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Fall Porch Tour and How to Add Cozy Style Outdoors

8 simple ways to add cozy style to your porch and outdoor spaces for fall with tips for lighting, warmth, and an easy color palette.

What started out as an Operation: Take Down the Summer Porch Curtains somehow turned into Operation: Cozy Up the Porch for Fall. And I’m not mad about it…

Cozy fall porch with pumpkins, a gas fire pit, lanterns and string lights

Cozy fall porch with gas fire pit, pumpkins, and mums

The last time I shared our back porch all gussied up for summer, we made it light and breezy with inexpensive mosquito net curtains to help with the crazy bug situation.

But now that the temps are cooling down and the bugs have gone away, we added some warm, cozy vibes to keep us enjoying this space for months to come.

Cozy fall porch with gas fire pit and s'mores | outdoor fall entertaining

If you want some tips for adding cozy fall vibes to your outdoor spaces, here are some of my faves…

8 Ways to Add Coziness to Your Porch for Fall:

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Cozy fall back porch with neutral outdoor furniture and fire pit

1. Add a propane powered fire pit.

We sprung for this gas fire pit I found on Amazon, and it has made the cooler nights so much fun for roasting s’mores and reading in the evening glow.

Cozy fall porch with fire pit

cozy fall porch with lanterns, mums, and pumpkins

2. Put out a couple of mums and pumpkins.

I just picked these up at Walmart in the garden and produce sections, and they’re so stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it!

cozy fall porch with string lights and outdoor lanterns

3. Hang a few lanterns for ambient light.

My brother is a blacksmith and forged these railroad spike hooks for me. I love the rustic vibe they add with lanterns.

I bought about 10 of these lanterns last summer to use for a family reunion, and they have constantly come in handy ever since for dressing up in all seasons.

They look great on table tops, hanging on this porch, on our hearth, on porch steps, beside benches, anywhere.

lanterns with railroad spike forged hooks

4. Bust out the plaid throw blankets and textured throw pillows. 

I love having them handy for curling up out here with coffee and a book on the chilly days. And there’s just something extra cozy about plaid in the fall.

cozy fall porch with plaid throw blanket and textured pillow

cozy fall porch with plaid throw blankets, textured pillows, pumpkins, lanterns, mums, and string lights

5. Utilize copper in tableware.

As soon as this little one is born in the next week or two, I’m totally celebrating with a Moscow Mule. But even if they’re filled with plain non-alcoholic cider, I love the warmth copper mugs can add to a table.

Cozy fall back porch outdoor entertaining dining

cozy copper tablescape

6. Stick some pumpkins on a tray with a few leaves for an easy centerpiece.

Tray + pumpkins + leaves = done. Simplest, easiest centerpiece ever!

cozy fall porch with outdoor dining and simple pumpkin centerpiece

cozy fall porch with copper and pumpkin tablescape

7. Put up string lights for a glow in the evenings.

These string lights stay up on our porch because I looooooove the glow they create when we eat dinners out here.

We keep the overhead lights off because they create just enough ambience all on their own. We use these Command hooks that make them easy to remove if we ever need to though.

cozy fall porch with lanterns, string lights, and fire pit

8. Stick to a neutral color palette to make your outdoor space versatile.

I love that we used all neutral outdoor furniture and rugs for this back porch so that our transition from summer to fall made it really easy.

We really didn’t have to change much or spend much at all from how it looked in July, and yet it makes those little fall touches seem to stand out even more.

cozy fall porch dining with lanterns and string lights

I can’t wait to come out here and wrap our new little bundle in a cozy blanket to sit by the fire as our nightly escape together as a family of 4. I just know there will be so many happy memories created out here this fall.

If you want to know about any of the other sources we’ve used out here, you can find them all here:

cozy fall porch with fire pit, string lights, and lanterns

cozy fall porch with fire pit, string lights, and lanterns

cozy fall porch with fire pit, string lights, and lanterns

Got any other tips for adding coziness to your outdoor spaces? Drop them in the comments below!

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  1. LOVE what you did, EXCEPT the fire pit. The danger to your house is inconsequential compared to
    the dangerous risk to people & children, particularly in such a tight space. I wouldn’t even let any children
    around a fire pit in an open space in a yard.

    After a fire is out, how long does it take for all parts of that pit to be cool?

    For the sake of your children, get rid of it asap. I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight worrying
    about them!! Thank you. (Will keep an eye out for follow-up photos.)

    1. If this were a wood burning fire pit, you’d be absolutely right. This would be unsafe. BUT we researched as well as followed all safety guidelines in the owner’s manual to make sure this was the correct, safe way to use it. This fire pit is powered by propane, not wood burning, so the flame is controlled and we don’t have flying embers that could catch. You can read more about the safety measures here, if that helps: https://firepitsoutdoorfirepitdesigns.com/is-it-safe-to-have-a-fire-pit-under-a-gazebo-or-pergola And our kiddos would never be left out here unsupervised (we also have a pool and are very conscious of this). Thank you for being concerned about my family’s safety though. I promise, that is always our #1 priority too.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! It’s definitely already had a couple of s’mores test drives. 🙂 And I’m sure there are many more to come.

    1. Thanks, Lucy! I threw in little hints of orange too… just couldn’t help myself. 🙂 I can never go 100% neutral for fall.

  2. I absolutely adore your fall porch – this outdoor covered space is such a fantastic feature of your home! Wishing for something like that in our next house;) So glad you could be part of this hop, Lauren!

    1. Thank you, Krista! This porch was one of the biggest selling points for us. We fell in love immediately. Thanks so much for organizing everything and making it such a fun hop!