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Easter Brunch Tablescape

Natural Rustic Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Last week, after a long slump with the wintery grays, the birds started singing, the trees started turning just slightly pink, and the sun finally came out to play… and I got the itch.

You know the one? Where you’re ready to clean and organize and paint something and decorate with flowers in every square inch of your house?

There’s something extra poetic in the first days of spring that turn me into a giant sap. It’s like that promise being fulfilled every year that there will always be an even better tomorrow. It’s that fresh new beginning.

So like always to celebrate a new season, I decorated our table for spring. (This table and I…we’re kind of good buddies.)

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Last spring, after I’d sorta kinda figured out my decorating style, I finished our kitchen’s eating area

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

But with Easter coming up, and plans of grandparents visiting for a big meal, I wanted to add some extra sparkle. (Because life is more fun with sparkle anyway, right?)

Robert and I are so very blessed to live only 30 minutes from our parents in the little town of South Carolina where we grew up. And I love that Olivia gets to grow up having such a strong relationship with all four of her grandparents. Hardly a weekend goes by when we don’t cook a big meal with them.

Really, I’d be totally content playing around with tablescapes every day. A beautifully decorated table just reminds me of that celebration of family.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Plus, the beauty of spring all around us this time of year is my favorite! (I know. I say that with every new season.)

So I rounded up flowers, rustic wood, and natural textures from World Market’s Easter entertaining line to bring the outdoors in to our family table.

Items used:

  • Lace trimmed napkins in aqua
  • Twig placemats
  • Driftwood chargers
  • Natural wood pillar candleholders
  • Nests with leaves
  • Blue and green eggs
  • Jute table runner in ivory
  • Ivory pillar candles
  • Simple white china (from our wedding)
  • Wood slices
  • Upcycled bottles (Trash to treasure, baby!)
  • Apothecary printable labels from The Graphics Fairy
  • A couple bouquets of flowers I picked up at the grocery store

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

I’ll tell ya right now… I’m not a school trained designer, just a stay-at-home mom who likes to get decorator happy during naptime. It took a while to figure out a system and work through the trial and error when I was first learning the ropes of tablescapes, so I thought it’d be good to share with you guys a few things I’ve learned along the way if you have a special occasion to decorate for too.

1. If you’ve ever been stumped on how to pull together a tablescape, I always start out with the table linens as my base by laying down the runner and placemats first. (Is that one a no-brainer? My bad.)

2. Then, I focus on the centerpiece, making sure it is symmetrical. The best rule to use- incorporate threes, so in this case, three wood slices and three candle holders spaced out evenly.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

3. Once I had my symmetry with the candle holders, I placed the glass bottles and jars between them. Try to alternate sizes and heights to evenly distribute variation.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

4. Arranging flowers is so much easier with lots of little jars as opposed to one large vase. Just place one type of flower at a time evenly across the entire table. (So for instance, white roses are evenly distributed in all of the jars, not all clustered together on one end.)

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

5. For the last step of the centerpiece, I filled in the eggs in the spaces between the jars and alternated their colors.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

6. For the place settings, I just placed my chargers and china, threw in a folded napkin for some color, and made place cards using the nests, a few eggs, and this printable I created in Picmonkey.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

7. Light the candles and voila!

I don’t think I’ll ever want to leave this table, and I’d be totally cool with our family hanging out and chowing down and laughing together around it for a few hours.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Sometimes I really do think it’s the small touches, the little details to create a place at the table just for someone you love that will make their day better, to let them know you were thinking about them. But maybe I’m just sentimental like that.

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

Easter Brunch Tablescape | blesserhouse.com @worldmarket #sponsored #WorldMarketTribe

No matter what your table looks like though, I hope it’s the time you spend with the people you love that is the most beautiful of all. It’s not what we have, but who we have that matters. (Did I just get all Fuller House level sappy and cheesy on you?)

 Do you have big plans for Easter too? Or the itch to decorate with a heap of flowers and as much springy rustic decor as you can get your hands on? You think maybe this year’s spring cleaning and organizing will be as fun? If you need a break from closet sorting and baseboard cleaning, you can come over for some brunch at our kitchen table at least. 😉

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    1. Thanks, Melissa! It’s a favorite of mine too. My online shopping cart / wish list is too full for my own good. 😉

  1. Those birds nests are so stinkin CUTE! Love it! You have such an awesome eye for making things look BEAUTIFUL. I have been checking out your blog for a while and it’s my favorite!!! 🙂

  2. Hey I think your table looks fabulous and I am especially partial to your Sweet Oil jar since this comment is coming at ya from Athens, AL my hometown! You rock and now for sure I have Spring fever! By the way, look up our small little town. We have a lot of history for being such a small place!

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