The Best Luxury Feel Bedding for a Tight Budget

Yesterday was a freezing rainy day here in the Charlotte area, so naturally the only thing I wanted to do was burrow myself under the covers, groundhog style. (Which, by the way, I totally blame that punk Punxsutawney Phil for this weather. Bill Murray would be with me on this.) 

But right before getting body slammed by our 5 year-old at 6 a.m. (#momlife), I realized I hadn’t shared one of my absolute favorite sources for the softest, most luxurious feeling bedding on the planet that doesn’t cost nearly what the luxury brands charge.

(This isn’t a sponsored post, just a bunch of sources I’ve always meant to share because I love them so much.)

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

It’s times like these when Amazon Prime is my best friend. Because when it comes to buying super plush towels, soft as buttah sheets, cloud-like pillows, and super squishy comforters, I research the heck out of Amazon reviews. (Where were we before that magical 5 star rating system came into our lives?)

Don’t be messing with my sleep, y’all. I get serious about squish-factor. Haha!

So if you’ve been wanting a spa-like escape for your bedroom but don’t really have the moolah for a bedding splurge, I hope these help.

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

(Affiliate links are provided below.)

1. Best Pillows I have seriously bought 8-10 different sets of pillows in the past few years and they’ve always flattened out, gotten lumpy, or lost their softness in a matter of a month. Then, I found these hypoallergenic luxury gel pillows and they are like heaven! Finally!

Granted, I like a fluffy soft pillow, so if you’re a fan of firm pillows, these won’t be for you. Robert and I are both side/back sleepers, if that makes a difference. But they retain their shape really well, and we’ve had them for several months now. Plus, they stay cool (so no mid-night pillow flipping needed), if you’re a hot sleeper. They’re $33 per pair and worth every penny.

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

2. Best Sheets I have bought luxury sheets for $150 in the past, and these butter soft microfiber sheets I found on Amazon feel EXACTLY like the luxury brand (and hold up better!), except they only cost $25 for a queen set ($27 for king). WHAT?! I’ve bought sets for all three beds in our house now, plus spares. I love them that much. They’re the only kind I buy now.

They’ve even remained wrinkle-free bright white, whereas the luxury ones faded and turned gray-ish over time. They also fit our deep mattress, which is sometimes hard for me to find. And they’re breathable, which is a must for us.

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

3. Best Duvet– We tossed out our old duvet last year to swap for this $30 super plush down alternative duvet, and we loved it so much, I ended up buying one for our other two beds in the house. It takes about a day after taking it out of the packaging to fluff up, but once it does, it stays fluffy. The fabric is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but it’s not heavy. And it has corner ties if we ever want to stuff it in a duvet cover.

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

4. Best Quilt–  I like sticking to the vintage look with our bedding, so our matelasse coverlet set has been my favorite since we got it last year. It feels like a Pottery Barn quilt, but it’s less than $40. I can’t find our quilt online, but this one is almost exact. And it comes with pillow shams too.

The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

(And those pleat ruffled throw pillows were $15 finds from HomeGoods. Don’t you hate it when people say they found something from HomeGoods? It’s like, “Well, great. I guess I’ll never find that then.” Here are similar ones, if that helps, though.)

Now if y’all need me, I’ll be hiding under these covers until spring. Just kidding. But for real, hurry it up there sunshine and 70s weather.

Do you have any favorite bedding sources? Share any “winners” in the comments!

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The best resources for luxury feeling bedding for a tight budget under $40.  #bedding #luxurybedding #budgetbedding #bedroomdecor

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  1. Lauren-

    Do you have any bargain Cotton bedding finds? I have a thing about wanting 100% cotton for bedding! Found a quilt at Marshalls that is almost identical to your matelassé coverlet. May have to try those pillows, though.

    1. Hi Mindy! We were gifted Boll and Branch sheets last year that are suuuper nice. But, unfortunately, they’re not bargain. Still haven’t found budget 100% cotton ones I’m in love with yet.

  2. Great post, Lauren! I always enjoy reading them as you always have so many great ideas and sources where an item can be found! Thanks! I, too, love those sheets and I am definitely going to order a King set for us. I love the U.S. Amazon and order a lot of items from there. Even with our horrible Canadian dollar right now, everything we order is still way more reasonable in the U.S. than here in Canada. I just wish the U.S. would take us over! My husband and I love the U.S. and spend our winters on South Padre Island, Texas. I tell you, if we could move, we would do so in an instant!

