How to Shiplap a Wall for Free

I’m waiting for the day I get my invitation to Hogwarts. Doing the whole DIY thing is cool and all, but sometimes I think, “If I could just wave a magic wand to have this project done already, that’d be swell.”

Cleaning the house, cooking dinner, painting walls… flick of the wrist and poof! Done. Now that we have “shiplapped” (is that a verb?) several walls in our house, I’m wishing for that DIY wand more and more. Shiplap usually costs us around $100, it’s fairly time consuming, and a part of me always wonders if one day we’ll see those farmhouse-y walls and think,”Ugh. That’s so 2016.”

Buuuuuut… I think I’ve found the next best thing to a magic DIY wand to solve all of those problems.

Up until recently, Olivia’s bedroom wall looked like this:

How to Shiplap a Wall for Free |

A part of me always wanted to do something to that wall.

I wasn’t quite committed to the idea of shiplap in here as much as we were in our master bedroom, but I remembered back to two years ago when I gave a bookcase a faux planked look and figured it was worth a shot in here.

Guess what?! Adding “shiplap” to Olivia’s room cost zero dollars!

How to Shiplap a Wall for Free |

And even better, no permanent damage was done to the drywall.

I’m sharing the full tutorial over on Remodelaholic today for how to add shiplap to a wall for free. Just click here to pop over for a visit!

How to Shiplap a Wall for Free |

Whatchya think? Cute? Convincing? Are you a big shiplap fan or are you over it at this point?

If you want to see more of Olivia’s girly ballerina bedroom, you can see the full makeover and all of its sources here.

Hope to seeย ya over on Remodelaholic!


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  1. My ex put plywood on our living room make over…so I decided I loved the wood grain and I stained I stained the plywood and used black sharpies to turn the bottom 4 ft into verticle boards and the top half I made to look like plaster with faux brick in different places and added a chair rail. Everyone thinks it’s wood planks wainscoting and the can’t believe the brick is painted on..,also the only worry I would have with the colored pencil…if you used wax ones, would you still be able to cover the marks?

  2. Very neat. I love free DIYs!
    Now if only I had a wall where it would work. My kids bedrooms are lath and plaster with a very rough texture. It would be obvious ๐Ÿ™‚ But, definitely an idea I’m keeping in my back pocket. And Pinterest board!

  3. Lauren, you are a genius! โ™ฅ

    I just love shiplap, but I’m having trouble in finding good quality materials in my country, so I was a little afraid about sealing/protecting the shiplap afterwards to make it more viable in time.
    Your idea is a life saver, now I can finally make one shiplap wall in our bedroom. For starters ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great week-end!

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