on anything. (For real, it’s right up there with running, small talk, and morning alarms.)

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget) | Bless'er House

But on the rare occassion that I have to spend more than $100 on anything, I do a ton of research…to the point that I probably drive Robert crazy. And when I was on the search for the perfect rug and comparing prices all over the place, Overstock kept turning up with the best deals. Seriously. Every time.

My mom has used them for years too, and she taught me everything I know about sales shopping. The Safavieh rug we ended up with is soooo comfy and soft and gorgeous! Olivia loves jumping around on it because it’s so plush.

12 Favorite Greige Rugs (And Where to Buy Them On a Budget) | Bless'er House

So I thought it would be a great idea to share my favorite rug source with y’all along with 12 of my favorite greige rugs that I dropped into my online cart while on the hunt for the winner. (I spent days trying to choose. Ridiculous. It’s a tough choice!)  I love combining greys, ivories, and beiges in a lot of spaces for that cool/warm tone balance, and all of these rugs could work beautifully in so many different rooms.

Overstock doesn’t always hold onto rugs for long, so you sometimes have to act fast. And, of course, some rugs might look a bit different than pictured, so read up on reviews to double check.

(Affiliate links are provided below.) 

1. Safavieh Adirondack Ivory / Silver Rug


2. Safavieh Adirondack Silver / Ivory


3. NuLOOM Handmade Modern Ikat Trellis Grey Rug


4. Safavieh Hand-Woven Moroccan Reversible Dhurrie Grey / Ivory Wool Rug


5. NuLOOM Modern Vintage Fancy Floral Grey Rug


6. Safavieh Handmade Soho Light Grey / Ivory New Zealand Wool Rug


7. Nourison Graphic Illusions Grey Antique Damask Pattern Rug


8. Safavieh Handmade Moroccan Cambridge Grey/ Ivory Wool Rug


9. Safavieh Handmade Moroccan Cambridge Ivory / Silver Wool Rug


10. Safavieh Handmade Moroccan Cambridge Dark Grey / Ivory Wool Rug


11. NuLOOM Handmade Southwestern Tribal Fancy Rug


12. NuLOOM Transitional Damask Microfiber Grey Rug


Some days are better with a little window shopping anyway, right? You think one day all of the items in our online shopping cart will magically show up at our door? The rug fairy can pay me a visit anytime she wants. Before you check out, don’t forget to check for online coupons too. Every little bit helps.

Which one is your favorite? I’m already eyeing a couple for our living room one day.



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  1. I just bought a rug at Overstock.com and initially loved it. It has a modern design that is difficult to find at the price I paid, around $300. But, unfortunately I have 2 dogs and after one day noticed that the rug was snagging on my dogs nails, not a problem I’ve encountered with any other rug. I’m going to have to send the rug back and now I’m worried about ordering an area rug online, I didnt know I was going to have to be concerned about a rug being pet friendly….ugh. Any advice?

    1. Aw I’m so sorry, Lynn! Do you know what kind of material the rug was? I think in that case with pets, I’d want to see the rug I’m buying in person to predict how it would do. Home Goods has a really good selection too. But I know there’s not as much to choose from as online. We have a cotton rug, a wool rug, and a jute rug and my dog does great on all of them. But she’s a small breed, so that might be a factor. I hope it works out!

  2. love the rug! Good choice! I have a totally random question for you…what is the scripty brush font you use for your site? I adore it!

  3. I loved the grey antique damask pattern rug. I clicked on the name to copy and it showed up as a sample in a room. Ahhh…I was in love!!! It had depth. But not a shag. I was in rug dreamland. But I had to blink. And awaken. It does not match my color scheme of my home at all lol!!! I have switched out rugs because one at the entry just always looked grungy and was wool and Pottery Barn but clearanced and went with my more formal look. My fun drapes brought me to a bargain, fun rug on Wayfair I did not hesitate to buy. I’m so glad! No labor ing. No debating and it’s been a happy rug. A neutral Persian type rug was clearanced at PB so it goes just fine in our living area. Doesn’t compete with the wild drapes! Yet anchors the area. Now with your daughter’s rug?!! You have the designer’s eye!! It just looks finished with the rug tucked under half the bed. Plus I NEVER would have realized how beautiful that rug is from the picture samples. They had none in a room like my choice. It’s more beautiful in real life!! And meant to tell you, I was definitely impressed you danced with the Russian ballet. They were in our city about that long ago on tour. So neat! You have to at least frame photo of your feet as in this post. That watercolor app?!! Would be sooo neat. When she’s old you could put one from her first recital in one too?

  4. Your daughter’s new rug is so pretty and adds the perfect finishing touch to her room. I am in the market for a few small rugs and will definitely be checking out Overstock. Believe it or not, I’ve never shopped that site.

  5. I discovered Overstock.Com years ago. All bedroom night stands that were not found in our “magic barn” or handed down from a grandparent came from Overstock. Same goes for area rugs. So many choices! So little time! That rug looks great in Olivia’s room.

    1. Haha That barn is magic. They do have great stuff. Y’all’s blue guest bedroom is my favorite. I think a lot of the stuff in that room came from Overstock too, didn’t it?