Bachelor Pad Small Modern Powder Room Makeover

A small powder room at a bachelor pad gets packed with modern masculine style in a monochromatic navy blue color scheme.

It’s always a good day for a SURPRISE bathroom remodel! Actually, I take that back because this bathroom remodel I designed for a friend happened due to an unforeseen water leak much like we had in our own bathroom remodel last year.

So maybe surprise remodels actually aren’t super great after all. But the end result is pretty bomb when it turns out like this…

The Bachelor Pad Powder Room Before & After

navy blue modern small powder room in a bachelor pad with stacked tile focal wall

This is one of our best friends Wes who had no idea I’d be blasting his picture in a before shot for roughly half a million people on the internet to see. (Sorry, Wes. Haha!)

powder room before

How to Make a Small Powder Room Look Bigger

Wes has a pretty sweet bachelor pad in uptown Charlotte, so I had fun stepping out of my comfort zone to pull together a monochromatic navy blue modern look in this very small powder room under his stairs.

Last fall, while he had to work away from home for a few months, we helped oversee the unexpected remodel of his powder room that the contractors recently wrapped up.

It’s absolutely minuscule, and to be honest, it’s amazing I was able to squeeze a camera in here to photograph it.

But I pulled out as many design tricks as I could to help this space feel a little bit bigger.

Benjamin Moore Polo Blue walls in a small powder room with masculine black and white art

First of all though, check out that totally rad purple toilet and those sponge painted walls. Snazzy stuff.

powder room before

1. Paint Trim and Walls the Same Color and Sheen

Remember back when we painted our neighbors’ small bedroom for their teen girls all one color to make it look bigger?

We did the same in here. I would even go as far as to paint the ceiling the same color too, if you’re feeling brave. (I wish I’d had the ceiling painted navy blue here in hindsight.)

navy blue modern powder room with patterned tile floor

2. Choose Satin or Semi Gloss Sheen

By using a paint sheen that has more shine, it will help bounce light on the walls and give the illusion of a larger space. We used satin sheen.

Satin or semi gloss paint is especially good in bathrooms particularly because it’s more resistant to water stains and moisture. It’s easier to wipe clean than eggshell or flat sheen paint.

vintage football art prints in a masculine bachelor pad powder room

3. Use Gloss Tile as a Focal Wall

In the same concept as using a shinier paint sheen, gloss tile helps bounce light to create the illusion of adding space to a small powder room.

Adding a wall of tile draws the eye upward so that ceilings seem taller as well. I love how this linear stacked tile creates edginess that feels more masculine well suited for a bachelor pad.

using stacked tile on a wall for a modern style focal point behing a vanity

4. Choose Light Colored Flooring

By using white or light colored tile flooring, it gives the room an open airy feeling and bounces light from the floor to add visual space.

I chose this weathered patterned tile to help hide any dirt or grime in the future requiring less maintenance in a bachelor pad. Because the tile already looks worn and vintage, dirt just blends in with the tile design.

patterned tile and wood vanity with navy blue walls

5. Use Dark Paint Colors to Add Space in a Small Powder Room

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to paint a small room white to make it feel bigger.

In a dark, windowless room, painting it a dark color like black or navy blue will create depth. This is because dark paint colors tend to recede providing the illusion that the wall is further away from you than it really is.

We used the color Benjamin Moore Polo Blue here.

stacked tile focal wall behind a vanity in a small bathroom at a bachelor pad

6. Hang Interesting Art to Carry the Masculine Bachelor Pad Vibe

I totally hung up a black and white print of The Big Lebowski because why not? This is a bachelor pad after all, and “The Dude” is the ultimate bachelor, of course. 😉

On the opposite wall, we added vintage Army football prints since Wes is an Army vet and football plays a big role at his condo.

A little art goes a long way to add interest to walls and make a big statement.

navy blue small powder room with The Big Lebowski art above toilet

The contractors took my design and made it happen, so Robert and I can’t take credit for any of the actual work. But to see the mood boards I delivered for the project come to life before our eyes was really fun.

Who knows? Maybe one day I could design an entire modern urban loft completely different from our own home’s style since we’re right near the city. Adding that one to the bucket list anyway.

powder room mood board

Room Sources

If you need more ideas to help your rooms feel larger, these past posts can help too.


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  1. This. Bathroom. Rocks.
    I love it! It’s perfect for a guy’s place, but think how easily it could become gender-neutral or even ultra feminine with the right art and accessories! Navy blue is so versatile and timeless. You nailed it!

  2. You and your husband are getting really good at this! I love this bathroom makeover! The space seemed so claustrophobic before.

  3. Love what you created for your hip bachelor friend; he is blessed. Please thank him for his service! Lauren, you definitely are talented and I look forward to an Urban Loft Design coming from you someday. Thanks for sharing your visionary talents with us. I especially love the dark wall tile and the light floor tile with an aged motif. These elements play beautifully off the dark, silky, satin like, wall paint. The beautiful wood cabinet for the sink is stunningly simple and the linear lines of the wood grain carry the eye up to the equally lineal wall tile. What a different design from you proving that you are one exceptionally gifted lady, KUDOS!!!

  4. Love what you did here. I hope your client/friend loves it. Thanks for walking through all the elements and sharing your rationale for your choices. Very helpful.