5 Ways to Organize with Thrifted Finds

Learn how to organize with thrifted finds and get inspired for your next trip to your favorite thrift shop!

5 Ways to Organize with Thrifted Finds

Hey there, sweet Bless’er House readers! I’m Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog, where I share functional and beautiful organizing and decorating ideas to help women create a home that they and their families truly love. I am so, so honored that Lauren asked me to pop in today while she’s spending time with her sweet babe!

If you spend any amount of time on my blog at all, it won’t take you long to figure out that I am just a smidge obsessed with organizing… okay, maybe more than a smidge! I love to create systems that help our family’s life run more smoothly, and if I can do that with free or thrifted finds, that’s even better!

Today I thought I’d share five of my favorite ways that I’ve managed to create order in our home using items that I found at the thrift store, on Craigslist, or that were handed down to me for free! I hope that these ideas will help get your wheels turning the next time you visit your favorite thrift shop. 🙂

5 Ways to Organize with Thrifted Finds

1. A Dresser-Turned-Dining Room Sideboard

My mom actually found this dresser for us years ago, and after we painted it, it did a stint holding my husband’s clothes and then in my boys’ shared bedroom.

Thrift Store Dresser in a Master Bedroom

When I was looking for a storage piece for an oddly-sized spot in my dining room, I happened to measure this little dresser on a whim, and it ended up being the exact size I needed! I gave it a fresh coat of paint and removed the door, adding a shelf so that I could display some serving pieces.

Thrifted Dresser Turned Dining Room Hutch

It became the perfect dining room sideboard, giving me room to store tablecloths, runners, napkins, and other dining room accessories!

Organized Table Runners and Placemats in a Dining Room Sideboard

You can see the full makeover of this piece in this post and see more of our dining room organization here.

2. Hidden Gift Wrap Storage

This cute trunk acted as a coffee table in the family room of my husband’s house when he was a child. After we were married, we ended up with it and I spruced it up with a little bit of paint! It sat at the foot of our bed for a while, where it gave me a spot to set the laundry basket as I was putting clothes away or was the perfect little seat when we were putting on our shoes in the morning.

Wooden Trunk, Painted, at the End of the Bed in a Master Bedroom

The reason I really loved it, though, was because it became the perfect place to store something that can be really difficult to find a good place for since it is so awkwardly shaped: gift wrap!

Gift Wrap Stored in a Vintage Trunk

I used tension rods to hold gift bags and gift boxes along the side, added command hooks to hold a basket of ribbon and bows, and nestled all of my rolls of gift wrap down in the bottom. It was a great little hiding place, and made it easy to get wrapping any time I needed to give a gift!

3. A Dresser-Turned-TV Stand

Apparently I’m kind of into taking dressers and turning them into other things! This piece was my favorite Craigslist find ever. I snagged it for just $40 because it was in rough shape, but I just loved all of the little details and character it had!

Craigslist Dresser Before

Again, I got out my paintbrush and gave it a fresh coat of paint; I ended up spray painting the hardware as well! I removed the top two drawers and used plywood to create a solid surface, which ended up holding our Roku and other TV accessories.

Craigslist Dresser Turned TV Stand Upcycle

The drawers were nice and big, so I was able to store our DVD collection in one and some extra throw blankets in the other… I am ALWAYS cold! 😉

You can get more details about the dresser-to-TV stand transformation here.

4. An Upcycled Hutch

This next piece is probably one of the most cherished items we own. It belonged to my grandmother, who passed away when I was in 8th grade, and I love that we have this piece in our home to remind me of her. It was originally stained in an orange-y finish, but I painted it white.

Painted Dining Room Hutch with Aqua Accessories

I love to decorate the top part of this china cabinet for each season, and the bottom part is great for storing extra plates and glassware.

Organized Dining Room Hutch

Read more about the transformation of this piece in this post.

5. A Vanity to Changing Table to Desk to Kitchen Sideboard Makeover

This final piece may be the hardest working piece of furniture in our whole house! It has undergone transformation after transformation after transformation and has served us in so many different ways!

It was originally a vanity that someone had given to my parents, and it had a mirror attached to it. When my oldest son was born, we removed the mirror, painted it, and turned it into a changing table for him. When both of our boys were out of the diaper phase, we painted this piece again, and it became a desk in our entryway command center.

Entryway Command Center with Thrifted Desk

It held our boys’ school information and also some office supplies that were easy to grab…

Command Center Drawer with Organized Office Supplies

When we gutted the kitchen in this house, we wanted some extra work surface space, so we gave this piece yet another paint job and moved it into the kitchen to act as a sideboard.

Upcycled Kitchen Sideboard

Who knew one little piece could do so many different jobs?! You can get more info about our command center here and our full kitchen renovation in this post.

I love finding all sorts of different ways to organize with thrifted and free finds, and I hope this post gave you some ideas too! If you’re looking to declutter and organize your own home, I would love to invite you to access my vault of monthly decluttering calendars! We declutter a new area of the house every month in tiny little baby steps so that it’s easy to get organized even if you have a super busy schedule. You can join the email list and get instant access to the decluttering vault here.

A huge thanks to Lauren for having me today, and thank YOU for reading! Happy organizing!

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  1. I enjoy your site immensely!!! I would like to know hou you hung the old window panel. I have a couple ready to use but do not know how to safely hang them on the wall. Thank so much for your inspiration to decorate on a dime. I am learning to not be afraid to try.

  2. Ahhh thank you sooo much for the chest turned gift wrap storage hack!! I am going to find a new home for those blankets in the chest tomorrow so I can put all the gift wrap stuff in there instead. I have our gift wrap in a 200 year old dresser and it is making the drawers fall apart pulling on them so much. So this will be the perfect solution for my problem. Yay!! 🙂

  3. Love this post! Second hand dressers/chests are everywhere, and can be repurposed in so many ways! Thanks for the inspiration!