DIY DVD Storage Closet

How we packed tons of media and DVD storage into a small under-stairs closet using just a few pieces of lumber in one weekend.

Our kids and grandkids will never know the joys of strolling through a Blockbuster on Friday night…

Bee-lining it to the new release wall only to discover that every single one of the 30 copies of Titanic are sold out…

Meandering through the “old school” movie aisles, which to you was any movie older than 5 years because you were a whopping 12 years old…

Begging your mom for just one little sleeve of Sour Punch Straws if you pinky promised with a cherry on top that you would clean your disgusting room the second you got home…

And cursing the guy who rented the VHS tape before you because he did not “be kind and rewind”.

Yeah… all that. I never knew I’d miss it.

DIY DVD Storage Closet Under the Stairs

We did the best we could though and created our own miniature Blockbuster in the closet under our stairs.

And it’s mainly because we refuse to part with our DVD hard copies since we’re still rockin’ the “old school” title here too.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

Robert had this idea to make use of this oddly shaped, dingy little closet, since we had no decent organization to our movie collection, and this little space was not being used to its potential. Aren’t those mouse traps great decor? Welcome to living in an old house. Bleck!

So he and Olivia made a day of it for a daddy/daughter weekend project to transform it into something more functional. Win/win/win!

Supplies Used:

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The Steps:

1. Because the closet extended underneath an unusable part of our stairs (next to our air return vent), we decided to close it off. So we built a frame using 2″x4″ boards and wood screws to create “studs”.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

2. Then for our wall, we decided to use plywood since we already had a scrap piece we could use. (If you prefer sheetrock, that works too.)  We cut the plywood to the measurements of the 2″x4″ frame and nailed it in place with the finishing nail gun.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

3. Once our wall was up, we caulked the edges. This cutie is a PRO at caulking now. 😉

DIY DVD Storage Closet

4. To create the DVD shelves, we planned to space them 10 inches apart and measured the width of the wall every 10 inches.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

5. Then, we cut 1″x4″ boards to the width measurements we needed for our angled wall in the closet.

6. We screwed each 1″x4″ board to the wall using L brackets to make the shelves.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

7. Once they were all up, we caulked the shelves like crazy, primed, painted, and we had SOOO much DVD storage, we didn’t even know what to do with it all.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

So now we’re off to buy more DVDs. Juuuuust kidding. Well, maybe.

It’s nothing pretty to look at really, but a good tidy up is a beautiful thing.

DIY DVD Storage Closet

DIY DVD Storage Closet

Curious minds want to know… how do you store your movies? Do you kick it old school too? Keep them all neatly lined up on shelves? Or have you gone 100% digital?

I don’t know if we’ll ever get with the times, but obviously, we’re not that worried about it. 😉

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  1. I have my favorites on DVD. I don’t want to have to deal with who is streaming what or pay to watch You’ve got Mail one more time. Also, I got a small portable DVD player and take it in the garage with me when I am sanding the furniture I redo for my store. It is heaven to watch whatever I feel like without input from all the boys I live with.

  2. Did the same thing under our stairs and keep all extra audio and video cables with them. Yours is very neat

  3. I thought maybe you would make a door to access the vent area but super smart storage for those DVDs. My TV sits on a long cabinet with lots of drawers and 2 of them hold our VCR tapes (yep, the grandkids love them!) and DVDs!