Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery

The best resources to where to buy lovely real flowers and beautiful faux greenery for inexpensively, plus ideas on how to arrange them.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Believe it or not, I actually wasn’t going to post anything today. After our big summer home tour earlier this week, I am WIPED out.

I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down a little bit in the summer and just enjoy Olivia being home from preschool and not constantly be in DIY mode 24/7. But then I remembered my latest favorite resource that I’ve been meaning to share with y’all!

I’m not the girl who typically drops a bunch of money on shoes or nice clothes (#YogaPants4TheWin), but when I get in the “treat-yo-self” mood and have a couple of bucks for a little treat, I buy flowers.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

And since swimsuit season has me boycotting chocolate lately, it’s good to know flowers are calorie-free. 😉

I know they can get really pricey, but this past year my favorite place to get gorgeous flowers for uber cheap is Trader Joe’s!

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

I swear this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that (although, even then I’m totally honest with you guys anyway), I just HEART their flowers!

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

In hindsight, I wish I’d known about Trader Joe’s flowers six years ago when I was planning my wedding. They are not your typical grocery store bunches by any means.

Anytime I feel like a floral fix, I scoop up a bouquet or two for under $10 and it instantly refreshes our house.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

It’s amazing what a vase of blooms can do for an entire room. And even though they only last a week, maybe two if I’m lucky, they never fail to brighten my mood. Somehow, when I put flowers out, it inspires me to keep the rest of the house more tidy too. I do it completely subconsciously.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

But for inexpensive yet real looking faux greenery, my numero uno pitstop is IKEA.

Back in February, they had these faux topiaries in sale for $10 each! Friends who visit us touch them every time because they look so real.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

They have the best potted artificial plants too that I have scattered all over our house, like this one that was only $6.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Every now and then, I have luck finding inexpensive greenery in the clearance aisle of HomeGoods and Marshall’s too, but it’s hit or miss.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Since I’m most definitely not an expert flower arranger with mad florist skills or anything, my favorite way to display them is in mismatched bottles and vases that I’ve picked up randomly at thrift stores. It’s the easiest method I’ve found.

(You can download these free apothecary jar printables I made here too.)

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

So whenever we’re hosting a birthday party or summer cookout, I hop over to Joe’s for our table like for this tablescape I made at Easter. And then I suddenly feel fancy. 😉

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

Where to Buy Inexpensive Flowers and Greenery | blesserhouse.com

So I’m curious, do you have any favorite Trader Joe’s or IKEA items? Or a favorite flower/greenery resource? I’d love to know! If you tell me your favorite source is your own garden, I might just cry. #BlackThumbProblems


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  1. Thank you for the great tips. I also love fresh flowers and great looking artificial ones. I’ll certainly give IKEA a try. Aldi’s is similar to Trader Joe’s and has great prices on fresh flowers.

  2. Hello there, Where do you buy your winter greenery? Like your flocked/regular artificial branches!? Really love them.

  3. I LOVE Trader Joe’s! Their cut flowers are awesome. I think their potted flowers are even better! A live potted hydrangea for $6.99 is impossible to pass up. (Still have a beautiful one that I got for Easter. The flowers were pink, but have all turned a gorgeous green.) When I’m ready, I’ll plant it, but for now it’s in a darling urn near my kitchen window!

    Thank you for the IKEA tip!!

    1. Oh wow! I haven’t tried their potted ones yet. We have hydrangeas planted in our front yard that started out white/green and have now turned a beautiful blue. Love it when they do that! 🙂

  4. The mismatched bottles flower display is great! Makes a bouquet of flowers go a long way! There is something special about fresh flowers in your home!

  5. I love Trader Joes for flowers too! My daughter recently commented that it seems like we’re going there every week! It’s amazing how fresh flowers can really brighten and freshen up a space. ?

