Another One Bites the Dust: Stairway Lighting

We’re at it again, y’all. And this time we’ve migrated upstairs. This builder grade lighting replacement journey is finally reaching its end in our house. (You can check out my earlier posts about my knock-off rope chandelier, $10 industrial pendant lights, and mason jar vanity light.)
This time, I let a lucky Goodwill find do the dirty work for me. Well, that and a strapping hubby, an awesome daddy, and one ginormous ladder to get the job done.
We definitely don’t have our act together in this space yet. Here’s what we’ve had going on in our stairway since we moved in.
Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
It’s very…vanilla. Not even that really. Even vanilla has flavor. This is like paper flavored. Blah.


Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
I’d even be okay with this pendant light if it looked like most builder grade fixtures I’ve seen, but this one I despised. It looked alien. And kind of like an image I remember being exposed to way back in 6th grade during a really awkward sex-ed class. (Right?! Do you see it now? Ew!!! Just when you thought the dreaded boob light couldn’t be any worse, this guy showed up to the scene.)
Thank goodness, I found the perfect replacement at Goodwill last week that only set me back $17!
Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
I’m always a bit leary of buying lights in thrift stores because I have ended up with a dud before that I later discovered had wiring issues and didn’t work. But I took my chances with this one. It was still in the original packaging and everything.
I looked up the item number online and found it for sale for $147!
Over 88% off?! Sha-weet!
We took a break from our master bathroom makeover progress while my dad brought over his really cool ladder. That massive thing could position on our stairs to reach the high ceiling and finally take down the light fixture that I had been giving the evil eye for way too long.


Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
Oh so much better.


Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
Now if only we had some paint on those primer white walls. Hmm…


Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
We’ll get there eventually. But this was already a big improvement.


Bless'er House | Builder Grade Lighting Replacement
We’ve spent $173 total on 10 light fixtures in our house. That’s pretty fantabulous.
A little heads up, I’ll be back tomorrow with a big giveaway! It’s been too long since I gave back to you guys for following me along this house journey of ours, so it was way overdue.
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  1. Wow! That was one amazing find. You didn’t even have to paint it or anything! I have some boob lights that could be changed–they are on my garage/flea market find list for this upcoming season. Your old light definitely looked like what you were saying—ew!!!!

  2. Hey Lauren,
    I LOVE the new light fixture….what an improvement!! And what a great deal at Goodwill! I also think that window would look good with the same “farmhouse” treatment the bathroom window received…. I’m sure you’ve already got a great plan in mind. Looking forward to the giveaway tomorrow!