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Growing up, there was the one night of the week that totally grossed me out.

Leftover night. I’d like to think I wasn’t much of a whiner (maybe my mom will correct me on that), but when it came to leftovers, I despised them.

15ish years later, I totally get it now. Now that I’m the cook in our house, leftover night ROCKS! And thankfully, Olivia isn’t old enough to gripe about it yet. Although, the kid mainly lives on chicken nuggets.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

So maybe you remember that whole red switcharoo I had planned for our kitchen area. And I was determined to utilize as many leftovers as possible to create more cohesiveness throughout our house.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

The red was fun but didn’t mesh well with our semi-open living room.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I still had a 3/4 full can of paint leftover from our coffee table makeover that I used to paint our kitchen chairs. I majorly struggled with the decision, but I’m so glad I did! They add so much personality!

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I ended up selling my red curtains on my local buy/sell/trade Facebook group for the exact same price I paid for new white ones from Ikea. They’re the Ritva curtains in case you want to know, and I love the quality of them! I have a feeling I might end up getting more down the road for rooms upstairs that still have naked windows.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

And the clock gallery wall was an easy change too, nothing paint couldn’t handle. It still provides that rustic industrial look I love.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I busted out our simple white china that I’ve decided was the smartest thing to put on our wedding registry four years ago. If you’re getting married soon, trust me on this. Get white china.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I wanted to make a wooden trough centerpiece but didn’t get around to it yet. Aren’t those little plants from Ikea so cute though?

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I guess if you count the three plants for the centerpiece and a set of blue cloth napkins from Target, I spent $25 on the makeover. I think I can swing that.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

As for the original thoughts of painting our back door black, I think I’m nixxing that. It’d be too much for me.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I know it’s not the sort of breakfast area that everyone would go for, but I’m so happy with it. And really my photos don’t do that pretty blue any justice. It’s much more subtle in person.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

And now it makes sense with our living room! (Still dying to get my hands on our kitchen but I need to be patient.)

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

The chairs and the coffee table tie in well together without being too matchy for me since I lightened up the coffee table paint and I used a dark wax on it to make it a tad more greenish.

(Do you spy a sleepy Lola over there on the right?)

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

Between the bathroom makeover and this breakfast area, I haven’t even had time to decorate our mantel for spring. Decorating around that TV is always tricky.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

At least our table looks a little springified. (Totally a word.)

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

We have a little touch of spring in our place settings that I’ll probably recreate on Easter.

Rustic Industrial Breakfast Area Redo | Bless'er House

I think even whiney little pre-teen me would be totally cool with eating leftovers if it meant sitting in a fun kitchen area like this one. Possibly. Adult me is content with it at least.



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  1. Well if you didn’t think i was a little crazy before you will now. Our family came to the US for a family holiday in California. I came home with 8 sets of Ritva curtains in my suitcase as well as a french bread board, shutters, a large french sign and some large ironstone pitchers in my carry on ha. I think the curtains look lovely. I first saw the Ritva curtains on the Dear Lillie blog and she painted stripes on hers. Oooh you could do some cool stripes with you duck egg green paint. Have fun with the mantle. I want to add some old books to mine, with the spines to the wall so you can enjoy the patina of the pages.

    1. HA! You’re a girl after my own heart, Relle. I’d totally pack a bag full of all that goodness too. That must have been some suitcase. I’ve seen the stripes on her curtains too, and they are pretty. I might try to do that in one of the other more bare rooms in our house. I lined up books with the pages facing outward on our mantel in the beginning too and definitely want to do it again once we figure out what’s going on with all of those electronics there. We have a Playstation, Bluray player, and speakers up there now and I absolutely hate it. I have to schmooze the hubby on that one. 😉

      1. Well it was some suitcase. My husband flew back his plus an extra full of shopping. I flew home two weeks later with our then 6 yr old triplets and ahem cough cough 7 suitcases and a friend bought my eighth one back with her. Now you are really wondering about my sanity. I had been on a nearly three yr save like mad and spend little plan so I could have fun in California, which I soooooo did. I fell in love with hobby lobby and Homegoods and dream about going back to visit them. From that holiday i sold a few things i bought on our version of ebay and they flew out the door. So now I import from California and sell it here. If Homegoods would put all their products on line like Hobby Lobby and I could work out a way that “I have too” haha come to California on buying trips then I think I would have died and gone to heaven.

        1. Wow! That is a great story! I don’t question your sanity at all. I’d probably do the same thing. Haha I’ll never take Homegoods and Hobby Lobby for granted now.

        2. I love what you have been talking about! Going to “visit a friend” and looking for I can’t find at home. Such a good idea! I love what you did to your breakfast room and you den! So precious and I love the curtains. I don’t live far from Ikea and I need to go there again! I am planning on redoing my breakfast room and den and kitchen, will be checking out you posts! Please keep your imagination flowing!

  2. This is such a gorgeous space! You’re so lucky to have all those beautiful windows and natural light that shines through. Pinning! Thanks for sharing this at Totally Terrific Tuesday last week. I can’t wait to see what you have lined up this week.

    Her Organized Chaos

  3. I love the transformation….between the chair makeover and the clock gallery wall makeover, it looks great and so welcoming! I’ll be anxious to see what you do for the centerpiece….the little plants are too cute!

  4. Love the transformation! It does tie in really well with the living room. I can’t wait to see what you do with the centerpiece. I love the variation of the plants you bought.

    And I love RITVA curtains so much. I’ve been waiting so long for them to come back in stock online. I may just have to drive 2 hours to our nearest IKEA to pick some up, because I’m getting impatient.

    ps – springified is totally a word. 🙂

    1. Haha! Take note, Merriam-Webster. 😉 Thanks, Shelby! I had to take a little trip to Ikea to get mine too. And had to introduce the kiddo to the wonders of that place for the first time while I was at it. It’s a playground in there.

    1. So glad you like it, Angela! Thanks! It’s been so weird glancing over at that space and not seeing red. Still a shock for me. Haha