  6. Wow, thank you for te tips. I never thought of going to the store to buy flowers unless it was for a very special occasion. I love shopping at Traders Joe’s, the next time (especially at that price), I will be picking up a bouquet or two. Like you, I love having flowers throughout our home. It gives you that peaceful feeling. I will also be checking out IKEA for their flowers. Had you not told us the flowers are not real, I would not have known that. They look so real, so beautiful.

    1. Yes! Love TJ’s flowers! And also EVERYTHING else they have. Their coconut milk chocolate ice cream is pretty amazing too. 😉

  7. LUV all the flower combos…and their glass jars. TJ’s is my fave for everything, and so many times, the checker will grab a bo-kay just to thank me for coming in!

    Your blog is the first blog I found and still follow. Your design concepts are amazing. Just saw you in Country Farmhouse and read it a couple of times/week. Your and your husband are the real deal for young couples to follow as well as us old-timers. Bless!

    1. Aw that’s really sweet! I didn’t know they did that. Thank you so much, Debbi! That truly means a lot to me. 🙂

  8. I love IKEA for faux greenery.Trader Joe’s , looks like fun. But unfortunately
    not here in Canada.
    Your fresh flowers on your home tour are gorgeous.
    Your house too!

  9. Ohhhh my daughter went to the university in Seattle and OHHH the flowers at Pikes Place Market are simply amazing!!!! They make the gorgeous huge bouquets in front of you–long row of people doing many kinds of arrangements!!! It would be dangerous if I lived there. I’d want those huge bouquets ( I’m not sure what they are now but five years ago think gigantic wedding bridal bouquet was $10-$15). That was my favorite place ever!!!

    1. Ohhh man! That sounds like heaven! I’ve never been to Seattle… if I ever go, will DEFINITELY be hitting up that place!

  10. Trader Joes’s is also my favorite secret place for flowers! They are the best! During the fall months, our TJ’s has really pretty pumpkins – the squaty different colored ones – that were such a good price so keep a look out for those. I don’t think I ever leave TJ’s without a bunch of eucalyptus. My fav!!
    >> Christene

  11. Costco has lovely bouquets that I have purchsed in the past. I can’t remember the price but they are reasonable. They also have bulk flowers you can order online. If I were doing a wedding again I would look into that, too.

      1. Yes!!! You definitely need a Costco membership. I think flowers range from $10-$16 a bunch there. They have so much at Costco though, you need to go!

  12. You are so sweet. I love your decorating style, and helpful hints. Your home is inviting, and you are so unpretentious. You are an all ’round winning combination!!!

  13. Great info! My daughter is getting married next June so will tuck these tips away, too. Have a restful wknd 🙂

  14. Trader Joes is a great place! I saw the flowers but didn’t really look at them. Next time I will! I am TRYING to grow wild flowers with the hopes of using them in the house. We shall see. IKEA ! Love that place. I have to stay away because I would spend too much! But I may make a trip over to get faux plants. I have a severe allergy to mold and aspergillus grows in the dirt of house plants, so I have to ditch mine. I’m not upset. I forget to water them a bit TOO often. Lol so FAUX will do me just fine! I built a huge mantle in the LR, across one wall, and during the winter I have plenty to decorate it! But now it looks SAD. Lol

    1. Ooh LOVE wildflowers! Hope they turn out well! My in-laws had a huge field of them a couple of years ago that they planted and we loved wandering out there picking bouquets. You’ll definitely like the Ikea plants. I forget to water them too. No living plant is safe with me. 😀

    2. Wildflowers are a favorite of mine and have had excellent luck in 2 different states with seeds from American Meadows. It is the easiest gardening I have ever done. Toss seeds & enjoy the floral show!

  15. One of our major grocery store chains is Kroger. They mark down flowers most days and I go right to those pails! Not unusual to get a dozen roses for $3 or a huge mixed bouqet for well under $5!

    1. I just snagged 18 yellow tulips and a bunch of baby’s breath for $.99 cents each! They usually have some awesome seasonal decor that’s a steal when it’s marked for clearance. Love, love Kroger!

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