White Elephant Gift Ideas

16 white elephant gift ideas for gift exchange parties with friends or co-workers that are bound to get a laugh every time.

White Elephant / Yankee Swap / Dirty Santa… whatever you want to call it, gift exchange parties are my favorite to get a good laugh with friends using gag gifts.

(If you prefer to gift items that are on the more practical side for a co-worker / friend Christmas gathering, see Secret Santa gift ideas here.)

There are so many hilarious ones out there, but these 16 white elephant gifts under $3o are the best of the best to get a good laugh.

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White Elephant Gift Ideas

1. Mr. Food Face Dinner Plate

Even though this plate is a silly little gag, I’m totally buying it for our picky eater 4 year-old. 😉

2. Light Saber Chopsticks

For the Star Wars fan who also has an affinity for Chinese food.

3. Toilet Nightlight

This color-changing toilet light with 16 colors is funny, but really it’s pretty useful too.

4. In-Car Sauce Holder

A handy but somewhat silly way to dip your chicken nuggies after hitting the drive-through.

5. Unicorn Pool Float Tea Infuser

Turn your morning tea into a mini pool party, and maybe throw in a tin of loose leaf tea to go with it.

6. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

If you’re going to insult someone, keep it classy with Billy the Bard right on your booboos.

7. Weiner Dog Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

It’s scientifically proven weiner dog gifts are the funniest dog gifts, right?

8. Holy Cannoli Coffee

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Sweet, creamy cannoli flavored coffee with a nod to The Godfather.

9. Dinosaur Taco Holder

Only thing that can make tacos better? Dinosaurs.

10. Beer Can Koozie Coats

Beer cans and soda cans deserve to be dressed in trendy winter gear too, you know.

11. Inflatable Tube Guy Mini Kit

If you have to go into the office on a Monday morning, at least there will be a wacky waving dancer on your desk to make it better.

12. Crocodile Socks

Cozy yet quirky. Walking around looking like you’re getting your feet chomped off by a pair of crocodiles gets a good laugh.

13. Mistaken Song Lyrics Coasters

What is Elton John really singing in that song anyway? Who knows but I’m gonna belt it out anyway and print it on this coaster.

14. Terribly Awesome Dad Jokes Book

200 hilarious dad jokes that will definitely make you groan, roll your eyes, and feel second-hand embarrassment.

15. Lump O’ Coal Gum

For the slightly naughty who probably deserve a little prank.

16. We’re Not Really Strangers Game

This game is less a gag and more a fun ice-breaker, but it’s a hit every time.

Free or Almost Free White Elephant Gift Ideas

  • Make a DIY doorbell – Glue a mouse trap to a piece of wood and write the words, “Press here. We will hear you.”
  • Fill a jar with used up gift cards (or ones with very little balances left on them).
  • Wad up some dryer lint and put it in a Ziploc bag. Make a label for the bag: “Pet Dust Bunnies”
  • Wrap a roll of toilet paper in cellophane with a label saying “Roadside Emergency Kit”
  • Fill a sandwich bag with Cheerios and label it: “Donut Seeds”

See more DIY gift ideas here and cheap gift ideas here.

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