9 Designer-Approved Off White Color Paints to Try

A round-up of the most recommended off white color paints by designers for a bright, sophisticated home that still feels warm and inviting.

If there is one hue that is the absolute trickiest when choosing paint, it’s off white color paint.

The off white paint colors in our home are by far some of the most asked about in our inbox.

And since this week we’ve been in the thick of choosing a new white paint for our foyer and stairway since the water damage incident, it seemed like a good time to dive in for anyone who struggles in the paint color decision department.

9 Off White Color Paints for an Inviting, Classic Home

the best off white color paint recommended by designers

If you ever feel confused choosing the best paint color, here is the best way to choose the perfect paint color for your home every time. But this post can serve as a great starting point in your search for the best off white in your home.

1. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

We have absolutely loved having Benjamin Moore Classic Gray in our foyer and stairway because it’s such a chameleon neutral that feels light and airy with an inviting warmth that can lean slightly gray or slightly beige, depending on the lighting.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

2. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

A slightly off white, Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee has just enough yellow undertone to create a clean, creamy white. When paired with black or dark gray like Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron for high contrast, it feels sophisticated and calming.

It’s my favorite off white for larger, brightly lit living spaces like our living room.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

3. Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove is slightly lighter than Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee but still just creamy enough to feel comforting. Its soft warmth can brighten beiges in a room and works well on trim and moldings. We used it to downplay the beige countertops we didn’t particularly love in our bathroom refresh last year, and it worked perfectly!

Benjamin Moore White Dove

4. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

A lighter soft, creamy white that can be considered closer to a true white, Sherwin Williams Alabaster has just enough warmth to combat the starkness of other bright whites. If you can’t decide between off white and true white, Alabaster is a perfect balance. We used it in our last house’s primary bedroom and loved it!

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

5. Benjamin Moore Linen White

A darker off white, Benjamin Moore Linen White leans more yellow than others and works best in north-facing rooms where colors can look slightly washed out.

Benjamin Moore Linen White
Source: Southern Living

6. Sherwin Williams Snowbound

An off white color with a slightly gray undertone, Sherwin Williams Snowbound leans cooler than Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It’s an excellent choice for east/west facing rooms, on trim, cabinets, and exteriors.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound
Source: Home Bunch

7. Sherwin Williams Oyster White

Closer to greige than white, Sherwin Williams Oyster White slightly leans toward cool tones but is a chameleon color that can look warm in darker rooms at different times of day.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White
Source: Emily Henderson

8. Sherwin Williams White Flour

Leaning closer to the yellow family of colors, Sherwin Williams White Flour can invoke a feeling of comfort. When paired with more blue/gray colors, it can appear especially yellow, so use it wisely keeping in mind other colors in the room.

Sherwin Williams White Flour
Source: Studio McGee

9. Sherwin Williams Classic Light Buff

A paint color that creates a level of clean sophistication without the starkness of a true white, Sherwin Williams Classic Light Buff is a creamy, casual off white that feels slightly sun-kissed.

Sherwin Williams Classic Light Buff
Source: Southern Living

10. (Bonus) Romabio Feather

Shameless plug, but we are total fans of our color Romabio Feather is a light, airy off white that teeters the line between warm and cool.

Romabio Feather

Do you have any other off white paint colors you love? They’re tricky to get right for sure.

Any other color families I should round up to help you make the best paint decision? We’re on a roll over here!

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