DIY Painted Concrete Pool Deck and Patio That Lasts!

A full step-by-step tutorial to paint a concrete pool deck and patio to make it last for years and save thousands by doing it yourself.

Painting our concrete pool deck surface was by far the best money-saving project we did in our backyard 4 years ago. And that’s saying something because we’ve done over 40 DIY backyard projects over the years. 

After being quoted a few thousand over our budget by a contractor to paint our concrete deck and patio, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

diy painted pool deck and patio

It took a ton of research of pool deck coating options to find the right method, but we ended up with the best results that has proven itself over time in our pool area.

If you’re looking to freshen up concrete surfaces around your residential pool deck, this post will guide you through everything you need to know.

concrete pool deck with patio dining table and chairs

Painted Pool Deck Before and After

Mistakes are proof you’re trying, right? Welllllllll… we tried REALLY hard at our concrete patio / pool deck about a year ago. And not only was it a mistake, but it was a gigantically bad fail.

I mean… so bad.

The first time we attempted rolling a fresh coat of paint on our bare concrete, we learned quickly that not all pool paints are alike.

Proper surface preparation is key to make it last. (And you definitely shouldn’t try to paint your pool deck while still adjusting to being parents of an infant… that was our situation the first time we tried painting out here anyway.)  

pool deck and patio before with paint mistake

No worries though! We found a great way to create the look of a freshly poured concrete pool deck. (We’ll forget about that old paint job attempt the first time.)

Can you believe that’s our painted concrete patio below?!

painted concrete patio and pool deck behind a limewashed brick house

UPDATE: See the final styled pool reveal here!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: 4 years later, this pool deck and patio paint is still holding up perfectly despite corrosive salt water from the pool always splashing on it! No scuffs or signs of peeling at all. Score!

finished painted concrete pool deck and patio with pergola cabana and pool furniture

Costly Outdoor Concrete Painting Mistakes You Should Know Before Starting

A word of caution: Do NOT use bright white concrete paint. It will basically burn your retinas in the bright sun. Even though lighter colors will help you have a cool deck on hot days, white paint is a big no-no.

(To be fair, we were in the depths of wrangling an ear-infection/colic-prone baby not sleeping through the night back when we made that mistake and that didn’t help our willingness to fix our mistake right away.)

Do not skip the ever-so-important prep work and priming before jumping into the patio painting part to ensure a long lasting finish. That thirsty concrete will gulp that paint right up resulting in an even more time-consuming, costly project. 

Always stir in a grip additive into your paint for slip resistance. If you don’t plan to make a slip-resistant surface, you will create a dangerous situation for yourself later. 

After over a year of looking at the start of this bad paint job attempt, we finally decided it was time to remedy this for good!

badly painted concrete pool deck

How Much Professional Concrete Pool Deck Painting Costs

We got a quote from a paint company first just to see if it would be better to hire a pro for this big job, and it was estimated to cost $3,000 by a contractor.

We figured we’d give it the ol’ college try again and attempt to keep it under $1,000. And guess what?! We did it!!!

It really wasn’t a difficult project at all. Hot and time-consuming, yes, but not difficult. If possible, I’d make this a spring or fall project (though we managed in July in South Carolina).

DIY Painted Concrete Pool Deck and Patio

DIY Painted Concrete Pool Deck and Patio Instructions

Concrete must be in good condition for this project to work. You can also use this method on most types of natural stone. The tutorial below will walk you through the general overview of the application process. 



OUR TOTAL COST: $904.22 (not including our tools)

Ideal Outdoor Concrete Paint Weather

Be sure to check the weather forecast and plan to do this project in 4 consecutive warm, dry-weather days. This project takes 3 work days + 24 hours after work is finished for paint drying. The more high humidity you have, the longer the dry times will be.

Unless you want to experience peeling paint later, do NOT apply paint to damp surfaces. Ideally, you want to aim for surface temperatures between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, if possible. 

Our large concrete pool deck and patio required about 12 hours of total active labor time (not counting drying times between).

prepping a pool deck for painting by blowing off debris

One more before and after to show how this painted concrete has held up after 4 years. 😉

backyard pool with painted concrete deck patio tables pool shed and backyard cabana

Step 1 – Blow Off Debris

We used a leaf blower to remove any leaves and debris from the concrete first.

concrete etcher and cleaner

Step 2 – Clean and Etch the Surface

Work in 10 sq ft sections for this step: Use a garden hose to dampen a section of concrete. Be sure to wear shoes; bare feet are not recommended.

