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10 White Slipcovered Sofas on a Budget

A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

Remember back when I shared all of my starry-eyed playroom makeover plans and said to myself, “I’ve barely sewn anything in my life, but I’m going to make the most fabulous sofa slipcover in the history of ever”? Yeah, that idea lasted two seconds.

We’re sofa shoppin’, people! Because I can’t sew myself out of a paper bag (also, that expression makes absolutely no sense in this scenario).

10 White Slipcovered Sofas for a Tight Budget | blesserhouse.com - A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

For a couple of years now, we’ve had this tan microfiber sofa hanging out in our playroom. It’s barely been used except for when Robert and I lived in our tiny apartment for a short while after we got married. (Now, it’s just where I dump laundry to be folded.)

The lines are clean, the cushions are no-fuss, and I figured how hard would it be to make a slipcover? Turns out, very. But I still needed to figure out the best way to make the sofa situation work in here since the playroom will be doubling as a media room.

10 White Slipcovered Sofas for a Tight Budget | blesserhouse.com - A shopping guide with 10 white slipcovered sofas on a budget, plus why they are the best option for any families with kids and pets.

  1. The Handmade Option: I decided if this baby was getting a slipcover, it needed to be super durable to handle a lot of washes (hello, a sticky messy kid lives here). I seriously thought about a no-sew method using hemming tape and drop cloths but knew it would be very time-consuming and not at all industrial strength. With the One Room Challenge being only a 6-week start-to-finish makeover race, that wasn’t happening.

2. The Professionally Made Option: I looked into buying a ready-made slipcover, but the store-bought kind had a wide mix of consumer reviews, many were really bad, and I really didn’t feel like fighting bunchy sliding fabric all the time. Then, for the price of purchasing a professionally made custom slipcover ($500-800!!!), I might as well buy an entirely brand new couch since our current one was pretty cheap to begin with.

3. The Sell the Old Sofa and Get a New One Already for Goodness Sake Option: I’ve been convinced by several blogger friends (like in this post from Chelsea at Making Home Base) that white slipcovered sofas are the bomb diggity if you have little kids. You can toss the covers in the wash with bleach whenever they get grimy (or when those icky tummy bugs attack). So we’re officially calling it quits and selling the old couch for an entirely new one since it makes the most sense for budget/time/durability.

It doesn’t hurt that they can also make a room feel so light and airy and gorgeous! But since we want to keep the price tag as low as possible, I scoured the internet to find the most inexpensive white and cream slipcovered sofas out there. You can click the images below to navigate.

(Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more info, see my full disclosure here.)

So those are the options.

Have you thought about getting a slipcovered sofa before? Or do you have one already? Do you love it / hate it? Or have a favorite from the list? Or have you ever sewn your own slipcover before? Teach me, Obi-Wan. (Actually, don’t teach me. It’s a lost cause, I promise. I’ll just remain jealous of your talents.)


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  1. My vote is the Ektorp–great couch, great price. Either way, I do recommend getting a sofa with 3 cushions as opposed to 2…there are 3 of you, and whoever sits in the middle sinks into the crack ๐Ÿ™ Oh, and if you like the chaise idea, the Ektorp has the ottoman and cushion so that you can add a chaise. Just a thought…

  2. I have had Cindy Crawford Beachside for probably 10 years. I wash those covers every couple of months and they are still going strong. We have 2 dogs, but no kids (unless you count my husband).

    1. Do you know where to find replacement slip covers for the Cindy Crawford beachside couch and love seat? Iโ€™ve looked every where ?

      1. Still looking as well if anyone know ms of where you find replacement slip covers or covers that suffice in place!

  3. I have the Ektotp sectional along with two matching chairs from ikea. Mine are 7 years old, in our beach home, with grandkids all over it. My slipcovers are white and they are wonderful. Once a year I take everything off head to the laundromat, and wash everything. I can put all the pieces in two of the huge washers. The rest of the year I wash individual pieces in my home washing machine as needed. The only piece that has to go to the laundromat is the base sofa piece. The best part is if something really terrible gets on it, a replacement is very inexpensive.

  4. I found the Ektorp sofa and loveseat on Craigslist for $150 and bought white covers at Ikea for under $100. The matching chair showed up on my local fb yardsale a year later for $50!
    I love the Ektorp. I wash the slipcovers about every 2 weeks (4 kids, 1 dog). I don’t dry the couch covers because they are nearly impossible to put back on-they shrink. When they are wet, there is some give. I dry the cushion covers a bit but put them on damp. I do this process in the evening and everything is dry by the morning.

  5. My daughter has the Ektorp and loves it. It’s the most comfortable thing I think I’ve ever set on . She as a big black lab and has washed them a few times now. After 2 years holding up beautifully. I wish I had one but with my hubs…..ya no way unless it was black ๐Ÿ™‚