    Have a great day and thanks, again, for those wonderful posts! Appreciate you so much! Blessings!

  3. Love it!!!!! I am recently engaged, so I might just have to add a couple of these to the registry list! Thanks!

  4. Lauren~

    Thank you soooo much for this post!! I have been on the look out for a quilt for our guest bedroom, but the prices are crazy ridiculous! While I love all your tips, I truly just love looking at your gorgeous house. It’s stunning!

    ((Hugs)) 🙂

  5. Your post about bedding was so timely for me. I’ve been looking and shopping and having a hard time making a decision. Your recommendations are enough for me. I purchased sheets and pillows. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

      1. Lauren I’m trying to click on the links for budget bedding and it won’t take me to the site. Please help!!

  6. Thank you for this post! I will definitely be getting the sheets. What about white towels on amazon? What do you suggest? There are so many and I want to make sure I get some good ones.

  7. Lauren, Thank you so much for this post!! I will definitely get some of these sheets! You have no idea how many things you’ve recommended, and I’ve bought/made/tried them and LOVED them!! Like Mineral Fusion paint!! OMGoodness…it transformed an over 60 yo piano and made it Beautiful again!! You are awesome! Thank you SOOO much!

  8. Loved the post…but it just amazes me how ‘cheap’ things are in the U.S. compared to Canada. I looked up the sheets on The same sheets you can get for $25 for a queen…the are anywhere from $89 up over $100….and that is for ‘full sheet sets’. I is saddening to know how much more we have to pay in this Country of ours. I so wanted to try those sheets. Although, I think I found pretty great sheets…Clara Clark series…I wait for them to go on sale and then I can get a set for under $50 (full size). I have 6 sets. Bought them for my parents as well. I find them so ‘silky feeling’ when you get in bed. They wash wonderfully and are fairly wrinkle free. I will add yours to my wish list and see if they go on sale. Thanks for the information.

    1. (the US site) will ship many items to Canada (which is where I live also). Obviously there would be a shipping fee and the currency exchange but the sheets work out to about $55 CDN at today’s rate to ship to Canada. Which is way cheaper than what the site is charging. It could be an option for Laura to look into.

      Love your blog!

  9. Hi there! Thank you for this awesome post, these finds are so amazing!! I just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog by browsing for vintage/farmhouse decor ideas on Pinterest and I’m seriously in love! I love all your room reveals and how much helpful tips and information you give and where to find the stuff too. This gives me hope that my husband and I can slowly upgrade our “builder grade” home too :)))
    Take care! <3

  10. This is perfect timing! I am waking up every morning with a sore neck due to flat as pancake pillows that have lost all their poofy-ness! I am so hesitant to purchase new stuff because I always expect it to do the same thing, or I find myself thinking, “well I can’t spend $80 on a pillow!” Thanks so much!

  11. Sounds great! It’s hard to find the right pillow! Amazon is great! I find tons of stuff there. I just got a Sunday delivers with prime! Amazing. I like home goods but we don’t have one here in our area. Darn! Love reading your story. Hugs ❤️❤️??

  12. Hi, Lauren. Thanks for sharing this info. Your bed is gorgeous. Is your duvet just underneath your quilt? Maybe that’s why I never like the way a quilt looks on my bed.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the duvet is just under our quilt. In the winter, we put our duvet inside of a flannel duvet cover to make it warmer. But I took it off this week since it was getting too toasty for us. I like that duvets are easy to change up.

    1. I saw that too before I ordered mine and it freaked me out a bit, but those were 7 incidents out of 3,000+ reviews, so I decided to take my chances. I noticed those mold incidents were around June 2017, so I don’t know if there was a product storage issue of some kind then that they encountered? I have no idea what happened with those 7 orders, but I had no issues at all with mine. Love ’em!

  13. Thank you for sharing these sources! I’m always looking for quality, budget-friendly options which is sometimes hard to find. I’d love to see how you make your bed, it always looks so luxurious! Even though I have multiple layers, mine tends to look so flat!

  14. Lauren
    This is such a helpful post. Thank you for doing this.I too am always on the look out of for comfy bed linens. Do you have any suggestions for a lofty mattress topper that does’nt break the bank and retains its poofiness?

    1. Glad it helped, Nina! We just have a protective mattress cover on our king sized bed because our mattress already feels soft enough. I got this topper for our guest room queen sized bed though: I’m still not 100% sure it’s the best ever, but I like it. It doesn’t seem as fluffy in person as the photos show. But it’s pretty good.

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