Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy {Little Girl Bedroom Progress}

Raise your hand if you’re terrified of sewing! (Am I the only one raising my hand here?)
It’s not that I don’t want to learn. I do. My mother has tried to teach me multiple times on her really cool antique Singer machine. I even took home economics in middle school and learned enough to make a pair of really pathetic looking shorts. And then I forgot how all over again.
Plus, if you haven’t caught on already, I have the patience of a two year-old, which can be a bad combination in our house since we already have a sassy one. But I really really wanted to make a canopy and curtains for our toddler’s new room, so darn it, I was going to figure it out somehow! And, thus, this no-sew version was born.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy

Okay, I’m not the first blogger to come up with a no-sew curtain tutorial (so I guess I’m not the only one terrified of a needle and thread, huh?). But I’ve read multiple ones over the years as I’ve tried to conquer my lack of crafting skills in this area, and this is what I came up with that worked for me.
I’m not sure if this method would be good for fabrics that you want to put through the washing machine, but it’s awesome for simple curtains and pillow covers.
For Olivia’s bedroom, I chose Premier Prints French Stamp fabric in Bella Pink and Storm Gray (affiliate).
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
Since I was making a curtain canopy, I made the panels on the skinny side. For her actual window, I’m using the full width of the fabric, which is 56″. The general rule is curtain panels should be 1.5 to 2.5 times the width of the window you are framing.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
After cutting the width of the fabric in half, I cut the panels to the length I wanted, which ended up being about 6 inches longer than the height of the ceiling to create some puddling at the bottom.
I pinned the raw edges on the sides and bottom of the panels.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
To create a nice, crisp fold, I ironed the pinned edges. This step made it a lot easier for creating the seam too.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
Warning: If you’re a professional seamstress or a lucky crafty person who is pretty decent with a sewing machine, look away now!
My hot glue gun and I are best friends. We’re tight. Flo the glue gun understands me. And we braid each other’s hair and gush over Cosmo and watch chick flicks together. Don’t hate.
So of course I had to bring her in on the action of my needle and thread diss party. All it took was applying a line of hot glue under the fold and finishing the “seam” while removing one pin at a time. I pressed the edge to make it flat as I went.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
You could finish the top edge and add ring clips if you want, but I chose to make a rod pocket for the canopy. I used a 4 inch seam allowance, folded it over, and pinned in place.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
Then, a strip of hot glue finished the job.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
It’s not perfect by any seamstress’s standards, but considering the entire canopy cost me about $20 (thanks to a coupon I had), I’m ecstatic!
I’m pretty sure I hung my curtain rod a smidge too far to the left, but I’ll be taking it down to paint anyway, so I’ll fix it then. I had a toddler trying to climb up the ladder with me, so the fact that it’s up is miraculous.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
Oh, and do you recognize it now? I used her canopy to frame the sweets table for Olivia’s ballerina birthday party last weekend.
I love that I was able to incorporate my old pointe shoes as tie backs. Once we get the other ballet-inspired decor in here, it will be even better.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t share my great little trick. If you rent and can’t drill holes in your wall or you’re a teacher who can’t destroy your classroom walls like I once was, Command hooks are da bomb!
I had a classroom that varied from hot to cold and dry to humid all school year, and these bad boys with heavy curtains hanging on them never fell once. Since I had the hooks leftover, I decided to use them again.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
They’re holding up my pointe shoe tie backs too.
Bless'er House | Easy No-Sew Curtain Canopy
By the way, you can see the inspiration board for Olivia’s bedroom plans along with her dresser makeover and bed refinishing from previous posts to see how far we’ve come.
This really marks the last of the pink stuff (because I’m trying not to overdo it), and I’ll be throwing in more gray and metallics next. We still have a long way to go, but the vision is starting to come together!
What do you think so far? I love reading y’all’s feedback!

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  1. I’m totally raising my hand right there with you! I can sew a square pillow and that is the best I can do. I love that your DIY curtains are so easy with no sewing! I’m so happy to see that your pointe shoes are being used for another purpose now!

  2. lauren we have little boys ages 1 and 2 and i love them dearly but every once in a while i would love to have a girl to do something as sweet as this love it btw i hot glued curtains twenty years ago i was never good at sewing xx

    1. Aw little boys are fun too. I sometimes secretly wish I had a little boy just so I can change gears and go crazy with decorating a boy bedroom. Hot glue is the best, isn’t it? Whoever came up with it was an absolute genius.