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Unique Bathroom Mirrors for a Small Budget

A round-up shopping guide with 25 unique bathroom mirrors for less than $150 to add interest and texture.

We’re still trucking along in the master bathroom refresh (meanwhile, the rest of the house looks like a train wreck… it’s always what happens when we tackle a room makeover).

But last night Robert and I hung up the new arched wood-framed mirrors to replace the basic one from before and oh. my. stars. The difference is crazy!!!

A round-up shopping guide with 25 unique bathroom mirrors for less than $150 to add interest and texture. #bathroommirrors

If you are desperate to add some interest to your bathroom and want to ditch the ho-hum, I’m telling you, take your basic mirror off of the wall and hang up one with a unique frame or a different shape. It makes a WORLD of difference for not a whole lot of effort or expense.

I’ve been asked several times from y’all how to remove a bathroom mirror from the wall. Luckily, any time we’ve ever encountered a bathroom mirror replacement, the old ones were hung up with clips. So the job was really quick. Here’s a video that can help if yours is hung up with clips.

If your old bathroom mirror is hung up with adhesive though, take heart in knowing that you can still remove it! Here’s a video with a great trick to safely help you remove a mirror hung up with adhesive.

Just for fun, I thought I’d round up a whole bunch of my favorite unique bathroom mirrors for a smaller budget (because there are some crazy pricey ones out there to weed through). All of them are under $150, and several of them are under $100. I hope it helps!

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  1. Thank you for choosing inexpensive and stylish mirrors, you’re right, because replacing the mirror makes the bath unrecognizable! I saw this when my neighbors changed the mirror in their bathroom.

  2. My husband switched out our medicine cabinet mirror with a new one last weekend. It wasn’t a quick job (the new medicine cabinet is smaller, so he had to build a new box, drywall, and such) but what a transformation! It’s a simple oval with a beveled edge and is so elegant! My bathroom was looks larger, too. Kind of amazing what one swap will do! So I agree- it’s definitely worth it! (btw, I love having a medicine cabinet. That little extra space of storage is great!)

  3. The French one from Target really appeals to me. I like the idea of two mirrors instead of the one large mirror we have in guest bathroom now but there’s also only one sink in our vanity. Two mirrors would look a little “off”. For now I’m planning on using Habitat 4 Humanity Re-Store trim to make a frame for the mirror. We’ll go with two when we replace the vanity. Photo of your mirrors, please? ?