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Wire Basket and Bundt Pan Pumpkins

A step-by-step tutorial for making craft pumpkins for fall using thrifted vintage wire bread baskets and mini bundt pan Jello molds.

Accidental “light bulb” moments might be my favorite part about thrifting.

I’ll be walking along, moseying through the shelves of random junk, and get all kinds of ideas just by looking at how platters and lamps and candlesticks and toys and knick-knacks are all tossed haphazardly together. Maybe I just have a weird brain… who knows.

Yeah, yeah that could be it.

But the other day, I saw one of these scalloped wire bread baskets sitting upside-down on a thrift store shelf, and I thought, “Hey! That kind of looks like the top of a pumpkin.”

DIY wire basket and bundt pan pumpkins craft

I see these wire baskets all the time in thrift stores and at yard sales and never thought twice about them until now.

So I scooped up those cute little baskets off the shelf and skipped to the register along with an arm full of mini bundt pan / Jello molds because inspiration is just funny like that.

And I’m sharing it as a sweet thrifty pumpkin centerpiece craft for The Happy Housie‘s Seasonal Simplicity Series in today’s Fall DIY/Craft hop. You can check out 25 more fall crafts and DIY project ideas at the bottom of this post.

DIY Wire Basket and Bundt Pan Pumpkins

Supplies Used: (Some affiliate links are provided below.)

1. I love the look of copper for fall, so I decided to spray paint my wire baskets with the copper spray paint (but you could certainly leave them silver, if you wanted to keep some vintage patina).

copper spray painted wire bread baskets to make a pumpkin

2. And for the mini bundt pan / Jello molds, I gave them a couple of coats of the white spray paint just because I’m a sucker for white mini pumpkins.

white spray painted mini bundt pan Jello molds to make craft pumpkins

3. Once they were dry, I secured the two wire baskets together (one upside-down) with some wire.

how to make a pumpkin using wire bread baskets

4. And I applied a nickel sized dot of super glue to attach a stem to the top using just a piece of a stick I found in our yard.

DIY pumpkin using wire bread baskets and sticks from your yard

5. To make the mini pumpkins, I applied a little super glue around the edge of one of the bundt pans and placed another on top to attach them together.

glue two mini bundt pan Jello molds together to make a craft pumpkin

6. Then, I just attached a little twig on top with a dab more of the super glue.

glue two mini bundt pan Jello molds together and stick a twig in the top to make a DIY mini pumpkin

So easy! Aren’t they cuuuuuuute?!

DIY mini pumpkins using bundt pan Jello molds

I stuck a candle in the middle of the wire pumpkin to make it into a lantern, but you could fill anything in it really.

DIY pumpkins using thrifted wire bread baskets and mini bundt pan Jello molds

So now it’s a fun, whimsical fall centerpiece on our breakfast nook table.

neutral fall breakfast nook

If you want to know about any of the sources in our breakfast nook, by the way, you can find them all here.

fall centerpiece using thrifted wire bread baskets and DIY craft pumpkins

The greenery is just a couple of eucalyptus bundles I picked up at Trader Joe’s for $3 each. I’m obsessed! It’s my favorite any time of year but especially for early fall.

DIY pumpkin lantern using thrifted wire bread baskets and craft pumpkins using mini bundt pan Jello molds

Fall centerpiece with DIY pumpkin lantern using thrifted wire bread baskets and craft pumpkins using mini bundt pan Jello molds

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A step-by-step tutorial for making craft pumpkins for fall using thrifted vintage wire bread baskets and mini bundt pan Jello molds. #craftpumpkin #fallcraft

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  1. Oh wow absolutely adorable!! You have no idea how many of those large pumpkin bowls I have passed over at thrift stores and yard sales. I’m just sick about it now…lol! I also know that the closest goodwill has a few on hand and I will be heading there today! Love the jello mold pumpkins as well. I actually do buy those and have a good supply on hand. I can’t believe I didn’t think about doing this…I could kick myself…lol.

  2. Oh my goodness, Lauren.

    You have done it again! Love the pumpkins, and they look amazing on your table. As I am typing this, I am also smiling and maybe laughing too. 🙂 🙂 I, like you, often think that my brain operates on overload when I look at things totally different than what is for their intended purpose. You know the feeling….. it starts as a light bulb going off kind of moment, and then your heart starts to beat with excitement and before you know it you can barely breathe. Yep! I laugh too, because my sweet husband has learned to recognize my “craft fits.” He will often say, “Breathe honey, just breathe.”
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂 🙂