How to Style a Vintage Printer’s Tray

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Hey everyone at Bless’er House! I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my tips on how to style a vintage printers tray with you. I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am Michelle and I blog over at Dandelion Patina-transformations for the timeless & trendy home. My blog is about DIY, crafts, and home decor. I love reinventing pieces and transforming spaces in my home. I love a mix of farmhouse, industrial, and coastal cottage. I would love for you to pop over and say hello! I hope you will join me on my journey.

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Printers trays have you stumped? Get the 411 on how to style a vintage printers tray with charming details

So, let’s talk styling printers trays. I love vintage printers trays but I have to admit, I have scratched my head a few times, puzzled on what to exactly do with them.

Have you felt the same way?

Oh, and while we’re at it, I have a confession to make…I do get all weak in the knees for vintage cubbies! It is kind of an addiction for me. Perhaps this is why I love printers trays so much. All those little square spaces to put treasures in. I love that…the potential to display your collections. (Yes, I am a hoarder collector.) I also love that they are a piece of history; an architectural salvage piece to incorporate into displays in my home.

Who’s with me on this?

styling a vintage printers tray

I found this great printers tray awhile back and had the perfect spot in our kitchen for it. I just added some hanging hooks to the back and hung it horizontally.

how to style a vintage printers tray

I knew I wanted to create a small vignette on the wall with a few treasures that I have found at flea markets and antique stores. So, the second step was to add a piece at the top. This piece was from an old crate that was previously dovetailed. I love the typography and the dovetail details on each end.

vintage printers tray styling

Then on to balance. I like symmetry, so the weight of the top needed to be at the bottom too. The old rolling pin gives the vignette some added interest with its curves and texture.

elements to styling a vintage printers tray

Simply tie some jute onto each end and hang on a nail under the printers tray.

how to style a vintage printers tray

Next is the greenery! Nothing brings a piece to life more than adding a bit of fresh green color. This boxwood wreath centers everything thus far and gives the contrast that is needed with a wood tone vignette. Boxwood wreaths are so easy to take care of too…just a few simple spritzes of water a few times a week and they will stay green for a long time.

how to style a vintage printers tray

I then wanted to incorporate the metal details from the left side of the printers tray to the right side. So, I added a few metal door plates with the great key hole details. They have a really cool patina to them.

how to style a vintage printers tray

Now, add some personal touches. I love coffee, so when I found this metal stamped coffee scoop, I knew it would be perfect for our kitchen vignette.

how to style a vintage printers tray

My eye was drawn to the stamping on the scoop.

Printers trays have you stumped? Get the 411 on how to style a vintage printers tray with charming details

Finally, I like to add a few fun touches. I used the scrabble tiles to create words. It is fun to add your favorite quote or change out the words seasonally for some simple whimsy.

styling a vintage printers tray with boxwood wreaths and scrabble tiles

Are you ready to start styling your vintage printers trays?

I hope so! Once I found the elements I wanted to incorporate into the vignette the styling went pretty easy. Just find a few elements that you love and lay them out to see how they look with the printers tray.

Here is the fully finished vignette that you can pin to a board on Pinterest to refer to when styling your own printers tray.

How to Style a Vintage Printer's Tray | Dandelion Patina for Bless'er House

If you would like more styling tips, check out how to style shelves like a professional. Oh, and I love how this printers tray was used in a bedroom as wall art. And how about layered with some frames on a guest room dresser.

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  1. Beautiful. I’m impressed with the creativity that goes into making something like this from an ordinary vintage piece. The small touches make it one-of-a-kind.

  2. Hi Michelle, perfect timing…I bought several this week for my booth. I especially like the scrabble tiles. Thanks for the great ideas on styling!

  3. Love the great idea for the printer tray! I have two of them, and love them, but have never been too sure about how to display them. Thanks for the inspiration!