Our Classic Meets Modern Foyer Transformation

A foyer gets a classic, timeless yet modern update using a blend of traditional style thrifted furnishings with clean lines and a neutral color palette.

This was definitely one of those if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie sort of makeovers.

Our foyer has been half-finished for over three years! All thanks for the now office, which was a junky storage room for so long and was always our embarrassing eyesore right next to our front door for every visitor to see. (Don’t believe everything you see on “the ‘gram”, right?)

But now our half-finished foyer is a fully decorated space!

Classic Timeless Modern Foyer Makeover

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Back when we moved in, this room was very yellow, which wasn’t anything bad. It just wasn’t our personal style.

Classic Timeless Modern Foyer Makeover

This foyer was definitely one of those makeovers where paint was the superhero who saved the day.

Classic timeless modern foyer with stairway gallery wall

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (which is really more of a light creamy warm greige), perked up the ivory trim with a brighter white using Benjamin Moore Simply White, and painted the doors with Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron like we’ve done in every other room of the house.
Classic timeless modern foyer before

Running a clean and simple gallery wall up the stairway with IKEA and Target frames is without a doubt my favorite thing.

It highlights our family’s entire history starting with my and Robert’s engagement photos and progressing through our last 10 years of our family’s most special moments together.

Classic timeless modern foyer with stairway gallery wall and chest with mirror

I found this Eastlake marble topped chest on Craigslist right when we moved in for a crazy deal, and I just cleaned it up as best I could. I still debate whether or not I should paint it, but there is so much character and history to it that lends this foyer to a classic, timeless feel.

Classic timeless modern foyer

A simple table lamp, this bust planter, and a stack of books with a yummy candle was all it really needed.

Classic timeless modern foyer - bust planter, table lamp, chest styling vignette

And this mirror added the pop of French chic that I always love.

Classic timeless modern foyer

So now our view from the office looks like this…

Classic timeless modern foyer with black doors

And this foyer is FINALLY a complete space after chipping away at it for so long.

Hanging these two paintings of my and Robert’s childhood homes right next do our front door is the perfect finishing touch.

Classic timeless modern foyer

We have toyed with the idea of one day putting a runner on the stairs and maybe even taking down the wall next to the stairs to open this room up into the dining room.

But who knows when/if that will happen. We dream a lot around here. 😉

If you want to know about any of the sources in our foyer, you can find them all here:

You can see all of the sources in our office here too.

So much love has gone into this space with so much of our history. It’s one of those things that makes a house become a home straight from the heart, and I can’t think of anything better.

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  1. Gosh I just love your style. You have done so much to that gorgeous home of yours.

    Your foyer area is a great welcome to anyone lucky enough to enter.

    I am soooo with the others- I paint furniture all the time. But don’t paint that – it’s perfect as is, and right there. Please don’t change it – it is the perfect contrast to the light walls and marble topper. It’s perfect.

  2. I love what y’all have done to your home!! I need your help….am considering moving into a VERY small cottage. What color would you suggest?

  3. Please, please do not paint the Eastlake dresser! It is lovely! I love your foyer transformation as well as the office!

  4. Please don’t paint that chest/dresser. It’s perfectly beautiful as it is and it shows all of the gorgeous details. You entry is perfection in my book !!