3 Living Room Designs Under $2,000


Y’all totally surprised me a few weeks ago when I tried out this budget room design mood board thing, so consider this a “back by popular demand” kind of post.

Putting together room designs into mood boards is something I’ve been doing all the way since middle school (although my 12 year-old self had no idea what it was called back then). It’s like putting together a puzzle to figure out patterns and colors and textures. And when I throw in a dollar amount limit, my sale shopper brain totally geeks out over that extra challenge.

Since an overwhelming number of you asked me to continue sharing these (because apparently the last set helped!) I decided to try some fun living room design ideas.

I stuck to a $2,000 price tag this time instead of the $1,000 budget from when I designed bedrooms, but considering sofas and armchairs and media consoles all cost quite a bit more than bedroom furniture, I’m so amazed how many pretty pieces ended up packed into each one.

(Affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here. Retailers’ prices may fluctuate depending on seasons/sales, so total cost of each mood board design may change over time.)

1. Living Room Design 1 | $1,938

3 Living Room Design Mood Boards Under $2,000 | Vintage Glam

Green Sofa | Area Rug | Accent Chair | Coffee Table | TV Stand | End Table | Curtains | Botanical Art | Chandelier | Tripod Floor Lamp | Artificial Olive Tree | Basket | Throw Pillow | Statuette Planter

2. Living Room Design 2 | $1,925

3 Living Room Design Mood Boards Under $2,000 | Modern Minimalist

Sofa | Area Rug | Accent Chair | Coffee Table Trunk | TV Stand | End Table | Curtains | Figure Art | Chandelier | Table Lamp | Artificial Snake Plant | Navy Throw Pillow | Cream Throw Pillow | Vase

3. Living Room Design 3 | $1,974

3 Living Room Design Mood Boards Under $2,000 | Modern Rustic French

Faux Leather Sofa | Area Rug | Accent Chair | Coffee Table | TV Stand | End Table | Curtains | Equestrian Art | Chandelier | Table Lamp | Artificial Ficus Tree | Lumbar Throw Pillow | Square Throw Pillow

Which one is your favorite? I love them all, but I’m suuuuuper crushin’ on Design #1. At least, I hope this steers you in the right direction a bit.

P.S. If you ever want to learn how to create a mood board yourself, you can follow the mood board maker tutorial here to help you in the planning process of your own room designs in your home.

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  1. Love all the choices, but my favorite would have to be #3. I really like how you pulled everything together. Thank you, too, for sharing your mood board information. I plan to use it for redoing our sun room!

  2. #1 is my fav of the three because the green tufted sofa – verdant, classic, and classy. My style would bo-ho it up to personalize it. Thanks for doing these.