Gray Trim Paint Update in the Guest Bedroom

Progress is cause for a party, y’all!

The guest bedroom might still need a lot of love, but the paint situation is looking a whoooole lot better.

‘Memba dis?

Look out spackled beige walls and yellowy peeling trim. There’s a new sheriff in town…

Earlier this week, I shared all of the inspirations that convinced me this white wall / gray trim combo needed to happen.

So while I hung out with the kiddos, Robert jumped in here to paint the walls Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and the trim Benjamin Moore Winter Gates.

They’re two of our go-to paint colors since we have Swiss Coffee in our living room and kitchen downstairs and we rocked the Winter Gates color on our bathroom cabinets at our old house.

It’s already so much better from the before.

Eventually, we plan to rip out this carpet to restore the original hardwood floors underneath (eep!), but since that’s not in the budget right now, we’re holding off for a bit.

Next steps will be hanging up a full wall of drapes to work around that off-centered window and hauling in a gorgeous secondhand cane headboard that I found. It’s SO good!

None of it is much to look at now, but it will be. 😉

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  1. Lauren,
    Can you share more details about painting the trim? (and door). I’m wondering if you sanded down the door first? Did you sand the trim?? or just use a Kilz primer on both?then painted one (or 2??) coats of the grey on the trim and door?? I love, love the gray trim. I think I saw it on something in your breakfast nook post awhile ago and have been trying to figure out what room or door to I want to try it out in.. looks gorgeous! And the carpet looks very good, so I wouldn’t rip it out just to get to wood floors. Let it wear out, then when you HAVE to pull it up, you can redo floors.

  2. Paint job looks great! Summer time makes me a sporadic follower, so please excuse if this has been asked and answered. One door is to hallway. What is behind doors 2 and 3? Both closets? Thank you!

  3. Love it too! I have the same windows. Now you’ve got me thinking of doing this in a bathroom with white walls and gray window trim and baseboard. You gave me a great idea! THANKYOU! I’m so sick of gray and silver on my walls. I’ve been debating this bathroom for a long time. The walls are currently light gray. Soon they will be white!

    1. I don’t understand the concept of a full wall of drapes, it is so un natural. You don’t usually see a full wall of drapes with a slit of window showing, so to me its obvious something is being covered up.
      Why not just balance the window with artwork?
      The cane headboard sounds amazing though.