Fill a plastic watering can (do not use metal) with the concrete cleaner & etcher and pour it evenly on the bare surfaces of damp concrete.

applying concrete etcher and cleaner with a watering can

Step 3 – Scrub Away

Let the concrete cleaner sit for 2-3 minutes. You should hear it fizz and bubble as it cleans. Scrub with the push broom in 2 perpendicular directions across the entire surface. 

scrubbing concrete before painting

Step 4 – Rinse With a Pressure Washer

Use a pressure washer to rinse away the concrete cleaner and remove any excess dirt and grime from the porous surface. (We love this power washer.) Let the concrete fully dry before moving on to the next step.

power washing concrete before painting around a pool

Step 5 – Fill Cracks and Holes

Now that you have totally clean surfaces, remove any loose paint and fill any cracks and holes in the concrete. Liquid Cement Crack Filler is a great option for a quick repair.

Spread the crack filler with a putty knife until smooth and let dry completely.

liquid cement crack filler to prep a concrete pool deck for paint
applying concrete filler to fill cracks and holes before painting
spreading concrete filler to patch cracks and holes

Step 6 – Apply Exterior Primer

Apply 1 coat of the KILZ General Purpose Exterior Primer with an extra large medium nap roller for large areas and angled paint brush for edges, cracks, and hard to reach places.

rolling on exterior primer before painting a concrete patio and pool deck

Step 7 – Let Primer Dry

Let the primer coat dry completely up to 24 hours, depending on weather conditions and relative humidity.

primer coat on a pool deck prior to painting

Step 8 – Mix Paint and Anti-Skid Additive

In a large 5 gallon bucket, combine 5 gallons of the KILZ Concrete & Garage Floor Epoxy Paint with the Rustoleum Anti-Skid Additive and mix using a power drill with paddle attachment.

This is an important step to have a non-slip surface. We chose the color Slate Gray.

mixing anti skid additive in concrete paint to prevent slipping around a pool

Step 9 – Roll On Paint

Apply the anti-skid mixed paint. We were very happy with the coverage of this paint as we only needed 1 coat! Woot! Seeing the swipe of that first coat was such a relief.

So much better already!!!

applying concrete paint around a pool deck
painted concrete patio drying and curing

Step 10 – Paint Into Cracks and Edges

After allowing the paint to dry 24 hours, we painted cracks, edges, and details with angled paint brushes, but you could do that before rolling the paint actually.

applying concrete paint in cracks and edges to finish a patio

We are SO pleased with how this turned out! The pool deck color looks just like freshly poured concrete!

It did feel a little slippery the first few times it got wet, but as the paint cures, the grip improves over time. So be especially mindful the first few days the concrete gets wet while you’re walking on it.

For any concrete surface around the pool, always caution swimmers that they should never run in case of falling.

painted concrete patio and pool deck finished and ready for play time

Can you believe the difference in this painted concrete patio and pool deck over the last two years?! It breathed new life into our backyard!

dirty old concrete around a pool before painting
finished concrete patio and pool deck with paint

How the Painted Pool Deck Held Up After 4 Years

This painted concrete pool deck and patio area still looks amazing 4 years later!

The UV rays haven’t changed the color at all. All of the prep work and the epoxy paint type were definitely the way to go.

We have a salt water pool, and our pool water that gets splashed all over it hasn’t caused any problems in the paint at all. I was worried the harsh pool chemicals might cause some damage, but it’s never been an issue.

We’ve never had to touch up or go over it later with any kind of protective finish. 

painted concrete pool deck and patio 2 years after application

UPDATE: Here are more photos of our concrete pool deck and patio 4 years later still looking good as new!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paint do you use on a pool deck?

Epoxy paints are the best coating to use on concrete pool decks and patios because of its durability. However, it’s important to mix in an anti-skid additive before application to create a non-slip surface.

Do I need to prime my pool deck before painting?

Yes, you need a primer coat before painting a concrete pool deck to allow for proper adhesion and help your paint go further without seeping into the porous surface.

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  1. Would you recommend that concrete cleaner if we just want to clean our patio and pool area concrete? We used a concentrate cleaner in our pressure washer, last week, and I feel we have to go over and over it to get it where I want. When we paid for our pool to be replastered, the company painted the concrete, so we don’t need to repaint, but we’ve let a ton of dirt build up, and it grosses me out! I see mud build up each time the pool gets use.

    1. Yes! The concrete cleaner bubbles and helps lift away any dirt/grime. I definitely saw a difference pressure washing with that applied first versus just pressure washing without the cleaner.

  2. Great job! If you were painting your garage floor would you recommend the anti-skid additive?

    1. I’d definitely still use the anti-skid just to be safe. It would be nice to have for rainy days if your garage floors get wet and slick.