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Fall Pillows That Can Transition to Other Seasons

The best fall pillow covers to use in multiple seasons + where to buy them and how to mix and match fall throw pillow combinations.

Call me crazy… but I’m not the kind of gal who particularly loves to spend money on a decor item that limits me to its use only 2-3 months out of the year.

If I’m going to drop $20-40 on a fall pillow, I want it to ALSO work on into winter, spring, and summer.

Maybe because I have a throw pillow addiction and enjoy lots of options…. but maybe also because I don’t love being wasteful or needing to dedicate tons of storage to seasonal-specific items.

If you feel the same way, round up post of transitional fall throw pillows is for you.

fall pillows a couch in a living room with fall leaves in a vase on a woven coffee table

As days start to get shorter and the weather begins to cool down, we find ourselves inside more and more each day.

It’s the perfect time of year to make our homes feel cozy and welcoming with fall throw pillows, stems of autumn leaves in vases, and a candle lit in the evenings. (See more of my favorite fall decor here.)

Changing up pillows in your living room or bedrooms is the easiest, most inexpensive way to create a new look in your home for a new season.

To help you as you decorate your home for fall, I made a list of the best fall pillows you can mix and match and use in two or more seasons to get the most bang for your buck.

The Best Fall Pillows and Fall Pillow Covers to Transition Other Seasons

fall throw pillows to transition into other seasons

So that I can use my fall pillows well beyond the fall months, I avoid any pillows with fall specific images or text like an embroidered pumpkin or wording that says, “Happy Fall”.

Pillows without images and text look more elevated too, so it’s a win/win by avoiding those if you can help it. (If store bought isn’t your jam, here are 3 household items you can make into pillows.)

All of the fall pillow covers and pillows below can be used in two or more seasons. Many of them are as inexpensive as $16 for a pack of two!

Click any image in the gallery below to shop the list of fall pillows.

Fall Throw Pillows vs Fall Pillow Covers

If your storage space is very limited, I love using fall pillow covers instead of entire throw pillows so that I can avoid storing bulky pillow inserts while still changing up the look of a bedroom or living room as much as I want.

Plus, pillow covers are so much easier to clean by just zipping them off and throwing them in the wash. They’re cheaper than full pillows too.

However, pillow covers are often limited in design whereas entire fall pillows can have more embellishments like beading, embroidery, crochet, or other more textural features.

khaki and cream early fall pillows on a bed

Recommendations for Pillow Inserts

When using pillow covers, these are my favorite throw pillow inserts. Choose inserts one size larger than your pillow cover so they look extra fluffy and overstuffed. So if you have a 20 inch pillow cover, use a 22 inch pillow insert with it.

Overstuffed pillows look more high end than pillows that are floppy and under filled. Good quality inserts made of down or down alternative make all the difference in achieving an elevated looking throw pillow versus pillow inserts made of polyfill.

Tip: A lot of times, if I need a good quality pillow insert on the cheap, I can just go to HomeGoods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls and check out the pillows in their clearance section.

Usually, they’ll have pillows there with covers that are torn, stained, or flawed for $5-10. I just buy it for the insert to use in my own pillow covers and toss the store’s damaged cover. It’s cheaper doing it that way than buying inserts on their own sometimes.

neutral throw pillows on a sofa in a living room with fall decor

How to Mix and Match Fall Pillows

I have an entire blog post dedicated to explaining how to mix and match pillows, but essentially in a nutshell, here is the mix and match decorative pillow formula:

1 complex pattern/print + 1 geometric print + 1 solid/textured fabric

It definitely isn’t a rule, but it’s a good place to start if you ever feel stuck and have to ask yourself, “Do these pillows work together?”


1 main color + 1 accent color + 1 neutral

Have fun mixing up fabric materials to add depth such as leather, tweed, sherpa, linen, etc. Pair plaids with florals or stripes with a geometric print. Anchor two prints with a solid pillow for balance.

Just like most home decor, it’s best to have groupings of 2 or 3 pillows.

Recommended Pillow Sizes

  • For sofas: I prefer to use a 22″-24″ throw pillow as a base with a smaller 18″-22″ pillow next to it. If your sofa is deep enough, add a small lumbar pillow in front.
  • For beds: I like using a 24″-26″ euro pillow as a base accented by 22″-24″ pillows on either side and a long lumbar in front.

Fall Pillow Combinations

If you need some help visualizing how to put together fall pillow prints and patterns, here are some of my favorite combinations to try.

how to mix and match pillow combinations

The great thing about color palettes in home decor trends leaning into warmer hues lately is it’s so much easier to stretch fall colors into the rest of the year.

The colors burgundy, rust, mustard, beige, chocolate, and eggplant most definitely have a place these days in winter, spring, and summer now too.

And some designers are even dubbing pastels as the “it” look for fall. It’s a good time to try out those pastel spring pillows from September to November.

fall pillows on a bed with leather, velvet, and cotton

Where to Buy Throw Pillows

Besides the fall throw pillows I linked above, these are some of the best places to shop for pillows at all price points.

I like to kid Robert about his collections involving baseball caps, travel stickers, and beer can coozies with random logos on them, but clearly I’m just as guilty in my decor “collections” too.

Do you have a slight addiction to throw pillows? (Or maybe more than slight?)

Are there any other places where you love to shop for throw pillow covers? Spill ’em all in the comments because obviously we need more. 😉

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