Upholstered Combination Beds

A round-up of 8 wood/metal and upholstered combination beds at different price points that work in any modern traditional bedroom.

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Every single time I post a photo of our master bedroom on Instagram, I get a flood of this question in my inbox, “Where did you get that bed?!”

And every time I feel SO bad because it was a local find from a home decor shop several years ago, and I’ve never been able to find our exact bed online anywhere.

We had a wood / upholstered combination bed at our last house too (and I even painted the upholstery on it… gasp). It was Robert’s and my compromise since he wanted a wood bed and I wanted an upholstered bed, and it ended up being the perfect solution!

So because I’m asked so often, I thought it would help to round up similar upholstered combination beds at different price points.

It’s timeless and works with so many different decorating styles. And it really is one of my favorite furniture pieces we’ve ever owned.

(Click any image below to shop.)

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  1. I’m wanting to redo our bed-frame and all, and I’m having trouble finding a NONplatform bed. I prefer the height of a traditional bed with the box springs as well. Any suggestions for how to search for one? Even the listing on wayfair seems to meld the listings.

    1. Hi! Instead of searching ‘nonplatform’, search ‘traditional’ or ‘bed frame for boxspring’. Try not using the word you do not want. It pulls from what you enter in the search bar. Using exactly what you are looking for will reduce the search.

    1. I’ve been looking for this bed ever since I saw her Amazon home profile on FB. Did you get any info on it?