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All White Nursery Design Plan

An all white mood board nursery design plan with nature-inspired elements, textures, and floral accents along with a before tour of the space.

Maybe since I’m coming into my third trimester next week it’s about time we get started on this nursery makeover gig. Ha!

We’ve been a little distracted with the kitchen and back porch and living room refresh and Olivia’s bedroom makeover.

How are we already three months away from having a newborn in our house?! *Insert panic mode here.*

Want to see a room that I haven’t shown on this blog since the day we moved in? Boom.

For several months, we used this room as a makeshift guest bedroom without so much as painting walls or even taking down the existing window valance.

But we’ve hauled out the mattress and are back to a blank slate to make this space sweet and adorable ASAP.

Two things I love about this future nursery:

1. It gets beautiful natural light from that big window.

2. There are original hardwood floors hiding under that old carpet! Yaaaaaay!

So first thing will definitely be to take down the red gingham window valance, paint the yellowed ceiling a bright white, get rid of the yellowy green-ish color on the walls, and rip up the old carpet to refinish the hardwoods. Once that’s all done, I’m reeeeeaaally hoping the rest falls into place pretty quickly.

Because even though I know this kiddo likely won’t sleep much in her room for the first few months, I’ll be so relieved to have it done for a little peaceful escape where our new bundle Regan and I can snuggle and get to know each other this fall.

All that to say…

Here’s the big all white nursery design plan:

1. Wall art – (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) I didn’t want to go too theme-y in this space so we could make it easy for Regan to grow into (because we all know the growing happens all too fast). I found these soft pastel succulent prints that will pop beautifully in some simple frames against white walls.

2. Semi-flush mount / pendant light – Since this room has 8 foot ceilings, we’re going with a semi-flush mount light. This one is the perfect vintage-meets-modern-meets-nature-meets-glam to me.

3. White walls with picture frame molding – I’ve been dying to put picture frame molding in a room (and hopefully start adding it to other rooms), so this nursery seems like the perfect space to make it feel classic and simple yet still high-end without too much construction involved.

4. Felt flower swag wall decor – I’m very tempted to try a DIY craft with this, but I might leave this one up to a pro since I’m sometimes craftily-challenged and also… time crunch. It will pop so beautifully against the white above her crib.

5. Vintage style crib – We’re going with this less pricey metal crib versus some of the more high-end versions out there that are convertible to grow with her. We transitioned Olivia directly from a crib at 2 years-old to a “big girl” full-sized bed without much of a problem, so we don’t really feel the need to get a convertible crib that costs double or triple the price this go-round.

6. White carved shelves – We’ll probably put these on the blank wall beside her closet as a little extra space to store keepsakes and small necessities.

7. Applique dresser – I saw this dresser at Anthropologie, but I’m convinced I can put these appliques on a cheaper IKEA (or even thrifted) dresser to create a similar look.

8. Floor lamp – I want to stay away from using the overhead light too often for middle-of-the-night feedings/changings, so I’m sure this floor lamp with a soft white bulb will come in handy.

9. Area rug – I’m sticking with neutral for the rug to keep it versatile in case we change this room up in a couple of years (when this kiddo develops an opinion about it). I love how this one looks slightly traditional yet slightly tribal.

10. Table lamp – I’ll put this small light on the accent table beside the glider so I can have it in easy reach as needed when my hands are full.

11. Accent table garden stool – Must-have beside the glider to keep binkies, sound machine, easy-to-reach baby garb, etc.

12. Glider and ottoman – We’re springing for a nicer quality glider this time than we did with Olivia, and I researched the heck out of this one. We bought a $150 glider when she was born back in the day, but it was so uncomfortable and the mechanisms were jerky and squeaked. Not a good combo when trying to get a baby to sleep. Considering how much time we had to spend in the last one rocking our first born, I’m going for major comfort with one this time. And this glider has a back high enough for us to rest our heads as we’re rocking… must have! Still way cheaper than the designer ones from Pottery Barn and Crate & Kids.

13. White ruffle curtains –  The texture of these are so pretty and will make the room feel airy and light.

14. Round mirror with felt flower swag –  I’ll probably put this mirror beside the bedroom door to help bounce some light around. The flower swag I’ll attach on top will be a sweet little accent.

So that’s the plan! It’s taken me months to sit down and really figure it out. I’m so thankful for this space because when Olivia was born, we only had a corner of my parents’ bonus room above their garage for me to decorate as a makeshift nursery. (I’m amazed how far we’ve come since then.)

This room is going to be hit HARD with the nesting instinct. 😉

Are you liking the plan so far?

P.S. If you want to know how to create your own design boards for your house, you can see the entire how-to in this post.

While we’re on the subject, got any must-have baby item recommendations? I’ll take all the advice I can get. It’s been almost 6 years since I had a baby and everything on the market has TOTALLY changed.

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  1. What a sweet nursery plan Lauren! And congratulations!! ? We are expecting our second, also a girl, in just ONE MONTH and I can hardly believe it. I just shared her nursery on my blog—it is (subtly) Narnia themed! We aren’t quite handy enough to create a beautiful wardrobe like yours, but I’m pleased with how it turned out ? Have fun with your nursery project, it goes so fast!

  2. I like everything except the ruffle curtains. To me, they are too fussy and overbearing. I’d go with something feminine, but simpler.

    1. I really had my heart set on different ones, but all of the ones I kept finding that were the “perfect” curtains were either $200+ or only 84″ long, and I always prefer 96″ to hang them floor-to-ceiling. I might keep hunting. 🙂

  3. It might add too much clutter but I would consider a ribbon above the mirror to make it appear as though the ribbon is holding the mirror up. Just a thought.

  4. Seems like the perfectly peaceful and dreamy room you’d want to snuggle up to a newborn in for hours ☺️

    1. I really hope there will be more snuggling than middle-of-the-night freak out sessions. 😉 Hoping the calming feel will help. Whatever works!