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How to Display TV Art on Any Smart TV + Free Art

A quick tutorial to make any smart TV display art to mimic the Samsung Frame TV + 6 free art images to use as TV displays or to print.

You miiiiiiiight have noticed this little thing called a Samsung Frame TV floating around blogland and Instagram the last year or so.

It’s pretty snazzy. I have no idea if the picture quality is all that or not, but its ability to morph into a framed piece of art has definitely made me think to shell out a couple thousand bucks to replace the big black hole above our fireplace.

UPDATE: Eventually, we did upgrade to the Samsung Frame TV. See our full unbiased, brutally honest review of the Samsung Frame TV here.

So I fiddled around with our own non-Frame smart TV and decided to whip up my own art for display, which is the next best thing.

TV Art

There are several different ways to display art on your TV, depending on what type you have. Here are the steps below to set it up.

How to Display TV Art on Any Smart TV:


1. Upload photos or art images to a gallery in Google Photos.

2. Choose that Google Photos Album in Ambient settings.

3. Open the Google Home app and find your Chromecast device.

4. Click on Chromecast > Ambient mode > Art Gallery


Apple TV

1. Upload photos or art images to an album in iCloud.

2. Turn on iCloud integration in Apple TV settings.

3. Do not turn on Photo Stream when prompted.

4. Go to screen saver options in Apple TV’s settings.

5. Click Photos > iCloud.

6. Choose which album you’d like to use.



1. Upload photos or art images to a gallery in Google Photos

2. Install the Photo View channel.

3. Open Photo View and follow the prompts to sign in with your Google account.

4. Choose an album with the images you want to display.

5. Set Photo View as Roku’s screen saver

6. Adjust the amount of time before the screensaver starts from Roku’s settings. Click Settings > ScreenSaver > Change Screensaver > PhotoView option. Settings > ScreenSaver > Change wait time.



1. Download the Amazon Photos iOS or Android app, or sign in on the web browser.

2. Log in, upload the photos or art images you prefer, and create a folder for them.

3. On your FireTV, click on screen saver settings and select your album.

4. Customize the timing you prefer for when the screen saver will display.


TV art on a regular smart TV in a living room

That’s it!

Once you set it up, you can play with your TV lighting and dim it to make the art look more realistic, but that’s up to you.

If you want to use the 6 public domain art images I formatted for display on TVs you can join the Bless’er House subscriber list to get access to the Printable Library by clicking here or the button below. (It’s free.)

(If you’re already a subscriber, access to the printable library is at the bottom of every email I send.)

Or if you just want to print them out and stick them in a frame without bothering with a TV display, you can do that too.

Which is your fave? I can’t pick.

TV art on a regular smart TV in a living room

TV art on a regular smart TV in a living room

TV art on a regular smart TV in a living room

TV art on a regular smart TV in a living room

If you want to see more free printables from the past, you can check out all of them here. 

And now, at least, we won’t be lusting after a new TV anytime soon. As long as I can still have Netflix, I’m a happy camper.

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How to Display Art on Any Smart TV + 6 Free Art Images


Frequently Asked Questions

What image size fits a TV screen?

You would need to use an art image sized to 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Can a TV screen burn out?

LCD TVs can experience image retention, which is why it’s best to only display an image on your TV occasionally, not 24/7.

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  1. This is great we have a smart tv and I love the sheep. My only problem is I am not tech savy at all and dont have a clue when reading your instructions ๐Ÿ™ I would be doing it through chrome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am looking at your post and would love to know where you purchased your ceiling fan? It is gorgeous.
    Thank you in advance
    Janie S

  3. Wow!! This is amazing. I used the instructions for the Roku tv & it worked perfectly!! THANK YOU for the techy post today & the photos to use too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Hi, Sarah. great question. You should be able to choose an album with one picture in it to stay on one image.

  4. Thank you so much for this Lauren, I was thinking about purchasing a frame tv in the near future but I think that I can do the chrome cast option instead! Yay for money saved.
    All the art looks lovely in your room, but my favourite is โ€œPieve sul Taroโ€ by Oreste Carpi followed by the landscape with sheep. Keep safe ๐Ÿ™‚