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DIY Repurposed Canvas Art

How to repurpose a canvas to make expensive looking art with a poster and spray adhesive.

I feel like a vast majority of my thrift/repurpose posts should start with something like…

“On today’s episode of Lauren Never Throws Anything Away”…

Monica Gellar had a closet, y’all. I won’t even get into what kind of hot mess I have over here.

My 2020 resolution is to purge my crazy home-office-turned-storage-room, but until then, I pulled this little number out of it: Tropical palm art on a framed canvas.

It was cute when I got it from Target a couple of summers ago. But it didn’t take long for me to realize it wasn’t my style. So here I was stuck with a canvas I really didn’t love.

Then, in desperation for some art on our back porch, ingenuity struck. And I whipped it together for this month’s Trash to Treasure Tuesday.

We decided to jazz up this sad looking spot on our back porch while we were at it. That box held a mini fridge when we first moved into this house, and a TV used to hang above it.

It has just sat here looking rather wanting for a couple of years now. But we devised a plan for a quick, inexpensive facelift in about an hour for under $40.

First, prepare yourself for the shortest tutorial ever. You ready? Don’t blink.

How to Repurposed an Old Canvas for New Art

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Supplies Used:

The Steps:

1. Paint the outside edges of the canvas with white paint, if the existing image on the canvas is visible on the sides. Let dry.

2. Roll out your poster on top of the canvas to check the size and how it will line up. Trim any excess, if needed.

3. Start on one end of the canvas and spray the adhesive on the edge. Line up and press the poster onto the sprayed canvas.

4. Slowly roll out your poster onto the canvas, spraying a little at a time to adhere the poster all the way to the other edge.

Done! Ridiculously easy.

And now we have pricey looking art for cheap!

Remember that sad empty mini-fridge box on our back porch before?

We just added a stained piece of wood with corbels for a “mantel”, painted the inside of the box black with leftover paint from our master bedroom refresh, and we decorated her up.

Lookie at that magic!

This little facelift cost all of $37 to make. Boom! One day, we hope to turn this into a real outdoor fireplace, but I’m all about this cheap faux solution until that day comes.

And our repurposed canvas art is the cherry on top.

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  1. I can see your projects, but I can’t get
    the links to show the other ladies projects.
    2 weeks in a row! Just wanted to let you know.
    Linda in Seattle

  2. luv your site but I can’t get any pics. I get all your comments, but I can’t see the pretty things u do over. What could it possibly be? I get the rest of the group pictures. Hmmm?

  3. I do love that you took an piece that you no longer cared for and transformed it, but I really love how SO friggin cute that whole area is now with the mantel and “fireplace’!! You are so clever, girl! XOXO