Bumpdate Confessions

Y’all! We’re in the final month of this pregnancy! I mean… HOW did this happen so fast?!

I haven’t really shared a bumpdate with y’all because well…

1. Second baby syndrome (Weekly bump pics? What are those?)

2. We’ve been busy busy busy with so many different projects and family trips that we’ve let time slip by in a blink, and we feel entirely unprepared at the moment.

(Photos by Alisha Rudd Photography)

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

Robert, Olivia, and I will be meeting this baby bean (who is now much larger than a bean) in about 4 weeks!

I’d be lying if I said I was a calm, cool, collected mama over here gazing lovingly at our empty crib while we wait for the grand debut.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

Can I be honest with you for a sec? (Okay, when am I not actually?)

I have really struggled with loving my body during this pregnancy. Don’t ever search the hashtag #LTKbump on Instagram. Just don’t do it. Because it is a trap for maternity model body comparison.

I’ve gained 42 pounds so far on this baby-growing journey, despite working out and eating right as much as I can. (I gained 55 in my first.) But you know what? This will be worth it.  Those pounds won’t be there for long. And I have to remind myself of that every day.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

I say this to you, expectant mamas and postpartum mamas and ladies who maybe get down on yourselves about your own appearances from time to time, because I don’t want you to think for a second that my life is picture-perfect when you look at these maternity pictures.

It’s a world of stretch marks and back pain and cellulite that will eat you up, if you let it. But so much more than all of that, it’s a world of thankfulness for those sweet belly nudges.

Because I’m fully aware that there are so many women in this world who would give anything to experience it just once. And I will not take it for granted.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

Being a mom, whether a birth mom or an adoptive mom or a foster mom or a traditional mom or a mom to angel babies, is just plain hard. But it’s also one of the most rewarding titles you could ever have.

During these last 8 months, God has introduced me to moms in all of those categories; I am amazed at each and every one. Love is love, and by golly He is amazing at showing us that in so many unconditional ways with plans that He knit so perfectly for us.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

That mirror on the wall doesn’t define you. Your mindset and how you choose to respond to your world each day does.

I will always care more about how my daughter(s) see me than about how I see my own reflection. Sometimes our greatest weakness amidst all of our mama superpowers is not being able to recognize our own beauty.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

And if you scroll on Instagram or Facebook, you might never ever know that those women, in their styled photo shoots, are struggling with the exact same inability to find self-love as you.

“You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:14

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 29 weeks

So in a few weeks, the blog might be a little quiet, and it’ll be a whole new phase of learning to love this mom bod. But we’ll be over here counting fingers and toes and our many many blessings.

Family maternity photo session - Alisha Rudd Photography - bumpdate 34 weeks

(P.S. For any of you fellow prego mamas wanting to know about where I picked up my  maternity dresses, both are currently sold out in my colors, but you can snag similar ones from the same boutique I found mine on the affiliate links below.)

We love you guys and are so grateful to share this journey with y’all.

BIG hugs!

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  1. You and your family are so beautiful. Good luck to you, Robert and Big Sister Olivia. Look forward to seeing the completed nursery and your baby girl in it.

  2. You look incredibly beautiful! Your pregnancy-addled mind might tell you otherwise, but I PROMISE, you look GORGEOUS. I ended up searching that hashtag on IG, and those pregnant women look fitter than I, and I’ve not been pregnant in YEARS!! 😀

    I always “yell” at my boys about how much I gained during their pregnancies, telling them they ordered MUCH too much from Amazon to be shipped directly to my womb. I tell them they ordered furniture and toys and movies, and it all made me gain weight! Although they know I’m joking with them, they like it when I tell them all the things they “ordered.” 😉

    You are a truly beautiful expectant mama; don’t let anyone (including your own brain) tell you otherwise. <3

  3. No matter the shape or size, there’s just something beautiful about each pregnant woman. You look absolutely perfect!

  4. Gorgeous family pictures!
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Looking forward to meeting
    your new little bundle soon!

  5. You look wonderful in your pictures! Thanks for mentioning the the foster mamas and adoptive mamas, we miss so many little things like the pregnancy photo shoots. Don’t worry about not feeling ready, as a foster mama I had mere hours to get “ready” for my babies and it all worked out!

    1. Thank you, Natalie. I could never leave out any type of mama. Those willing to take in a child and show love as their own is always note worthy and deserves praise. Thank you for the encouragement that we still have hope of being prepared.

  6. You and your soon-to-be-held baby are beautiful!! Praying for a quick, easy delivery for you both! (praying the next 4 weeks will go quickly for you!…I remember the waiting…6 times!)!

  7. Beautiful lady there is nothing sweeter than holding that little bundle in your arms, it is all worth it! The pounds, the stretch marks, the morning sickness! Blessings to you Lauren!

  8. Beautiful pictures!! It’s hard to believe the time is almost here to welcome your sweet baby girl!? God is so good! Thank you for sharing the journey with us….

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