18 Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas

A round-up of DIY wall decor ideas for designer style on the cheap using repurposed items and thrifted materials.

Weren’t we just talking about the TV switcheroo / wall decor situation happening in our living room? I’ve been over here remember ALL of the diy wall decor ideas we’ve conjured up ever since then. 

There are a lot of exciting things happening here behind the scenes (which I sort of mentioned on Instagram yesterday), but one of the current debates is placing some wall decor around our behemoth television. And it got me thinking about ALLLLLL of the wall decor we have DIYed in our house over the years. It’s a lot…like A LOT.

inexpensive DIY wall decor ideas

UPDATE: Want 20 more DIY wall decor ideas? See them all here. 

Apparently we’re into the “why buy it when you can make it for half price” look. So I thought I’d round up all 18 inexpensive DIY wall decor ideas to help out if you’re ever feeling stumped in that department too.

Paint Thrift Store Frames

One of my first stops at the thrift store is the frames section. You can pick them up for a couple of bucks, and if you don’t like the picture inside, no biggie. Once you have a great collection going, paint them all to look cohesive. And if you need some pointers for hanging a rockin’ gallery wall, you can see all my tips here.

diy wall decor ideas - gallery wall

Hang Up Old Shutters

Our dining room sported this look last summer, and adding shutters is still one of my favorite ways to add texture to a plain wall.

using old shutters as wall decor

Frame Old Baby Clothes

To fight clutter in our closets, I try to display our keepsakes from the past on shelves or in shadow boxes. This white dress that Olivia wore as a baby now hangs in her bedroom.

framing baby clothes as DIY wall decor ideas in a nursery

Cut Up a Calendar for Easy Art

When I was in college, I decorated my entire apartment with calendar pages. To fill this window, I just used some prints from an old Ansel Adams calendar I had. Done! Instant art.

cut up old calendars in an old window as diy large wall art

Make Art from Vintage Yardsticks

Robert and I made this yardstick American flag for his office, but there are so many possibilities to create different types of art using them.

yardsticks repurposed into an American flag as diy wall decor

Curate a Collection

If you have a collection, display them all together for a big impact. I have a thing for clocks so I put them together on our kitchen wall.

clocks turned into a gallery wall for diy wall decor

Make Oversized Sheet Music

Purchase sheet music to your favorite song to have blown up as an engineer print. You can see the full tutorial for making this sign here.

diy wall decor ideas - print sheet music on engineering print, glue onto plywood, and make diy large wall art

Make a Simple Sign

Using just a scrap piece of wood, paint, and a few craft letters, you can make a basic sign in minutes.

simple way to make a word sign for DIY wall decor ideas

Frame Book Pages

If you find an old book with great art, rescue it by framing some of your favorites. These prints came a book that was bound for the trash. You can download a set of 6 of them here.

use old book pages to make diy wall decor

Display Ceiling Medallions

You can find ceiling medallions at thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales pretty often. But you can recycle them for your wall instead of the ceiling.

make silhouette art with a sharpie and a ceiling medallion for diy wall decor ideas

Create a Jewelry Display

I love when wall decor can also double as organization. All you need is a thrifted frame, chicken wire, scrap wood, and a few knobs, and you no longer have to dig through a cluttered jewelry box.

jewelry organizer made from a thrifted frame and chicken wire for diy wall decor ideas

Build Your Own Rustic Sign

This one I made in the fall (and this similar one for Christmas) are simple to build and look like the real rustic deal.

wood scraps turned into a rustic sign for diy wall decor

Build a Towel Rack

We dug into our scrap wood pile to come up with this door knob towel rack for something a little more interesting than a basic towel bar in our hallway bathroom.

towel hooks made from old wood scraps and door knobs

Make a Chalkboard from a Window

I love changing out the scriptures and poems on this chalkboard to work with the different seasons and holidays of the year. If you have an old window, just prime, paint a couple of coats of chalkboard paint, dry and rub down with chalk to season, and you’re good to go. (You can see my trick here for hand lettering chalkboards the easy way too.)

old window turned into a chalkboard

Build Simple Wooden Shelving

These shelves cost about $20 to make and they add a pretty, farmhouse vibe in our hallway bathroom.  Plus, they double for function.

diy wall shelves in a bathroom for wall decor

Make a Vintage Style Pull Down Map

Use just a poster, two dowel rods, string, and a little glue… voila! Easy and vintage industrial art.

dowel rods, rope, and a poster for DIY large wall art that looks like a pull down map

Create Typography Art

If you have a favorite verse, quote, or song lyric, type it up, resize it into a engineer print, and paste it onto a wooden sign. Or you can even create typography art using existing frames.

diy wall decor ideas - typography art

Hang a Mirror with a Ballet Barre

I mean… I know this won’t work for everyone, but if you have a little girl, do it right now! This ballet barre is definitely Olivia’s favorite place in the whole house to dance and sing and play dress-up.
diy wall decor ideas - ballet barre in a little girl's room


So do you have a favorite one? All of them are so inexpensive and they have added lots of personality to our home to make it reflect so much of what we love.

If you ever need to come back to this post for ideas, you can pin it for later here:

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  1. LOVE your suggestions for hanging pictures on the wall. I wish I would have read this yesterday before I put four EXTRA nail holes in the wall to hang one medium-sized collage. Oh, well. I’ll be an expert now. Thanks!

  2. Another great thing that we used was a reclaimed barn window frame. You know the really HUGE window frame. It sort of sections off the wall into 4 big sections and we’ve placed shelves or smaller wall decor in each to fill out the space.