Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

I’m married to a superhero.

The kind that doesn’t wear spandex. (I’m sure he’d want me to point that out.)

Before I came along, before the lucky day when he sat down at my table in my restaurant, he was a Marine. Scratch that…is a Marine. Since that’s really a title that sticks with you.

Every now and then throughout the year, I love honoring my guy in little ways. And this time, he was my focus for Trash to Treasure Transformation Tuesday.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

So the other day, when I spotted this old trunk for $5 at the thrift store, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

Since we’ve been making over pretty much every room in the house, I’ve felt a little guilty about neglecting Robert’s military inspired office. We’ve had big plans for this space, but it hasn’t been high on the priority list just yet.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

So for the past couple of years, Robert’s military memorabilia has just been shoved into a cardboard box in a closet… until I decided to transform the $5 trunk into a vintage military inspired foot locker.

Supplies Used:  (Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more information, see my disclosures here.)

I had to give the trunk a major cleaning first with vacuuming, Clorox, and the whole nine yards because it was grody.

I sanded down all of the rough spots on the original black paint job, wiped away the dust, and swiped on two coats of the olive chalk paint.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

Once it was dry, I gave the whole piece a quick sanding with the medium grit sandpaper, and then this gorgeous raised wood grain began to show through. Hi there, pretty thing!

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

I used my stencils and white craft paint for the letters and numbers, dabbing the paint on with the sponge brush, instead of swiping, for a clean crisp outline.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

And I replaced the broken rusted hasp with a new one.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

Good as new! Well, good as vintage.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

This baby is now right at home in our home office. And even better, Robert loved it! Yay!

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

His old military books and gear can now have a life outside of the closet. Even if it is still in a box, it’s at least a cool box.

Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

What do you think? Honestly, even if we didn’t have a military office, I think I’d still want this trunk in another room of our house, olive drab and all.

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Vintage Military Foot Locker Makeover |

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  1. Beautiful job Lauren!!! Thank you super duper much for the link to the stencils. I have been looking for those for a long time (obviously not real hard being that they are on Amazon, but…). Also, I am wondering about the fan in your pictures (that’s sitting on top of the chest…) Is that something I can buy, or did you find it somewhere and I’ll never find another?

    1. Hey Amazon is a vast, wide ocean of stuff. I had to do some digging myself. Haha! I found the fan on eBay sometime last year actually. I got it for really cheap because it didn’t work. Didn’t matter to me though. I just cut the cord off and decorated with it. 🙂 eBay usually has lots of them for fairly reasonable.