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DIY Terra Cotta Table Lamp Dupe

A thrifted $5 table lamp gets a DIY terra cotta paint makeover and new designer dupe look.

Oh. my. gosh. I set foot in a thrift store for the first time in MONTHS the other week and it was gloriouuuuuuuus!

I mean angels basically sang.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear? (Wait… wrong season. Sorry.)

A so-dated-its-now-back-in-style table lamp for $5. Okay, well it isn’t really in style. But its shape and texture is super close to the trendy, earthy lamps in high end stores right now.

$5 thrifted lamp

I immediately snatched it up and knew it could look JUST like this $300+ PB lamp using some paint I had.

DIY Terra Cotta Table Lamp Dupe

Supplies Used:

  • Medium gray acrylic paint (I ended up mixing together white and black Fusion Mineral Paint since I didn’t have a gray… resourcefulness here)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Chip brush
  • Paper towels
  • Dark wax
  • Wax brush

The Steps:

1. I mixed up my medium gray paint first and applied it all over the lamp in one coat.

black and white acrylic Fusion Mineral Paint to make medium gray paint

table lamp painted gray

2. Once the gray was dry, I dry-brushed on the white. If you don’t know what dry-brushing is, dip the tip of your chip brush into white paint, blot off any excess paint on a paper towel until it feels dry, and brush all over the lamp.

dry brushing with white paint

That adds a textured, weathered effect.

lamp with dry brushing

3. After I was happy with the amount of dry-brushing, I dip the tip of my wax brush into the dark wax and started working it into all of the grooves of the lamp in a circular motion. A little goes a long way so spread out the wax as much as possible. Too thick of a coat will cause it to feel sticky and not fully cure later.

dark wax finish on gray painted lamp

4. Add a modern lamp shade and done!

And since I used just materials I already had the whole thing was only $5 from buying it at the thrift store. See? Being a craft supply hoarder pays off after all. Shut it, craft haters. 😉

A thrifted $5 table lamp gets a DIY terra cotta paint makeover and new designer dupe look.

It’s so different from my usual style, but I’m really loving the earthy elements in decor lately. And the fact that I didn’t have to spend diddly to get it.

I’m thinking this lamp might end up in the McNays living room makeover later, which I’ll be sharing more about VERY soon! Ah!

If you want to see other previous thrift store makeovers, you can check them out here to get more ideas.

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  1. I think you should totally pick up a more modern lamp shade in the straight vertical style like the PB one to make it look even better! Love seeing your creativity though.

  2. Iā€™m pretty sure I had that exact style lamp in our first apartment back in 1989!!! Same cream color etc šŸ˜³.
    Wowsa!! I love the new version of it…who knew it could look like that šŸ‘

  3. The lamp looks great and definitely expensive! I love nothing better than grabbing up a thrift store bargain and high ending it with a bit of paint,fabric or trim