Faux Marble Herringbone Tile & Shower Progress

The best realistic looking marble effect herringbone tile and faux marble small shower renovation for a modern meets timeless bathroom.

Thank you Alexander James for sponsoring this post.

The bathroom is FINALLY starting to feel like a bathroom with our latest addition of the faux marble herringbone tile floors!

It’s everything my timeless design loving heart has ever wanted.

If you need a refresher, this is what our primary bathroom looked like in the midst of water mitigation in June.

Bathroom Before

bathroom demo

A couple of years ago, we gave this bathroom a refresh with paint, vinyl floor, and decor to hold us over until we could do a bonafide renovation one day. Little did we know that renovation would come earlier than we thought when our HVAC sprung its leak.

The Bathroom Refresh – Last Year

bathroom refresh with curtain over shower door

This is the shower that was really hiding behind that curtain all along (well… minus the busted toilet from demo that is).

I’ve been ready to rip out that 80s beige shower surround since Day 1 of moving into this house.

shower before with 80s beige shower surround

And now the shower looks like this!

Marble Effect Porcelain Tile – Now

faux marble tile shower

We chose this marble effect porcelain tile in 4×16 from Alexander James so that we wouldn’t have to worry about etching real marble.

The RTWM Statuary line has 17 different types of tile in the same finish, so it’s easy to mix and match shapes and sizes for different applications.

The variation in this tile is so much better than other faux marble tiles I’ve seen I would never guess that gorgeous veining is manufactured.

Faux Marble Herringbone Tile Floor

faux marble herringbone tile floor and faux marble tile shower with hexagon

The polished finish helps bounce the light from the window to create the illusion of a larger space even though this bathroom is not spacious at all. I really wanted a cool toned tile that leaned closer to gray than beige.

This tile ticked ALL the boxes on my wish list.

faux marble herringbone tile floor and faux marble tile shower with hexagon

We went with a medium gray grout (in the color MAPEI Timberwolf) so we wouldn’t have to worry about dirty looking grout lines in the future.

I thought a lot about long-term maintenance with these tile floors.

faux marble herringbone tile floor with gray grout

Hexagon Tile Shower Floor

In the shower, we chose the same RTWM Statuary porcelain marble effect finish in 12×24. The larger tiles with the polished sheen further create the illusion of a larger space.

This shower no longer feels cramped like it did before!

faux marble herringbone tile floor and faux marble tile shower with hexagon with gray grout

We went with this RTWM Statuary hexagon tile as an accent in the shower floor and niches to coincide with the hex tiles in our hallway bathroom and powder room for continuity throughout our house.

faux marble hexagon tile shower floor with gray grout

So next we’ll be hauling in the vanity, prepping for countertops, and crossing our fingers that we’ll have a finished bathroom by October. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m hoping so hard.

Upcoming Bathroom Plans

faux marble herringbone tile floor in a bathroom renovation

After being thrown into this renovation unexpectedly (and having a moment of panic), we feel so excited as this bathroom takes shape.

This is the overall vision we’re working toward.

timeless bathroom design plan

I can’t wait to share more as it all starts coming together! We’ll be swirling in choosing paint colors and putting in the finishing touches before we know it.

One last look at these herringbone tile floors because they’re just oh so good.

faux marble herringbone tile floor in bathroom renovation

What color do you think for the walls? I’ve envisioned bright white all this time, but part of me is wondering if a light gray trim would be pretty too. Decisions… decisions…


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  1. You have a beautiful home and oh boy water can find a way to destroy so much. The new bathroom is going to look/be amazing, however just IMO the gold hardware, as a realtor I would say is a no no. It will be out of style as fast as it became in style. I am not a fan of the old time silver finish at all, but the gold for some reason isn’t going to last for the long haul. Again just MO so please, it’s your home and your happy place and in the end that is all that matters.

    1. Awe, Thank you Tammy! I do appreciate the insight from a realtor perspective. We will enjoy this while it is ours. If we need to change it if/when we sell then we will address that as needed.

  2. When you showed all the different faux marble tile designs, I hoped that you would choose one of them instead of natural marble due to it’s stain problems. The tile you picked looks just like natural marble; lovely. I would suggest you go for the gray paint. It will blend well with the marble look tile pattern and be a shuttle transition to the darker bathroom entry door. I am assuming that you will also choose dark cabinets and perhaps mix up the cabinet hardware, might fixtures, and faucet metals. Your designs for your home renovations have been really beautiful, comfortable, welcoming, and practical. Thank you for sharing! God Bless.

  3. So pretty and definitely worth the time and effort. We have a similar floor and I love the way it shines like a mirror. Because I am a perfectionist, I see water spots if I just wet mop and leave the floor to dry on its own. So, instead, I wet mop an area and dry mop it before moving on to the next area. To me, it is worth the time and effort even though it is a large bathroom, dressing area and walk in closet.

  4. Whoa! That mood board is absolutely striking! Classic, timeless, elegant beauty……I just may have to copy some of this and will be interested in some shopping links. Blessings on all your labor. Keep pressing on…🙂

  5. Courage, très bon choix le faux marbre, toujours la clarté recherchée,
    je vous suis toujours avec assiduitĂ© , mais les rĂ©fĂ©rences donnĂ©es , hĂ©las , ne sont pas utiles en FRANCE , dommage, mais les peintures s’ amĂ©liorent aussi et on arrive Ă  trouver les nuances .

    merci, Lauren