25 Best Places to Buy Rugs Affordably Online

The 25 absolute best places to shop online to buy rugs inexpensively without sacrificing style.

where to buy cheap rugs online

Every so often, I ask you guys to hit me with any and all questions on Instagram, related to home or not. And last week, the same question that kept popping up was, “Where to buy cheap rugs?”

Because rugs can be $1,000 a pop (or more), and unless you’re Beyonce, that’s just not always feasible.

BUT I’m a firm believer that a room only needs 3 main changes to create a huge impact for a quick transformation:

where to buy rugs for porches and patios

Where to Buy Rugs Affordably Online

The floor deserves every bit as much of attention as the walls to add interest and texture in a space. Here’s where I love to buy rugs without going for broke.

vintage style rug in living room
Living Room Rug

1. Amazon

If you love the Loloi rug brand (I’m a fan for sure), Amazon is one of my favorite online retailers for buying vintage style printed polypropylene rugs. If you’re already a Prime member especially, shipping is crazy fast and often free.

Though if you do go for one of these types of rugs, I highly recommend this rug pad since they are on the thin side. However, they hide messes and spills like a dream if you have kids or pets.

dining room rug
Dining Room Rug

2. Walmart

Want to know a secret? I found this rug at a luxury retail store and then discovered the exact same rug over 60% off online at Walmart.

They have their own independent line of brands they sell, but Walmart’s site is worth exploring to compare rug prices to the high end guys via third party sellers.

plaid rug in a nursery
Nursery Rug

3. Target

The Threshold and Hearth & Hand rug lines are always winners to me, but they have so many other affordable and beautiful rugs that are exclusive to Target.

It’s one of my favorite places for buying outdoor rugs for porches and patios too.

hallway runner rug
Hallway Runner Rug

4. Wayfair

Shopping for rugs at Wayfair is one of the best mainly because you can find HUGE discounts by shopping their Open Box Specials. These are rugs (or other items) that have been opened and returned to Wayfair.

They specify why the item was returned so you can make sure you’re not buying a defective item, but the discounts are worth the gamble sometimes. Just be mindful that when buying open box specials, you can’t return them.

dining room washable rug

5. Ruggable

I wrote an entire unbiased, brutally honest review of Ruggable rugs here. They’re definitely not for everyone, especially if you prefer a soft, plush rug. But if you have messy kids, pets, or just spill things or track dirt inside a lot yourself, they are awesome for just throwing into the wash.

Ruggable rugs are especially great for kids’ playrooms, under dining tables, and in entryways.

best places to buy rugs for bedrooms
Guest Bedroom Rug

6. The Home Depot

For some reason, The Home Depot just isn’t the first place most people think of when shopping for rugs, but they have a huge selection of inexpensive rugs.

If you’re on the most strict of strict budget, this would be one of the first places I’d look for a rug because their prices are just that good in that particular department.

vintage style rug in foyer with black doors
Foyer Rug

Here are more of my other affordable rug retailer favorites.

More Best Places to Buy Rugs Online Inexpensively

bedroom rug with twin beds
Bedroom Rug

My Favorite Rug Picks

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rug do I need in my room?

You can get more help in rug size recommendations by room here.

What types of rugs are the most durable?

Wool rugs are some of the most sought after because the material is comfortable, springs back under foot traffic, water resistant, and is a natural stain-repellant. Nylon is a great, less expensive rug material as well.

In areas with heavy foot traffic, steer clear of cotton or linen rugs.

Got any other favorite places you’d add for where to buy rugs affordably? I know there are plenty of other pricier rug retailers, but these are my go-to spots on the cheaper end.


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  1. My husband lies on the floor to watch TV so insists we get a thicker rug. When shopping online, how do I judge the thickness of rugs? Sometimes you can just see it in the picture, but not always. Do manufacturers or stores have a measurement of some sort?
    Thanks for the post on rugs. Very helpful, as always!

  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else hate rugs with fringe? I am too OCD so constantly straightening and a robotic vacuum just tends to tangle it up- I have been known to cut some fringe off my rugs😳 anyone else?
    Love this post and love reasonably priced rugs! Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon…
      It took a bit but I scrolled on the post and here is the rug ~ Better Homes and Gardens Hawthorne Park Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug, and Lauren stenciled it using Cricut~ It is so pretty!