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Carolina Crab Stew (Our Family’s Secret)

Have you ever seen one of those Bush’s Baked Beans commercials? The ones with the golden retriever who is always trying to let the secret family recipe out of the bag?
Our family hasn’t made a business out of a secret family recipe or anything, but believe me, if we opened a restaurant selling this stuff, it would be a rockin’ success.
Bless'er House | Carolina Crab Stew

So I guess since I’m writing this post, I’m Duke the dog for a day.
Okay, that was awkward, but there. I admitted it. 😉  My family might disown me now. (And I don’t think anyone is going to adopt a stray doggie with a human head.)
This weekend, my mom (the mastermind behind it all) cooked up a big heaping pot of  her famous Carolina Crab Stew. That first bite of stew signifies the official start of fall in our house, and Saturday, it was complete with apple cider and a bonfire. It warms me up just thinking about it.
All right all right, I’ve talked this up enough. You get the picture. So here is the coveted recipe for the incredible Carolina Crab Stew.
Bless'er House | Carolina Crab Stew
It’s glorious. Just trust me.
Bless'er House | Carolina Crab Stew
My family seriously debated sending this recipe out into the universe, but I gave them the good ol’ puppy dog eyes treatment and won. (You should feel loved. This took major schmoozing.) 
So the cat…er crab…is out of the bag. 😉
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  1. Hi, Lauren! This looks awesome! I love favorite family recipes because you know that they’re going to be good if they have been enjoyed for ages by many folks. Pinned and tweeted! My family adores She-Crab soup, so this will be a huge hit!

    1. Haha that dog photo is so awkward but I couldn’t help myself. If you like She-Crab soup, you’ll love this stuff. It’s almost the same thing but thicker and richer and with more crab in it than the restaurant kind.