Designer Look-ALike Abstract Acrylic Art

Ever since we started the dining room makeover last fall, we’ve gone all ADD on finishing it. (Fun fact: I’ve legitimately had Attention Deficit Disorder ever since high school. So sometimes the struggle really IS real in that department.)

To be fair, the holidays came along, and we kind of got thrown out of our groove.

30 gorgeous abstract acrylic art canvases for half the price of the designer brands for soft colorful accents in any room. #art #homedecor #walldecor #designerknockoff #abstractart

We decked it out at Christmas with a glowing tree in the corner there. But now that Christmas has left the building, it’s very obvious now these bare walls need some love.

The first thing that’s come to mind is to hang a big canvas painting on the larger of the two walls in that corner. But for some reason, it’s hard for me to pick the perfect piece of art. It can’t be too “college dorm room poster-ish” but it can’t be too formal. I don’t want it to overwhelm the room, but I want it to be pretty enough to stand out.

30 gorgeous abstract acrylic art canvases for half the price of the designer brands for soft colorful accents in any room. #art #homedecor #walldecor #designerknockoff #abstractart

Lately, I’ve been noticing this new trend in wall art in all of the high-end designer home stores- Ballard Designs, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Arhaus, all of those. And they all carry these beautiful fluid abstract acrylic canvases. They fit the bill for so many spaces by adding movement and a sense of peacefulness with a hint of nature.

30 gorgeous abstract acrylic art canvases for half the price of the designer brands for soft colorful accents in any room. #art #homedecor #walldecor #designerknockoff #abstractart

But many of them are $400-800 a pop. That’s not happening for us in this little dining room (we have bigger fish to fry like two bathrooms that eventually need a full gut job). So I found 30 gorgeous abstract acrylic art designer look-alikes for a much cheaper price tag, if you’ve been searching for pretty large scale art to fill up a blank wall in your house too.

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Just click the images to find the sources.)

Which one do you think will fit in? I’m leaning toward one of the blue/gray ones with flecks of gold. But there are so many pretty ones, it’s hard to decide. And maybe one day I’ll get the horse one or chandelier one for Olivia’s room because she would definitely fall in love with either one. Who am I kidding? I would too.

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  1. Hi. I love them all. I’m getting the Sunrise one. Thanks for finding it. For your dining room, I suggest the 3 vertical prints side by side.

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I like many of those, but I thought you were doing a mirror collage wall? I was looking forward to seeing what you came up with? Is that still a plan for another wall? I’m sure whatever you end up doing will be awesome!

  3. If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you might want to check there as well. I’ve seen some really lovely wrapped canvas pieces with neutral colors and a splash of metallic highlights!

  4. Lauren, love your selection of art! My two favorites would be the Wayfair art — “Sunrise” and “Indigo Forest”. However, with the color of your walls, I really like the one from Pier 1 — “Sophistication”. Anyway, I know whatever you select will be absolutely perfect for your Dining Room! Again, thanks for sharing your choices with us! Have a blessed day!

    1. Oh no! If you’re reading the post from your phone or tablet, I just discovered the gallery wasn’t working and am fixing the issue. If you’re on desktop, I noticed the links do work but they load reeaally slowly for some reason. Today is not my day for technology, apparently. Thanks for telling me, Ann!

  5. Hi Lauren, I love the fall and winter botanical prints you posted, will you be posting spring/summer botanical prints?

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