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How to Plan the Perfect Fiesta Themed Baby Shower

How to plan a taco / Mexican themed baby shower with decorations, food, drinks, games, activities, prizes, and music.

Add Mexican fiesta party to my wish list for my next birthday because this baby shower was absolutely the best theme ever!

I had no plans of making this a blog post because I am far from any sort of professional party planner, but it was too cute not to share, if you’re planning a party in the near future.

Mexican baby shower

Mexican Fiesta Themed Party Ideas

Over the weekend, one of my sweet friends Coribeth and I threw a fiesta baby shower for the guest of honor (Carmen from Living Letter Home).

After I shared it on Instagram, so many of y’all had questions about all of the decor, I thought I’d compile it together here.

With it being right near Cinco de Mayo and the fact that this shower was for a rainbow baby, we wanted to go all out with all of the colors of the rainbow… and also, who doesn’t love an excuse to devour a taco buffet?

It was such a fun idea for a theme that could be done for a baby boy, baby girl, or gender neutral shower. Or even a kid’s birthday… heck, I’d take it as my own grown-up birthday party really.

If you need some great ideas to plan a fiesta party whether for a baby shower, bridal shower, or any other holiday, this post will walk you through everything from the Mexican food to the colorful fiesta theme decorations.

Mexican banner baby shower decor



I hung up these papel picado banners using duct tape and Command hooks on every surface possible to make our entire backyard feel bright, colorful, and fit the fiesta baby shower theme for not too pricey.

They’re the perfect fiesta baby shower decorations that don’t require a lot of effort. 

Dining Table Decor

For the tables, I always keep several plain white tablecloths in my stash so that I can easily change the look of them using different runners and flowers.

I used these serape blanket runners and multicolored maracas to spice them up.

And I used white bud vases I already had alongside these colorful bottles to fill with grocery store flowers.

Flower arranging is so easy when placed in multiple vessels scattered along a table.

Serape table runner with Mexican flowers, maracas, and baby cacti party favors

As party favors, I put a baby cactus from the Home Depot garden center at each seat that guests could take home.

(We’ve had these outdoor bistro chairs scattered around our pool deck for a while. They hold up so well and are so comfortable.)

Mexican themed table decor

Seating Area Decor

Our back porch faux fireplace is getting a makeover hopefully this fall, but it needed a little something.

I jazzed it up with more grocery store flowers, some pieces from this rainbow party decor set, this serape tablecloth on a table for holding the baby gifts, and this mama and baby pinata.

fiesta baby shower gift table

Our refreshed back porch finally got broken in! Yay for gathering again! A banner was all it needed to carry the fiesta baby shower theme.

Colorful Mexican banners around back porch sitting area

Food Table

I used more serape tablecloths in bright colors for the food tables, more paper fans from this party set, and these cute “Taco Bout a Baby” balloons.

That old busted fence is coming down soon so we just embraced it as “rustic” texture for our background.

(We’ve had this white rolling cooler since last summer, and it’s been so handy for having around the pool.)

baby shower taco bar decorated with Mexican serape tablecloths and balloons


There are usually two types of people: those who love baby shower games and those who cringe at the thought of them.

I’m in the second camp because honestly, to me, baby shower games are awkward. Haha! That’s just the way I am.

So I tried to pick a few that were interactive without being uncomfortable. This designated activity table kept everything in reach.

Mexican themed baby shower activity table


I bought the storybook Dragons Love Tacos for guests to sign so the baby can enjoy it as she grows up. My kids LOVE this cute book!

Guess How Many Hot Tamales in the Baby Bottle Shower Game

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Hot Tamales in a Bottle Game

I filled up this baby bottle coin bank with Hot Tamale candies. (You don’t actually have to count the candies. Just multiply the serving size by the number of servings on the nutrition label.)

For the signs, I bought this design template from this Etsy shop and adapted the wording on Canva to make them along with this guessing sheet so guests could jot down their number.

Whoever guessed closest got a prize (*sharing the prizes we used later in this post).

Mexican themed bib decorating station

Bib Decorating

As a fun art activity, we set out fabric paint and fabric pens with these plain bibs so people could decorate them for the baby.

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Gift Bingo

This one is so easy because it keeps people occupied while mama opens her gifts. Before the gifts are unwrapped, we handed out these baby bingo cards.

Everyone had to write down typical baby items on their bingo card blanks. As mama opened her gifts, they had to cross out the items she opened on their card.

Whoever crossed out 5 items in a row, column, or diagonal first got a prize.

Baby Name Race

This quick game was really fun and simple.

We passed out this baby name game sheet to all of the guests then let them all start at the same time to race each other as they jotted down every baby name they could think of for each letter of the alphabet.

