Demo in the Girls’ Bathroom

It’s getting real around here y’all!

In a matter of a few hours, we went all #demoday on our kids’ bathroom. And I have to confess that it was liberating and terrifying all at the same time. No turning back now!

Demo in the Girls' Bathroom

In case you missed it before, you can read all about our big plans and vision for this space in this post.

It’s a good thing we did tear it down to the studs because we discovered our old galvanized pipes running all the way down to our crawl space were 95% clogged. That was just proof to us that it was definitely time for this project to happen.

Demo in the Girls' Bathroom

We are working with a contractor on this since some of the projects involved are a little beyond our limits, but we are definitely taking this as a learning experience.

When I walked through all of our plans for this space, several of y’all mentioned concerns about using an open table for a vanity. And I realized I didn’t really share a glimpse of our big linen closet in this bathroom.

It’s very deep and holds pretty much all of our towels, toiletries, and the girls’ bath toys. And it’s pretty much the only thing in this bathroom that will remain intact.

Demo in the Girls' Bathroom

So now that we’ve discovered the big plumbing issue, the pipes will be replaced and the single sink plumbing will be spliced for two.

Then the exciting stuff… walls!

Demo in the Girls' Bathroom

I’ll be sharing more of a tour of where we are so far on my Instagram Stories later today. It all definitely has to be an improvement from here!

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  1. Hi Lauren! It’s always something with old houses isn’t it? You fix one thing and two dozen more pop up! I’ve got a house Full of nothing but problems, lol! Y’all hang in there, it’s going to look great and be totally worth all the hassle in the end! Have a great weekend! ?

  2. That pic of you two is absolutely priceless.

    I tell ya – I sure wish I had your stamina and courage – I soooo need to redo our kitchen and master bathroom and I just get stymied with the potential disruption and cost and general overwhelmedness of it all – so year after year after year it goes undone.

    I REALLY love love love your house and style.

  3. I wanted a paved driveway but my house wanted new plumbing. Guess who won. 😉
    It’s all copper now.

    1. Haha! Same. We desperately need to replace our pool liner this year, and then this plumbing issue just made the budget for that reeeaaaally tight. It’s always some lovely surprise that pops up, isn’t it? 😉

  4. ha! typical of any remodel jobbie, isn’t it?!! But, one must always expect the unexpected when remodeling. It is a good thing you did go down to the studs, but I’m curious as to why you went that far in the first place? Were the walls in bad shape or did you suspect plumbing problems and wanted to take a look?

    1. Always. Haha! We figured there might be an issue or two that would pop up. Because we were ripping out the vanity and shower walls/tub and 1960s paneling on the lower half of the wall, it made sense to go ahead and rip out the rest of the sheetrock since there were a few bad places already. We’ll be able to put in moisture resistant drywall to make if fully updated and help prevent moisture issues in the future going forward as well.

  5. If you have galvanized pipe in one bathroom, the rest of the house might have it too. Galvanized pipe rusts from the inside and lasts about 50 years. If it is original, it is well overdue to be replaced. Not a lot of fun, speaking by someone who has a similar problem

    1. Yes! We plan to renovate the master bathroom and kitchen in the future as well, so we’ll be updating all of the plumbing a little at a time so that by the time we’re completely finished renovating the entire house, the plumbing will be completely up-to-date too. It’s definitely been long overdue because the plumbing is original and nearly 60 years old.

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