The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret

This one key search term is the best kept online shopping secret to scoring big discounts at 40, 50, even 80% off already marked down prices.

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Can I tell you a little secret? One that I probably haven’t mentioned before? Something that, if you met me face-to-face, you would never ever guess I have a weakness for?

I’m a bonafide rollercoaster junkie. There, I said it.

On any normal day, I’m a play-it-safe and follow-the-rules kind of girl, but until the other day, riding high speed rollercoasters 10 times in a row was the only time I ever really craved living on the edge.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

Until I discovered… “as is” online shopping. (And maybe I’m being melodramatic calling shopping “living on the edge”, but just work with me here, kay?)

If you’ve never heard of shopping “as is” but are pulled to store clearance aisles like a magnet, this one will blow. your. mind! And unlike a lot of other high discount online shopping, this one isn’t gimmicky.

I’ve only recently discovered this trick, and I’ve only found it so far on Overstock, but I’m sure there are similar searches out there on other retail sites.

All you have to do is type “as is” (without quotes) in the search bar, and hundreds of items show up that are marked down at a discount- 40, 50, even 80% off the already discounted stuff.

I found all of this that I would buy in a heartbeat. Ya know…if I didn’t have bills to pay or anything:

An industrial metal and wood barstool for $67.50.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

A Nautica comforter set for $51.09.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

These metal counter stools for $12 each!

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

And even though this pendant light would still be a splurge for me, it’s gorgeous and marked at over 50% off.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

All of the “as is” items are things that people bought from the site and returned for whatever reason- it could have just been opened and turned out to be the wrong color; the item could be fraying; it could be scratched…whatever the case might be. Just ask yourself if you’re feeling lucky. (Wink wink.)

But Overstock does explain the “as is” reason in the product details, so you’re not totally flying blind. The downside is the sales are final, so it can’t be returned- a bit of a gamble. But chances are the flaws are fixable.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

I’d already mentioned back in the final stages of Olivia’s bedroom makeover that Overstock is my top source to buying area rugs at a discount.

For so long, I wanted an area rug for our living room because it just didn’t seem quite finished without it. Then, ta da! I found this 8×10 jute rug that I’d had my eye on for a year in the “as is” search marked down to $128 from $239.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

The “as is” reason listed on the site said the rug had a smell. Honestly, I was nervous hitting that buy button. And the whole 4 days it took to arrive, I kept wondering if I’d made a huge mistake to end up with a janky smelling rug.

When it showed up at my doorstep, I ripped that plastic open, and took a huge whiff. And I probably looked like the craziest woman alive, sniffing her new rug on her front porch.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

But y’all! It didn’t smell AT ALL! Maybe I just got really really lucky, but I was dancing, literally dancing.

I’ll definitely be checking in on the “as is” search a lot… ya know along with my regular Craigslist and thrift store browsing.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

And I figure, if I ever buy a rug that is fraying at the corner, I can always sew it back up or tuck it under a piece of furniture.

If a piece has a scratch, I can most likely polish it out and touch it up.

Best Kept Online Shopping Secret (2 of 3)

Regardless, our living room is feeling a wee bit cozier!

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

And now I want one of these rugs everywhere. It feels like a foot massage every time I step on it.

The Best Kept Online Shopping Secret |

Are you a rollercoaster loving, live-on-the-edge kinda gal too? Have you ever shopped “as is” before? Or know of any other retail sites where you can shop returned items? Maybe you shouldn’t tell me because that might be bad for our bank account.

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  1. This is by far the best shopping advice I have ever heard off. Like totally mind blown!!! I really really have to contain myself to not jump on overstock right now but to wait for the little ones bedtime. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

      1. It truly is. I loved you scope today. I always look at those pictures on all of those fabulous DIY blogs and think why does my house never looks that tidy? Thanks for keeping it real. Just saw that you only live 40 minutes away. Greetings from Salisbury 😉

  2. Game. Changer. Thank you so much for this tip! And I’m sure you’ve covered this before, but where is your coffee table from? I LOVE it!!

    1. Yay! Glad it helped! I found our coffee table on Craigslist about a year ago and gave it a makeover. Sorry to say, it’s one of a kind. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shopping tip about “as is”….hadn’t thought of that before, but will definitely be on the lookout. And I LOVE your new rug and how it really completes an already great space! Thanks for sharing…..