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Old Meets New Foyer Ideas & Reveal

3 foyer ideas to mix new decor with old sentimental items for creating a personable, welcoming entryway for guests and family.

We finally reclaimed the foyer after 5+ months of water mitigation, reconstruction, and of course throwing in the regular ol’ Facebook Marketplace furniture find.

Ahhh deep breath. I missed this view so much.

foyer ideas : entryway table, rug, and stairway gallery wall

It looks a tad different than it did before thanks to the dining room makeover, a paint color change (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace to be exact), replacing the DIY frosted crystal light fixture that was destroyed in the water accident, swapping in this secondhand cabinet I found, and a few other foyer ideas in decorating.

foyer ideas : entryway table, rug, and stairway gallery wall

In just a week or so, we’ll be decking it out for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist styling it with some fall leaves first.

foyer ideas : entryway table, rug, and stairway gallery wall
Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace | Door Color: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron | Dining Room Color: Romabio Blue Ridge Parkway | Light Fixture | Rug | Mirror | Lamp | Terra Cotta Vase (similar – mine is old from TJ Maxx) | Wallpaper Murals | Picture Frames

Though here is the real before from the day we moved into this house…

foyer before

…and how this whole foyer refresh started…

water mitigation in foyer

The day after 100 gallons of water poured from our HVAC system in our attic all the way down to this first floor, the water mitigation team showed up with sledgehammers, and we had to scramble to pull all of our family photos off of the walls as they started ripping out drywall in four rooms.

I never fully realized just how much home was a part of my inner peace until that moment, and I remember just plopping down on the sofa and having a good cry after the demo team left. We were really lucky since I know so many people lose their entire homes to tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes. I don’t discount that for a second.

This was nothing of that scale, if anything just a massive inconvenience, but the stress of living through a massive renovation when you weren’t at all prepared to be thrown into it is a heavy weight day to day.

I literally feel my muscles relax and my jaw unclench when I look at this view now. Lola sleeping there on the dining room rug is obviously much more relaxed now too.

3 Old Meets New Foyer Ideas

stairway gallery wall with view leading into dining room with mural wallpaper

1. Foyer Table with Mirror

This little carved marble topped console table cabinet that I scored secondhand feels like pure joy every time we walk through the front door. And the mirror is convenient for last minute hair/face checks before running out for the day.

I love all of the little traditional details in this spot.

foyer table vignette with lamp, mirror, and fall leaves in vase

The fall leaves are just now at peak in our area, so the burst of fall colors needed to be celebrated for a minute.

marble top entryway table with mirror, lamp, and vase of fall leaves

These carved details make me feel so many feels too.

entryway table with mirror, lamp, and vase of fall leaves

2. House Portraits Beside the Front Door

Right beside our front door and our office doors are painted portraits of my and Robert’s childhood homes.

(By the way, house portraits are a great, thoughtful gift and can be rather inexpensive to make using this watercolor app.)

house portrait art beside front door in foyer with double French doors leading to home office

Every time I walk down our stairs, I see them and am reminded of our roots. That top house is where my parents still live and where I lived from the time I was 6 years-old.

Robert and I lived with them for about 2 years when we were struggling to make ends meet at the beginning of our marriage on my beginner teacher’s salary and Robert’s time spent finishing his degree on the GI Bill.

It’s where we brought Olivia home from the hospital, and that house will always be a bit of home in my heart. Robert feels the same way about the “Big Yellow House” where his parents still live.

house portrait art beside front door in foyer

We seized the opportunity to update the family gallery wall since we’d barely integrated Regan’s pictures after she was born. #secondchildproblems

gallery wall with black frames and black and white photos
black and white staircase gallery wall

Every single family stage and milestone moment is on these walls, and I get to look at them every day.

gallery wall with black and white family pictures
family stairway gallery wall

You can see my trick for creating the perfect gallery wall here. It’s so easy to do and fun to play around with different configurations with picture frames until you get it just right.

family stairway gallery wall

I keep debating if I should add a runner to these stairs and maybe swap out the balusters for a design that’s minimalist. What do you think? Leave it as-is or go for a stair runner / railing update?

foyer table with fall leaves and mirror

Do you have any other foyer ideas you’d throw in? How have you decorated yours?

We still have our bathroom remodel to show soon that I cannot wait to share!!! It’s turning out to be everything I dreamed of and more!

foyer ideas : gallery wall, entryway table, and rug
Wall color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace | Door color: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron | Light Fixture | Rug | Mirror | Lamp | Wallpaper Murals | Picture Frames

But for now, I’m pumping the breaks and just enjoying this view.

…at least until I add Christmas garlands everywhere in here next week. 😉


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  1. I love the stair handrail and cast iron spindles! We are moving to a home that has oak ones and will be replacing the spindles with cast iron and painting/staining the handrail. Can you tell me how you refinished yours? I love the darker color, so beautiful!