The first person to list all baby names A-Z got a prize.

baby shower taco bar decorated with Mexican serape tablecloths, banners, and Taco Bout a Baby balloons

Food / Drinks

It’s a no-brainer for food when it comes to a fiesta-themed party, right? Gimme ALL the tacos!

Taco Bar

Salsarita’s for the win! It was worth every penny of not having to cook anything by ordering a catered taco bar. You could set out a nacho bar too. 

I found these biodegradable palm leaf platesbowlswooden utensils, and serape napkins to go alongside it.

Fiesta themed baby shower cake with DIY mini cactus cupcakes

Baby Shower Cake / Cupcakes

For the cake, I just picked out a kids’ birthday cake at Publix and asked them to leave the birthday writing off of it, then stuck this “taco bout a baby” cake topper on it.

For the cupcakes, I bought these icing cactus toppers and placed unwrapped store-bought chocolate mini cupcakes inside of these 2″ terra cotta pots. For the “dirt”, I crushed Oreo cookies on top of the cupcakes and guests just spooned it out of the cactus pots.

It was so easy, and one of the best ways to personalize basic grocery store cupcakes. They ended up looking so real and whimsical!

I stuck any leftover icing cactus toppers on the cake.

baby shower margarita station
margarita mocktail recipe & Jarritos Mexican soda, Corona beer station


It’s not a fiesta baby shower without margs! I wanted the mom (and any non-alcohol drinkers) to be able to enjoy margaritas, so I made a margarita mocktail inventing this recipe below.

“Mama”rita Punch (fills an entire drink dispenser)

  • 3 cans of frozen limeade concentrate (stirred in with 13 cans of water – just follow the directions on the back of the can)
  • 2 Cups of orange juice
  • 2 Cups of simple syrup
  • 1 Liter of club soda
  • Sliced limes

Serve with lime wedges, margarita salt, and tequila on the side so guests can spike their margs if they choose.

I found these plastic margarita cups to make it feel extra festive.

In the rolling cooler, we served different flavors of Jarritos Mexican soda, Corona beer, and bottled water.

fiesta baby shower decorations


I put together a Cinco de Mayo playlist on Spotify to play from a Bluetooth speaker. You can access the playlist here.

Some of the songs use the words “mama”, “mamacita”, and “baby” which just makes it all extra fitting for a baby shower. 😉

*Some songs might be borderline for kids so play at your discretion. But the music definitely added so much fun to the party!


I didn’t think to get a photo of the prizes, but I put together prizes in gift bags, one for each game.

Prize 1Bath & Body Works margarita scented candle and hand soap

Prize 2“Fitness taco in my mouth” kitchen towel and Mateo’s salsa

Prize 3“Feed me tacos and tell me I’m pretty” makeup bag with fiesta red lip balm, nail polish, and margarita scented body wash.

And I found this “Nacho Average Mama” sash for the mom-of-honor.

It all turned out so sweet and full of joy! Some of it is still decorating our back porch because I couldn’t stand to part with it yet. Rainbow colors and tacos… 5 stars… highly recommend.

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  1. Came here to say THANK YOU so much for this article. My first grandbaby is due this September and I am planning a Fiesta themed shower in May. You have the shower plans basically all wrapped up with a bow in this post and it will make my life soooo much easier. You’ve done a beautiful job (as you do with all things) on the shower and adding links/explanation. I especially love the mini succulent cupcakes idea. I would’ve guessed you ordered them premade. Thanks again for your blog. It’s been one of my favorites over the years.

    1. How EXCITING!! I am so happy you have found this helpful!! I am wishing you all the best in your celebrating the new addition to the family.

  2. I’m giving a fiesta themed baby shower in June 2022 and I just picked up some wonderful ideas from you! I’m 67 and still have lots of energy for this! Ty so much for sharing your creativity! This will be fun,fun, fun!

  3. I know this sounds crazy but seeing everything you do makes my sadness go away I am so happy wish I was younger to all your ideas Old age is not golden lol

    1. Aw you know what Cheryl? Some days I long for the future when I’m not stretched as thin and busy when I can start to focus on some self care again and don’t have a little one climbing all over me every day. I don’t want to wish away this time, but I long for just a day or a week to read a book and rest. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess, right? There are silver linings in every stage of life. 🙂

  4. Brilliant. Fantastic. Love it!!! So much fun, so happy, colorful. The decorations, big touches, small touches, all perfect. You definitely have a gift. I can’t imagine the planning, coordinating, money that goes into these things. It’s completely fabulous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I think you are so sweet and creative! You did an amazing job, and thought of everything! Your friend is very lucky!