Favorite Greenery for Under $50

No room is complete without greenery. That’s a fact around our house. Anytime a room feels kind of “meh”, bam, drop a plant in there and it’s suddenly perfect. Buuuuut I can’t keep a real plant alive to save my life, so I guess that’s kind of a problem.

Favorite Greenery for Under $50 | blesserhouse.com - A budget home decor shopping guide with 20 artificial life-like plants, wreaths, flower arrangements, and greenery for less than $50.

I can keep my 4 year-old alive or a fiddle leaf fig alive; I can’t do both. #priorities  So I go the artificial route 9 times out of 10 (okay, you caught me 10 out of 10). The fake stuff really has come up in the world over the past few years, and I swear most times I have to reach out and touch it to believe it’s not living.

And with summer nearly here, I’m find myself wanting to fill our house with greenery more and more. The real looking artificial kind isn’t exactly cheap though. If you’re down to put a $200 preserved boxwood in your house, no judgement. But I know that won’t be happening for me.

So I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite pieces of artificial greenery all for under $50 if you’ve been feeling the need for green lately. Just click any image below to find its source. (Affiliate links are provided below.)





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  1. You should try a ZZ plant. It’s a houseplant that is nearly foolproof. Green, thick leaves and tolerates not being watered regularly. Likes a bright window but not hot sun, If a stem breaks off it looks great in a clear vase and will eventually root and create a new plant.

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