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Colorful Christmas Playroom

A bright and colorful playroom decorated for Christmas along with 11 more kids’ spaces lit up for the holidays.

I remember clear as day one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do the day after Thanksgiving growing up was getting to decorate my very own personal Christmas tree in my bedroom every year.

It was a scraggly little thing and all of 2 feet tall, but I was always so proud of that little guy. This year, we put a Christmas tree in Olivia’s playroom so that she could do the same thing (although hers is way taller than mine was back in the day).

So today, a bunch of blogger mamas and I are sharing our kids’ spaces for Two Twenty One‘s Kid Christmas Tour. If you’re visiting from Charlotte’s cute blue Christmas from At Charlotte’s House, I’m so glad to have you here for a play date! πŸ™‚

Bright and colorful Christmas playroom

We get pretty messy around here, so feel free to get magic marker on the table and Play-Doh on the rug (seriously, don’t look too closely at it). Messy play = learning minds.

We gave this playroom a full makeover earlier this year, so I couldn’t resist going all out in here so that Olivia could play and color by her twinkle lights. She draws and colors at this table every single evening after school, no matter what. It’s her happy place.

This room was the original family room back when this house was built in 1960, so it still has the original fireplace that I limewashed (tutorial here). And there was no way I could leave this mantel undecorated for Christmas.

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Playroom fireplace and Christmas tree

Kids' playroom play table Christmas

We rustled up a bunch of Olivia’s handmade ornaments from her preschool days and mixed them in with some bright ball ornaments from Target for extra color. She and Robert decorated it together, and I wove in some ribbon with Regan snuggled up against me in the Moby wrap. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Kids' Christmas playroom

Olivia picked out this flamingo ornament this year because she’s totally obsessed. Every flamingo she sees she names “Frank”.

She loves them so much that she had a flamingo themed pool party this year in our backyard for her birthday, so it seemed totally fitting to make it this year’s special ornament for her.

Flamingo ornament on a playroom Christmas tree

All of the other ornaments are little special knick-knacks we’ve held close over the years. These were Olivia’s very first pair of shoes that we use as ornaments, and we’ll be saving a pair of Regan’s to use next year too when she outgrows them.

Save your baby's first pair of a shoes and turn them into Christmas ornaments

On the shelf, I just lined up a collection of little white houses I bought last year in Target’s Dollar Spot along with some Christmas village houses I spray painted white.

White ceramic house Christmas playroom decorations

I wove in some coiled garland and attached some miniature bright colored ball ornaments we already had from her playroom in our old house.

And these little nutcrackers are from my ballet dancing days when I was in middle school and high school. I danced in The Nutcracker every year, and my parents always gave me a little nutcracker doll in my bouquet at the end of each performance. I saved them all, and now 15-20 years later, here they are passed down to my own little girls.

Little nutcracker doll decor for a playroom for Christmas

For her mantel, I already had the garland, wreath, and NOEL sign from when I decorated her old playroom at our last house a couple of years ago.

Christmas playroom fireplace mantel

Playroom mantel for Christmas

The little wooden shoes came from my grandfather when he brought them back from a trip to Amsterdam for my brother and me when I was 5. He passed away 8 years ago, but seeing them on this playroom hearth makes me smile every day and makes me think he’s looking down on his great-granddaughters in a way.

Olivia clomps around the house in them just like my brother and I did.

Playroom fireplace and mantel decorated for Christmas

So now Olivia gets her own colorful winter wonderland!

Last year she asked me, “Do you think Santa will come down my playroom fireplace?!”

And then I asked her, “Do you think he’ll see how many toys you have and just go right back up the chimney?”

Her response was, “Um… maybe he should go down the living room fireplace. That’d be better.” This girl thinks she’s fooling someone. πŸ˜‰

Kids' playroom Christmas tree filled with homemade preschool ornaments

If you want to know about any of the paint colors or DIY tutorials we did in this space, you can see the full playroom makeover reveal here (and our old playroom is in this post). I swear this is the #1 room in our house that helps me keep my sanity.

The next stop on the Kid Christmas Tour is my friend Chelsea from Making Home Base. Her little girls’ space has my Nutcracker lovin’ HEART!

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  1. I took my sons baby socks, stuffed them ever so slightly, tea stained them and used small evergreen springs. Tied them off with natural jute and use them on a tree. The are a memorial addition to one of our trees. Love the idea of baby shoes too!!

  2. Ok, this is just too cute! I love the idea of using baby shoes as ornaments, I saved several of my kids baby shoes because, let’s face it, they are just too precious! I think shoes are just such a fitting way to represent milestones in our lives. My daughter is also a dancer and for her senior display for graduation I spray painted a pair of her old pointe shoes gold and embellished them with lace, ribbons, glitter, and added a pair of vintage gold and rhinestone earrings that belonged to my grandmother as shoe clips. Maybe I should use them as a tree topper. Love your posts! Merry Christmas to you and your family!