16 Modern Farmhouse Beds on a Small Budget

16 Modern Farmhouse Beds on a Small Budget | blesserhouse.com - A shopping guide featuring 16 modern farmhouse beds all for under $499 for glam, industrial, rustic, and traditional styles.

Are you sick of these budget home decor shopping guides lately? I hope not. Because uh… there’s been a whole lotta shoppin’ for me the past couple of weeks. (I think my poor Pinterest boards might explode.)

One of the very first pieces of furniture we’re needing to purchase next month for the new house is a bed for our master bedroom, since we sold our old one to our buyers of the last house. Normally, I would hit up Craigslist to find a great diamond-in-the-rough to spruce up like I did for my parents’ guest bedroom.

But with so many cogs spinningĀ in this great big house-buying-machine, buying a new modern farmhouse bed on a budget looks like will be the best solution. And considering all of the home improvement projects we’ll have to tackle right from Day 1, we’ll definitely need to good spot to land every night.

I hope these little budget shopping guides help you as much as they help me.

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Do you have a favorite?! I’m leaning toward the wood/upholstered panel bed. She’s a beaut!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these….I have been looking for a new bed for my spare room and these are great places to look!

  2. Lovely beds at a great price, but most of them only come in the Queen size and we have a King, my husband is not willing to give up the extra room. My favorite was the Shaker Platform Bed by Grain Wood Furniture, but, alas no King available in this one. However, I do love your blog and the many great budget decorating ideas you share with your readers. If you move to my neighborhood I’ll treat you to lunch!

  3. I’d have to compromise with my husband, so the square light wood one or the gray wood one would be my choice! And I think I could find a place for any of them ?

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