Our Favorite Designer-Look Modern Recliner Chairs

Welp… I finally bit the bullet and caved to my husband’s wishes; we ordered two modern club-style recliner chairs for the living room. What is it about a recliner that makes it such a hot button when couples choose furniture? We’re not the only ones with this problem, right?

They are oh so comfy but it is so challenging to find a recliner with a designer look. Robert and I visited so many furniture stores in our area that we lost count to sit test every recliner we could possibly find.

But since this was such a challenge for us, I thought it would be helpful to round up all of my favorite designer-approved recliners that are comfortable but still “pretty”.

Some we sat on personally and loved, others come with high reviews from others online, but all of them I would have in our home in a heartbeat.

Designer-Look Modern Recliner Chairs

modern recliner chairs over $1,000

Splurge: Club Style Recliner Chairs Over $1,000

modern recliner chairs under $1,000

Save: Club Style Recliner Chairs Under $1,000

Which one is your favorite out of the bunch? I’m totally eating my words here, but I honestly can’t believe how many of these I LOVE when all this time I said we would never ever have a recliner in our house.

I’ll share our “winner” really soon once it arrives! Do you have a recliner you love?

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  1. Lauren, this post couldn’t be more timely!
    I, too, have caved and are looking at recliners. Unfortunately, due to a medical issue, we are unable to “test drive” our top picks…thanks for doing that for us!! I c

  2. Lauren, this post couldn’t be more timely!
    I, too, have caved and are looking at recliners. Unfortunately, due to a medical issue, we are unable to “test drive” our top picks…thanks for doing that for us!! I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful this information has been. As always, I appreciate your honesty and humor!

  3. My question is did you go with a BUTT-TESTED one or did you go online and order by popular vote without testing???
    We bought one recently – a lazy boy – and I only agreed cuz it’s sleek, modern, small, and I love the look. BUT… we both don’t like it. Hubby got sucked into the remote leg lift – DON’T GET THAT TYPE! Well, unless you have 3 years to wait for it to power down! It takes forever and he’s often jumping out the sides. lol. I’d never get a power one again unless I need it for health reasons, as in, we don’t have enough oomph to close it. ha! We’re listing it on marketplace…hope to recoup something. Sadly, we’ll never get near what we paid for it. But, lesson learned.

    1. We went with a butt-tested one. Actually sat in it, laid in it, it was amazing. We decided on the Tyler recliner from Pottery Barn. It was pricey but we just loved the comfort out of all the ones we tried. The ones I shared are great too, but it was #1 for us in looks and comfort. I’m not a fan of the power ones either. So sorry to hear you’ve had so much frustration! They’re too slow for me too, but if I were elderly or had a disability, I’d go with a power option.

  4. We had this conversation last year when updating our den. He finally saw the errors of his way and agrees with my Tyler leather square armed recliner from Pottery Barn. He said it’s as comfortable as if it was a large bulky ( I call it Archie Bunker) style chair 🤣 I love ours

    1. Haha! Yesss! That’s the one we picked too. It’s definitely one of those you-get-what-you-pay-for-chairs. Not the cheapest but my gosh it’s a dream in terms of comfort and still looks great.

  5. OMG
    Been there and I said he could get his ” Daddy” recilner when we had a baby. We weren’t blessed with children and we compromised on a leather couch with reliners on each end. We’ve had it for amost 30 years in our small living room and the two end sections have been moved to our new home. They will end up in the garage once the move is final and a recilner is is in our future due to the shape of the family room, it’s windows, and the location of the fireplace.
    Now the fun of finding the perfect recliner(s)????? Thanks for doing my homework for us!!!!

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful! It’s crazy that it’s so confusing and overwhelming to find the perfect one, but I’ve gotta say… going around doing a sit test in a bunch of recliners isn’t the worst way for me to spend a Saturday. Literally a lay-down-on-the-job kind of job. Haha!

  6. We have been married 45 years and just moved into our new retirement home. We too had never had a recliner. I bought two special order beautiful aqua leather Lazy Boy recliners for the great room and a navy leather recliner for hubby’s man cave. I have to tell you, I LOVE my aqua recliners! They are so comfortable! My only regret is that I had not bought them 45 years ago!

    1. They are definitely like the greatest invention ever in terms of comfort. That and the adjustable mattresses. Instant back relief!

  7. Yes, wish they made recliners in “big and tall” sizes like men’s clothes, without having to go the BarcaLounger? Route that is.

  8. In the splurge category I like the PB square arm or the Thorp (although the arms are a little svelt for me). In the club under $1000 I like the Logan Sunbrella. I like clean lines and soft texture. Without sitting in the chairs it’s hard to judge function over form. I want to feel like I’m sitting on a cloud being gently hugged by the chair.
    I’m interested to see which ones you went with!!

    1. I totally agree. Especially since different heights and where the headrest hits a person can make a huge difference. It seems more and more furniture companies are moving to online-only, which is so frustrating when you really need to be able to sit in them to decide.

  9. I love recliners! When we finish our family room we will have 2 recliners. Wanted to sell our 2 living room chairs and replace with 1 recliner. My husband wanted to know what was with recliners all of a sudden. The comfort! Plus I could see a recliner getting more use than designer chairs. So I’m with Robert on Team Recliner!

    1. I have a feeling all of us being home so much this past year, we’re all Team Sweatpants and Team Recliners! Woot woot! Haha

  10. I wish more companies would make stylish recliners. The two we ordered swivel and rock, which I like. They are cream and look contemporary. I find them comfortable but my husband is not super comfortable in them. His head doesn’t hit the back at the right spot. Same thing with our sofa. We have a Lazy Boy power reclining sofa which I love but he doesn’t find comfortable for the exact same reason. I wish designers could just go a little taller on the head piece without making them look like hunting cabin sofas!

    1. I totally agree! I feel bad for all of the tall guys who need those extra inches of headrest. It’s hard finding ones to try out in person too now that so many companies are moving to online-only.

  11. I don’t recognize any of these brands. Did you sit in these chairs in person? If not, how did you choose without seeing in person?

    1. We sat in recliners at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Ashley Furniture, Haverty’s, La-Z-Boy, a couple of locally owned places… practically every single place in the Charlotte area that carries recliners, but luckily NC is a huge furniture mecca so we had access to many. The rest that weren’t available in person, I read up on reviews and on Consumer Reports. So these were the winners of the whole lot of them based on all of those factors. It was a lot to sift through.

  12. I like the Lewis, Doug and wingback. I would like different color options for some of them though. We are looking for new living room furniture right now. We have a good size room, but not a lot of options on layout due to fireplace, windows and openings.

    1. I like those too. Many of them do have different color options, you just have to click on them to see the different fabrics/colors they have available.

  13. We were looking at recliners earlier this year. We love the look of pottery barns recliners but didn’t like the price or shipping charges. I ended up on a Houzz discussion board and found club furniture out of NC. Most of their furniture is custom made in USA. I’m not affiliated with them but we love our leather recliner from them and it was cheaper than PB.

    1. That’s great to know! Thanks for that tip! We ended up going with a PB one because we loved the size, look, and were able to feel the comfort of it in person. But especially due to delays this year, we had to wait 6 months for delivery! It’s crazy. We almost went with a La-Z-Boy one, but it was even more expensive than the PB and the wait was just as long.

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