10 White Slipcovered Sofas on a Budget

A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

Remember back when I shared all of my starry-eyed playroom makeover plans and said to myself, “I’ve barely sewn anything in my life, but I’m going to make the most fabulous sofa slipcover in the history of ever”? Yeah, that idea lasted two seconds.

We’re sofa shoppin’, people! Because I can’t sew myself out of a paper bag (also, that expression makes absolutely no sense in this scenario).

10 White Slipcovered Sofas for a Tight Budget | blesserhouse.com - A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had this tan microfiber sofa hanging out in our playroom. It’s barely been used except for when Robert and I lived in our tiny apartment for a short while after we got married. (Now, it’s just where I dump laundry to be folded.)

The lines are clean, the cushions are no-fuss, and I figured how hard would it be to make a slipcover? Turns out, very. But I still needed to figure out the best way to make the sofa situation work in here since the playroom will be doubling as a media room.

10 White Slipcovered Sofas for a Tight Budget | blesserhouse.com - A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

  1. The Handmade Option: I decided if this baby was getting a slipcover, it needed to be super durable to handle a lot of washes (hello, a sticky messy kid lives here). I seriously thought about a no-sew method using hemming tape and drop cloths but knew it would be very time-consuming and not at all industrial strength. With the One Room Challenge being only a 6-week start-to-finish makeover race, that wasn’t happening.

2. The Professionally Made Option: I looked into buying a ready-made slipcover, but the store-bought kind had a wide mix of consumer reviews, many were really bad, and I really didn’t feel like fighting bunchy sliding fabric all the time. Then, for the price of purchasing a professionally made custom slipcover ($500-800!!!), I might as well buy an entirely brand new couch since our current one was pretty cheap to begin with.

3. The Sell the Old Sofa and Get a New One Already for Goodness Sake Option: I’ve been convinced by several blogger friends (like in this post from Chelsea at Making Home Base) that white slipcovered sofas are the bomb diggity if you have little kids. You can toss the covers in the wash with bleach whenever they get grimy (or when those icky tummy bugs attack). So we’re officially calling it quits and selling the old couch for an entirely new one since it makes the most sense for budget/time/durability.

It doesn’t hurt that they can also make a room feel so light and airy and gorgeous! But since we want to keep the price tag as low as possible, I scoured the internet to find the most inexpensive white and cream slipcovered sofas out there. You can click the images below to navigate.

(Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more info, see my full disclosure here.)

So those are the options.

Have you thought about getting a slipcovered sofa before? Or do you have one already? Do you love it / hate it? Or have a favorite from the list? Or have you ever sewn your own slipcover before? Teach me, Obi-Wan. (Actually, don’t teach me. It’s a lost cause, I promise. I’ll just remain jealous of your talents.)


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  1. Slip covered sofas are great. Mine is from Ethan Allen and it is a full size sofa. Please NOTE: you cannot wash the base in a home washing machine in any way. So give that some consideration when you find the couch you want. The bigger it is, the more likely you will have to have the biggest part done professionally and that gets very expensive.

    Of course when I bought mine, there weren’t any slip covered sofas anywhere! They last forever – mine is 15 years old. Many of them have replacement covers or alternate cover colors as mine did. So you can buy an extra cover as I did.

    So my tip is, check out the size of the biggest piece that you would have to wash and see if it will fit in your washer or at the very least, fit in a large commercial washer.

  2. I had the same dilemma! We needed a new couch, I knew I wanted white slipcovered but was terrified! I read the same blig posts about being able to wash/bleach them especially the Ikea one. So I started by buying the white slipcovered chair from Ikea. Was working great so I also went back and got the sectional. We have 3 boys, a dog & my husband owns a landscaping business so yes sometimes he will sit down all dirty (yes I get aggravated) BUT is washed great and even if we were to need another sofa, Id buy another one!

  3. I may not have kids – but I have a husband and 2 german shepherds with white Ikea furniture. OxiClean White Revive is my BFF. It gets out muddy paw prints, spaghetti, taco stains and whatever my husband drags in (he’s in landscaping) with no problem. I’d recommend not drying them completely when putting them back on, I’ve found that if they’re a little damp they stretch easier and keep the language more PG 🙂

  4. Lauren, I have the Rooms to Go Cindy Crawford beach collection slipcovered sofa in white ( just slightly off white actually). Has two back cushions two seat cushions., all removable machine washable. It came with two end pillows 18×18 and two more 18×18 pillows with choice of coordinating fabric. I’ve had it one year and have washed seat covers twice. They washed very well. (reference directions provided.) it was certainly affordable;$500.00 plus tax no interest payments of $15.00 monthly. It’s serviced me just great. Also comes in sleeper for couple hundred more.

    1. Hi Kathy
      I’m thinking about getting this sofa. Is it comfortable? There isn’t one one the showroom floor for me to try out. Do you still like it after all this time? Thanks for your time!

    2. I was looking at this cindy crawford couch to buy and the directions read “dry clean”. Almost all white slipcovered sofas online have similar directions. Is this just a ploy to cover them if slipcover unravels in washer? The ones I am referring to are all cotton so washing should certainly not be an issue.

    3. Do you know where to find replacement slip covers for the Cindy Crawford beachside couch and love seat? I’ve looked every where ?